A Witch in Her Woods

The semester is almost over,  I’m off to California in two days to see my parents in their new place in San Diego, Thanksgiving is on Thursday and I have one semester left before I graduate.  Life is beautiful and dandy, and it’s been a wonderful three and a half years so far in Columbia.

Our school’s magazine, Garnet and Black, even did a little something for me- they featured me in their “Student Spotlight” section for their latest issue. The weirdos over there thought I was cool enough to highlight- so sweet.


So thankful for Kirby Knowlton for the beautiful words, and Josh Thompson for the wonderful photos. You can find the online article HERE. 

IMG_7076IMG_7080 IMG_7081 IMG_7083Cheers,


It’s a question that’s been on everyone’s mind since my first Lookbook days in 10th grade (or maybe it hasn’t). Gabriela, why the heck do you take outfit photos like everyday. Do you actually think people care?
Well obviously the answer is yes, the entire universe revolves around me. Duh.
Okay so maybe that’s not the truth, but besides the fact that I breathe fashion (ha!) and plan on working in the fashion industry, I also have a very valid reason as to why I get dressed up (almost) every day.


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I am a very future thinking Aquarius. Talk to me at any moment and I can list off ten things I have to do before I go to sleep. I can tell you what I’ll be doing this weekend, next month, my goals for post-grad and about a million other things that have not happened or are not happening in the present moment. I recently realized that taking the time each day to pick out an outfit (and later taking a photo of it!) is a way for me to break down each day into something simple. I love clothing, I love makeup and getting dressed up and feeling fabulous. Documenting my clothing choices on the interwebs helps me find the present moment because it forces me to experience the present moment. I live each day through the filter of whatever clothing and makeup I have on, and I’m able to really feel grounded because of that as well. I don’t feel guilty for indulging this way. Why should I? I know what outfits I’ve worn so I won’t repeat them. If someones Instagram feed bothers you- UNFOLLOW THEM! Seriously. No one cares. Promise. 

Who’s the baldest b @ the club (it me) #BACKATIT #SORRYMOM #SORRYGOD A photo posted by Gabriela Lorraine (@gabyherstik) on

21 and still wearing skorts and dressing like a child

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I was going for gothic John Galliano A photo posted by Gabriela Lorraine (@gabyherstik) on

1. Dress like you don’t take s*** from anyone 2. Don’t take s*** from anyone

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2 well dressed 2 b stressed Alternate caption: consistently look like I run an underground gothic mob coven A photo posted by Gabriela Lorraine (@gabyherstik) on

Dressed up for PRIDE lets kiss ✨

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Hiding from the sun or imitating the thing next to me??? (Is it a glorified ashtray or art?..)

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Wearing an old ballet skirt n $10 shoes I painted. Life is a giant game of dress up 2 me

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I’m wearing my favorite flannel as a skirt n channeling my inner Vivienne Westwood

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So to all you nay sayers, I say this. I  do not care if you hate that I post like 53 photos on Instagram each day! I don’t care if you hate every single one of my outfits because I do what I do for ME. I wear what I wear for me, and to enjoy each beautiful day as it comes.

Here’s to more outfit selfies and plenty of good clothing.


Breathing Fashion and Forgotten Feather Vintage bring you GIRLS.a

Sneak into the school bathroom with your best friend, ignoring the teachers who tell you that what you’re wearing isn’t up to par. You were never meant to follow their rules anyway.  So you enter the world of girls, transported back to a time and place where things didn’t make any more sense then they do know (but everything was better). Wear your cardigan with pride or irony, you’re best suited for both anyway. You pass notes and smiles, and laugh when you’re told to go and change. You’re far removed and isolated, lost in a time warp from decades ago, feeding in abandoned bathrooms with sisters of different blood. 12labifecb3ikabmnop

Ivory styled the both of us in head to toe Forgotten Feather. Shes a goddess.

All photos by my incredible twin Alexandra Herstik.


As some of your may or may not know, I work at Hip Wa Zee- aka the coolest costume meets vintage shop located in good ole Columbia, South Caroina. We take Halloween very seriously, duh, and all the employees dress up the last two weeks of October (except all of us are so excited that we start earlier). I’ve been chronicling my costumes on Instagram and Facebook, but decided this was the perfect place to debut all of them.


12 11 10The whole premise was to look like my whole life is a dark room, one big dark room. Thankfully, for most of my costumes, I was able to use clothing I already had. Case in point- this entire look. The shirt and skirt are both from H&M, the bra top is Topshop and my hat is vintage. My new Polaroid camera came in handy (even though it was white) and I just put white makeup along my cheekbones and purple under my eyes to achieve the whole “dead on the inside” thing.

