What I Wore Wednesday: Snow Day

If you’re from then you know of the snowpoalypse that’s been happening for the past two days. My hometown of Atlanta is in a state of emergency and people had to spend last night in their cars, hotels and schools since the freeways were gridlocked and getting home was not an option. My heart is with everyone in GA, and I hope all my friends and loved ones are doing okay and keeping warm!! My city turned into a huge family last night, and I had a lot of my friends offering up their homes for anyone who needed a house to sleep in. I think roads are still closed and I’m hoping that everything returns to normal in the next few days, but it is so beautiful to see people welcoming others into their homes during this crazy time.

It ┬ádidn’t start snowing up in South Carolina until late last night, but it was absolutely stunning! We didn’t have class yesterday or today and I am praying we don’t have any class tomorrow. Anyway, I got to spend a few hours outside with my twin and it was absolutely wonderful. I will never be too old for snow!

What did you do on this fine Wednesday?!?

All photos taken by Alexandra Herstik