I think one of the things that scares me most is the idea of living a completely and utterly static life. I’ve talked about my relationship with change a lot on here already, and recently my relationship with what could be and what will be has changed even more. My parents will be moving from California back to San Diego around this time next year, and then my sister and I will be graduating.  Moving around a lot growing up was really difficult as it was happening, but 10 years later, I’m so thankful for the experience. I’ve grown to love the new, to love the promise that things will change. Even when things are different and scary, knowing that things will be different tomorrow holds a special kind of comfort.

1 (2)One of my most recent goals is to explore and adventure more. I won’t be in Columbia much longer so I want to see all that I can. I want to go to more cemeteries and old, historic buildings. I want to visit more abandoned places and museum and I want to make every day an adventure. We aren’t promised anything and regret is an enemy I never, ever plan on meeting. I don’t want to live a static life. I want to see all I can see and do all I can do.2 (2)3 (2)4 (2)6 (1)5 (1)Photos by Alexandra Herstik, @alexyael




Diary of A Death Queen

I’ve written about what it means for me to be a Death Queen on here quite a bit, but I’ve never really gotten completely in depth with the philosophy behind it. I’m so excited to announce that my piece on what it means to be a Death Queen and how the Death Card inspires me is now up on one of my favorite blogs, The Numinous.

the num


I open up about how my spiritual style is influenced by the tarot card, about how death is the ultimate transformative energy worker and how my style is influenced by my spirituality. My sister took some amazing photos for this piece, some which didn’t end up on the site. Enjoy!

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What influences your spiritual style?




The archetypal witch conjures up an image of an old crone mixing herbs in a cauldron, most certainly for a spell or ritual. The word “witch” makes us think of an old hag, riding around a chilly October evening on her broom, casting curses at whoever is unlucky enough to be in her way. Witchcraft and witches exist in modern day, but definitely not in the way that most of the populations thinks.  Every energetic worker, occultist, or witch will have a different definition of the word “witch”.  Although some people tie working magick to witchcraft, not all witches work with magick, just like not all magick workers are witches. What does that mean? Not everyone who manipulates energy for a certain outcome is a witch, and not every witch works with energy. The history of witchcraft is long and winding, and cultures ranging from the Celts to the Ancient Mesopotamian’s had their own form of energy work or magick which could be considered Witchcraft. Witchcraft, and the use of healing through herbs and natural remedies, divination, magick and spells can be passed down from generation to generation in a practice called Hereditary Witchcraft. Witchcraft ranges widely from practitioner to practitioner and you don’t have to have a family that practices witchcraft to practice it yourself. Since Witchcraft is a practice and not a religion, you can follow almost any religious path and still be a witch.

Witchcraft can include anything from divination and crystal work to spells and herb and faerie lore and magick. It’s a personal practice, with an underlying idea that you have tools at your disposal to create and see parts of this life that you may have missed without the awareness or consciousness that comes with Witchcraft. It’s kind of difficult to understand in an objective light, so I’ll share a bit about my personal practice.

My practice of Witchcraft involves working with the tarot, faeries, crystals and and energy work. like spells. I work with the moon and I incorporate my yoga practice as a form of energy work as well. I practice magick, although I don’t believe in using that sort of energy to cause any negativity or harm to anyone. A lot of my practice is being positive, being aware of the power of my thoughts and actions and how I impact other people. In my opinion this is the basis of all energy work, how can you expect to manipulate energy if you’re not aware of the power of your own at all? Thoughts and intentions go a long way, after all.

I became involved with Witchcraft when I was 11 or 12. It started with a deck of Faerie oracle cards, called The Faerie’s Oracle, by Brian Froud. This led me to finding the book “A Witches Guide to Faery Folk” which began me on my journey. 8 or 9 years later and my path is still evolving. I saw this bag on Dolls Kill and had to have it. I love to incorporate fashion and spirituality so this was a match made in heaven. I paired it with some drop waist pants, a halter tank with a low back, some black boots and lots of gold details to finish off the outfit.Shirt: Forever 21/ Necklace: Topshop/ Pants: Zara/ Boots: H&M/ Bag: Dolls Kill

For me, witchcraft is a spiritual practice that means being aware of my energy and my place in the world. It means using my intuition and the tools I have to create the life I want to live, in a peaceful and loving way. I don’t condone hurting anyone or attempting to hurt anyone to get a desired outcome and I especially don’t condone any form of magick that hurts more than it helps. More than anything, this is my practice and my story and my own form of witchcraft.