Gaby Had a Little Lamb

10534693_10153053471036207_1896201206495344387_n 792222

Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf? I am, because I’m a lamb (duh). This turned out to be one of my favorite costumes because I spent the entire day feeling adorable. I wore a leotard from Nasty Gal with some bloomer shorts I got from our store. I paired it with gloves (also from our store) that I covered in cotton balls,  ears I made from felt and cotton balls and a white wig (also from the store). I topped it off with white socks and oxfords from Target and a fresh face of lamb makeup.

Frank N. Furter


“I see you shiver with antici…


So I realized I pretty much dress like this most of the time anyway, except you know, with more clothing. This leather bra and waist cincher from Ivory of Forgotten Feather, shorts are from Hip Wa Zee, thigh highs are from Urban and shoes are from Target. I contoured the cr** out of my face, put on my favorite deep red lippie and called it a day. Oh- but don’t forget the pearls.

Grown Up Wednesday Addams

3 4

I’m a homicidal maniac, they  look just like everyone else.  I was Wednesday all grown up, because you know she totally would have had half her hair shaved off and she would’ve been into witchcraft and tarot. Ivory found me this vintage set over summer, literally the day before I told her I wanted to be Wednesday Addams one day for Halloween (spooky coincidence, no?!).  I paired this with my oxfords and a glowstick axe I painted.

Edgar Allan HOE


Because I wanted to dress like Edgar, mustache and all, but I wanted to do my own take on it and make it sexy… then Edgar Allan Hoe was born. I’m still proud of it. I wore fishnets, an old button down from American Threads, my favorite hot pants, a vintage scarf from Ivory and sock garters from Hip Wa Zee. I paired it with my mustache and a wrap around braid. I won a costume contest for this and I’m still excited about it.

White Trash


Get it ? I only worked for a few hours between classes and I wanted to see if I could pull this off. The fake cigarette behind my ear was just the icing on the Mountain Dew.

And my Halloween Costume…




SO this was pretty much the greatest costume I ever put together pretty much solely because I LOVE YZMA.  Alex and I grew up watching The Emperors New Groove and I always admired Yzma’s charisma and outfits. I got the brilliant idea of dressing up as my favorite lady on Halloween night and I knew I had to follow through. I paired a vintage slip from Ivory with a purple feather (that perfectly matched my sidecut!) and I glued purple fabric on a black collar. Topped it off with Yzma makeup and a thigh garter and I was Gucci.

What were YOU this Halloween?
Gabriela Herstik

Glorified Selfies or MAKEUP SECRETS?

Okay guys so the reason I’m doing this is mainly because I haven’t had time to take outfit photos- oops. But it’s also because people ask me about makeup and I never write about it. So here’s a post of glorified selfies with how I got the look.

11705352_10152896868251207_7606832125996285726_nSo remember that one time Kari and I dressed up as Kimye? Yeah so that was pretty much like 50 pounds worth of makeup solely spent on contouring.  I always start with my eyebrows (some days are better than others though folks)

Brows-I use Anastasia’s Dip Brow in Ebony, starting at the edge and working in until about an inch from where I want my brow to end and then i use a q tip to blend out so that last inch sort of  ombres.
Lids- I used Sephora Eye Prime all over my eyelids and grabbed my Naked Basics pallet. Super easy smokey eye- darker color in the outside half of the lid, blending it out from the crease. Put a lighter color on the inside corner(in this case white) and blend from the outer corner in.
Linear-  I do the same cat eye everyday, using ELF liquid eye linear. I just make a line diagonally from the outer corner and clean it up with a q tip.  I line half of the lower eyelid with a black pencil, finish off with Great Lash mascara
Cheeks- I use the same brown from the Naked Pallet to contour my cheeks. Contour cheat- make a fishy face and put a darker color under your cheek bones.
Lips-  Lime Crime lipstick in Coquette. 
Not as fabulous as Kim but I can try.


Brows- I used  Anastasia’s Dip Brow in Ebony  on my brows
Linear-  Lime Crime Eye Linear in Lunar Sea  and a black pencil on the outside half of my lower waterline and finished off with mascara. Woopie.
Lips- Candy Yum Yum by MAC
Cheeks- I contoured my cheeks (to no end) using the same Naked Basic Palette.


Brows-Anastasia’s Dip Brow in Ebony
Lids- Sephora Eye Prime  and Naked Basics pallet
Linear-ELF liquid eye linear
Lips- MAC in Matte Royal
The only thing different between this look and the first look is the lipstick and a little less contouring!


Brows- Anastasia Dip Brow in Ebony
Lids- I used a warm golden brown and blended in from the outer corner in. I don’t know what brand it is because I got it for my cousins wedding in Mexico YEARS ago from this nifty makeup artist I don’t remember. So thank you for the best color of my life, but god will I miss this shade when it’s gone.
Linear- ELF liquid eye linear
Lashes- Great Lash Blackest Black Mascara 
ips-  Maybelline Lipstick in Burgundy Blush 


Brows- Anastasia Dip Brow in Ebony
Lids- Naked Basics Pallet – using the white and blending out into the brown
Linear-ELF liquid eye linear
Lashes- Great Lash Blackest Black Mascara
Lips- MAC liptick in Stone

What else do you want to see?


I have always been extremely inquisitive. I’ve always been fascinated by the inner workings of the universe- the vastness of the universe, the things that connect us to one another, the way love feels between your ribs and how people smile from the inside when they find that feeling. I’m 100% my parents daughter- but it’s only since I’ve gotten older that I realized how much of my father’s soul I have too. My urge to know the deepest secrets of the universe and human truth? Definitely got some of my dad’s genes.


So beyond the fact that my father is actually Gandhi (and the doppelganger of Ben Kingsley), he is also a soul completely tuned into what it means to live from a place of love. My father is one of the most compassionate, wise, kind and loving souls I have ever met.  He would drive Alexandra and I to high school every  morning at 8:00am just so he could spend time with us (even when I slept the whole way there). He never fails to listen to me, to remind me that I am capable and that I am loved. He also loves dogs, has a Bald Eagle as a spirit animal and would let us paint his toenails (when we were in middle school, mind you)10655395_10152897750836115_4991117442771030281_o

My dad has always been the epitome of love and grace. Born in Israel and the son of holocaust survivors, my papi has spent his life as a Rabbi- aka being a pillar for the Jewish community wherever we’ve lived. It wasn’t until I grew up that I realized quite how far my dad’s impact has reached. Everyone has a story about how my dad has been there for them in a time of need.  Beyond anything else, my father is a healer. He listens and with love, he mends. 10658941_10152785119894631_3454680112538673083_o

Why am I telling you this? Because as of TODAY my dad is 66!! That’s right, one number shy of the devil’s, and my dad still looks amazing. I have this man to thank for my love of menswear, my appreciation for a good watch and the importance of a beautiful hat. I specifically remember an instance visiting Canada (because that’s what you do in Buffalo), where my dad spent a good deal of  time looking and picking the perfect wool cap. Ever since I can remember we’ve always gotten him watches as gifts, and he’s always had a beautiful array of ties. Also- my mom’s favorite compliment to give my dad was always “Ayyy Ron, you look so GQ!”10616404_10152951277026115_2932599597786266373_n

I could go on and on about how thankful  I am to have this human as my father.  He once said he feels like he worked too much when Alexandra and I were younger, and that he wasn’t there for us, and we literally laughed. My dad is a busy man, but he has always been there for us from Tae Kwon Do tests to birthdays to adventures and lunch dates. Father, Dad, Papi, Daddy Doo, Ronnie Robert Herstik. Happy Flippin Birthday. I love you to the moon and beyond, from this life to the next.

10557337_10152621505421115_3192463829946001109_n10841813_10152942848816115_196426645456688126_o 11206045_10152853601916207_4176265539872706299_n10426267_10152832983551207_1180626965187787109_n10346609_10152074133311207_656934286878611998_nAll photos (except the previous two by my sister Alexandra10704406_10152942869401115_1417953049388041528_oHappy Birthday Papi! I love you.


Okay guys this post title isn’t even a lie. Fun fact, Alexandra and I were born in San Diego, where we lived for two years before moving to LA for five years. We ended up in Atlanta, where my parents have lived for the past ten years until they moved back to San Diego this past July. Alexandra and I now live in Columbia, SC where we’re seniors at USC. So, quite literally, Western girls in a Southern world.         54It’s been a really tough week for Columbia, something which deserves it’s own post (which will come in the next few days.) I’m lucky that my family and friends are safe, and that the sun was out shining for a few days. I had gone to Atlanta last weekend with Ivory where I helped her sell vintage at Fall Fest at Candler Park. On the way there we stopped at her favorite vintage store in Augusta, where I was promised incredible finds. I was not disappointed- overstock from Free People and Urban galore. It included this eagle halter top. It ties all the way down and is SO SOFT- and it looks perfect with my small boobs. I’m in. I paired it with my favorite  vintage hat in the world which I got HERE IN COLUMBIA at Sid and Nancy’s. I grabbed my favorite boots and my leather jacket and JEANS. Blue jeans. Blue jeans I found for $7 at Buffalo Exchange. I’m still in shock. This was an outfit of thrifted goodness, head to toe. 326711   Hat: Vintage// Jeans: Buffalo Exchange// Boots: Dolce Vita// Jacket: Express8 10 9All photos by the twin, Alexandra.

Happy Sunday folks

A Magical, Mystical, Monday Moment with Gala Darling

I’m a firm believer that people come to you when they’re meant to. As we utilize everything this new age has to offer, we are finding connection to people we were always meant to connect with- just in a modern way. I’ve talked about how full circle working for The Numinous is for me. I’ve found a whole web of powerful, mystical, witchy mama’s because of the site. Gala Darling is no exception.11102962356_e4a743e3c1_z

I can’t remember the first time I found Gala through the Numinous, but I remember always being start struck at her presence. Here she was- a living manifestation of everything I believe in- a powerful, fashionable, witchy woman who preaches self-love to the nth degree and LIVES IT. With her slick black hair, perfect cat eye, bright clothing and lipstick and damn powerful aura, this woman is using the internet and social media to make a positive difference in women’s lives around the world.

Gala is the wonderful sort of woman who inspires truth in whoever has the pleasure of following any of her channels online. Through her blog, Instagram and Twitter, Gala has tapped into what it means to be a modern day wise women, and she’s sharing her Radical Self Love Revolution with the masses (something I hold dearly in my heart). Everything Gala believes in resonates with me 100%- she is an incredible soul who I cannot wait to meet and get lost in conversation with. I am so thankful wonderful women like her exist- here’s to finding your tribe. 7241399916_1e35a1a163_z

I had the immense pleasure of interviewing my witchy sister from another mister for Breathing Fashion. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did. XO.

Breathing Fashion: You created the Radical Self-Love movement by literally going through it and then sending out your message to women across the globe. Was there a single moment when you were like “fuck feeling anything less than love”? Was your experience finding Radical Self-Love an epiphany or more of an awakening?

Gala Darling: It was a slow awakening. I was killing myself with my eating disorder, crying when I looked in the mirror, never went outside with bare legs, was existing on coffee alone. But when I discovered tapping (also known as EFT), it completely changed my perception of everything. It was like being reborn. Once I was able to drop my eating disorder and abandon the depression that had followed me around since I was 13 years old, the world looked totally new. I couldn’t believe it. I was so overwhelmed by the beauty of life and I think I’ve been making up for lost time ever since!

That’s not to say that everything is wonderful all the time, because of course, it’s not. But that shift in how I perceived the world has made it so much easier to look on the bright side, and see the blessing in most things.21608759269_7fe0f0bfcc_z

BF: Is there a secret to a radical level of loving yourself? What’s the one thing you feel like women everywhere need to know?

GD: The most important thing to know is that you have choices, and you can do absolutely anything you want. If you never want to get married or have a baby and you’d prefer to spend your time travelling or having sexy rendez-vous or making money, that’s great! Go do that! And there’s no real secret to loving yourself: it’s an everyday practice. Choose again, choose to be compassionate with yourself, choose to be brave, choose to be your best self.21783905922_4095d88d3c_k

BF: How does your practice with witchcraft influence your journey with self- love, if at all? How did you find spirituality/the occult, and has this been a crucial part of your journey?

GD: Since diving back into the world of witchcraft, I’ve discovered so many more tools I can use to infuse and inform my radical self love journey. It’s a beautiful marriage. As a kid, I was always reading about the supernatural, and when I was 13 years old I saw The Craft — ha! — and shortly thereafter, bought my first book on witchcraft. I practiced for a couple of years before depression really started to crush me and being goth and miserable became more important. I rediscovered magic a few years ago and it has been totally transformative.14924836467_9ce9c09de3_o

BF: What’s your definition of a “witch”? Is this something that has changed over time?

GD: A witch is someone who knows what they want and goes after it. A witch is someone who works with the universe rather than against it. A witch is someone who recognises that magic can be as simple as a shift in perception.

BF: What’s your “soul style”? What do you wear that makes you feel beautiful and cosmic- like you’re painting a physical representation of your soul?

GD: My style is so eclectic and changing all the time: Sunday best on acid, witchy eleganza… I love colourful dresses and psychedelic accessories, skulls and hearts, neon with black, high heels and big boots. My favourite outfit right now is a pinafore-style skater dress worn with dark lipstick, a push-up bra, high-heeled Dr Marten boots, a black beanie and my leather jacket.12736298363_2d69902e6b_o

BF: What’s your zodiac sign??

GD: My Sun and Mercury are Virgo, my Moon and Rising are Sagittarius, and my Venus and Mars are in Leo. Really, that sums me up perfectly!

BF: You have a jewelry collection coming up (so freaking cool, I can’t wait to buy every piece!) Any teasers on what we should expect?

GD: This is my second collection with New Zealand Mint, and this release contains lots of little magical symbols to bring more of what you want into your life… And I’m happy to report that they work! (I’ve been testing them out…)6963537209_891a0edbf9_o

BF: What do you do when you’re sad and need a pick me up?

GD: One-person dance parties in my living room ALWAYS make me feel good (which goes hand-in-hand with constantly seeking out new music). Working out shifts my mood every single time. And if I can’t be bothered working out, going for a walk around my neighbourhood with my camera is a great soul-salve.

BF:   What’s your favorite music to dance to?

GD: Hip-hop, all day, every day. I’m always making new playlists. My Fall/Winter one is here: https://open.spotify.com/user/galadarling/playlist/20cwTggkq0teNTVyILPwmO12816421864_0bf6f480f9_o

BF: What’s the one secret of the universe you NEED to know?!

GD: The most important thing is to feel good, because how you feel is a preview of your coming attractions. If you don’t feel good, do something to make yourself feel good.21174587833_defc45d118_z

So many thanks to this beautiful woman for letting me pick her brain. You can find Gala on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, and don’t forget to check out her blog. 



On Carefully Curated Simplicity

We all have our flaws. I’m obviously no exception, and I try to be transparent with that especially on here and social media. It’s so easy to pretend to be something to project a certain image into the world, just to feel accepted. I don’t like to be perceived differently on here than I do in real life- I want this blog to be like an open conversation (to whoever decides to read it) about my relationship with fashion and life. Today’s post is no different. One of the biggest problems I’ve had with enlightenment, so to speak, is envy. Being a twin, I grew up being compared to my sister a lot and I was never fully comfortable with who I was for a long time.  Pair this with middle school, and a really long awkward phase, and there was a lot of self-criticism and envy of others for me until about two years ago. It has been only recently that I’ve started to drink Boy Tears. 1Even though I’m a lot more comfortable with who I am, and even though other peoples opinions don’t matter to me, I still find myself getting in the mindset of envy. This place is where comparison resides, something that for me exists in a really strange way.

I’m an Aquarius. I am naturally curious- I want to know about the inner workings of peoples brains and hearts, I want to know why the universe acts the way it does, and why things always happen in threes. I am also curated- I make my way through life with intention- both with my style and the way I present myself to the world, and the way that I move through it. I am constructed and I am careful- simply because I know what I like and it makes me feel good and I follow it. I’m constantly curating who I am because I’m constantly finding pieces of myself that fit. 43 2 I am not simple- I think. I think a lot, something which gets exhausting but something which shapes the world around me more than anything else. I am not effortless- I am effortlessly myself because I’m shaping who I am but I am constantly analyzing. This even comes down with the way I decorate my room and my car and the little things in between. I strive to be surrounded and cloaked in things that resonate with me on a soul level. I choose- people, places and things that make me feel alive and I go there and only there. 6 5But this gets tiring. And I find myself envious of girls who move through life in a more effortless state. This envy tends to be one from afar, judging peoples lives from the outside looking in. I find myself envious of  simplicity, of girls who are just cute and adorable with what seems like minimal effort. Regardless if this is true or not, one thing remains the same- this is my story, not theirs. I may put effort into who I am and surprise- that’s not something someone should be ashamed of! I think this sort of jealousy is a reminder that how other people live their lives is irrelevant to how I live my own-.

I am proud of who I am, of my own story. This is a reminder that sometimes it takes letting go and finding an inner sense of simplicity to really live and let live. That envy isn’t worth it and working on the way you view the world and shape your life is.  This post is more of a reminder of myself, and to whoever else needs it, that life is only as hard as you make it.

Make it wonderful.

Greyer Gardens

If there’s a secret to having a happy life, it’s definitely to surround yourself with friends just as strange and unusual as you are. Mornings spent draped in vintage lingerie with stacks of costume rings, stickers on your face, best friends, and iced coffee may be far and few between, but they’re some of my favorites. Finding people like Ivory is a blessing- finding a souls who are always down to take photos and put on green glitter eyeshadow are the kind of people you hold onto. Ivory and I saw these rings and knew that we had to go all out- white fur, crazy jewel tone makeup and loads of sweet vintage.The twin, Alexandra, took the photos, which were so much fun to shoot. We didn’t realize we were unintentionally channeling Grey Gardens until Alex pointed it out- we weren’t mad about it. 121203 10 8 6 511161514132223 Happy Sunday.

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