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All photos by Alexandra Herstik. @alexyael on Instagram 



This past week has been a whirlwind of adventure. I got home from Florida and a few days later I made my way up to Asheville, North Carolina with one of my best friends. Florida was wonderful and the highlight was heading back to my home away from home, also known as the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. This time,we got to tour Diagon Alley and it was breathtaking. My family had a ridiculous amount of fun going to Hogsmeade, taking the Hogwarts Express and enjoying Hogwarts and everything Harry’s world had to offer. We went on July 31st, which happens to be Harry Potter and J.K Rowlings birthday. I wore mini buns in honor of Tonks, cause she would have been totally into it.

After getting back from Florida, I headed to Asheville a few days later with one of my best friends. We drove through the Blue Ridge Mountains, reminiscing about life and thinking about the future. The drive is absolutely breathtaking and it’s one of those things that will renew your spirit every time you take it. We got to Waynesville, where I drank the best hot coco I have ever had at Panacea (which I HIGHLY recommend).  After lunch we headed to Asheville. We spent the afternoon in Asheville, wandering around bookstores and little trinket shops, taking everything in and enjoying the beautiful little city. For dinner we went to The Local Taco where I had the best tacos of my life, and that means a lot considering the fact that I’m Mexican. The next morning we wandered around some more, relaxed and enjoyed our stay a little before heading back home in the late afternoon. Asheville is beautiful and filled with little hidden gardens and is covered with beautiful murals. It’s a very special city I can’t wait to go back and see.

What have you been up to this summer?




Ballet has always had a special place in my soul and bones. My mother was a dancer, and when she was pregnant with me she knew I was going to follow in her footsteps since I was always moving around. My grandma even gave me a gold ballerina pendant when I was born. I took ballet classes when I was a toddler, and left it behind  to pursue Tae Kwon Do when I was going into the second grade. Almost four years and a black belt later (my parents wouldn’t let me quit martial arts until I received that honor) and I went back to ballet. From 6th grade until I graduated high school, I took ballet classes from a Russian teacher who was the best of the best. I did pointe and even thought of becoming a professional when I was first starting out (even though I was never anywhere near being good enough), but once I got to junior year I had time to only take a single teen/adult class per week. 6I started my yoga practice senior year of high school and that’s something that really fed my soul and my love for movement. Although ballet and yoga are very different, I’ve been able to find meaning and connection in both. Now more than ever, however, I miss ballet. I’ve been inspired by the costumes and by my old ballet skirt. I wore my old ballet skirt and took some time to dance in a field recently. Few things are as simple. 12120171614151918141312eh11109875432

Leotard: Nasty Gal/ Skirt: Old dance skirt/ Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell

Photos: Alexandra Herstik, @alexyael

What makes you dance?



Settle and Surrender

Sometimes life weighs heavy on our shoulders, urging us to find a path that may or may not be there. There’s always a tense dance at the time between decisions, forcing us to examine things on both sides that we may not want to. It can be difficult to come to a conclusion you don’t want to accept, to make a decision that shouldn’t be made. The worst decision of all, though, is not making a decision. It’s important to ponder on things, to find value and morality and chose whatever decision is the best in the end, in every sense of the word. Floating in the in between, however, can  be dangerous and energy draining. Once you make a decision, you can deal with it. If you happen to make the “wrong” decision, it’s okay. Take steps to grow and learn from it. Time is not wasted if knowledge is gained in the process. 

Live in your own moment. Breathe. Exist in the universe.



Fauna and Flora in Florida

Some of my favorite days are spent in leisure. Waking up late just to go to lunch and stroll around. I spent my Tuesday with the twin, walking around downtown St.Pete after we got some killer Asian food. We got some ice cream, found a little secret garden and wandered around a little bit taking in the salty air with some smiles and laughs. After we walked around the downtown area, we headed to the beach to take some photos against a stark turquoise wall.It was a lovely day with lovely company. Thanks to the Nordstrom Anniversary  Sale and Zara, I picked up a couple of new pieces, including this killer Topshop wrap skirt and necklace and Zara bucket bag. I painted my lips with Candy Yum Yum by MAC and grabbed my favorite Deena and Ozzy heels to finish off the look.

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Top: Forever 21/ Skirt and Necklace: Topshop/ Shoes: Urban Outfitters/ Bag: Zara/ Sunnies: Nordstrom.

All photos by Alexandra Herstik. Follow her on instagram @alexyael

What are you wearing this summer?


Gabriela Lorraine

Floral in Florida

My family always makes the annual trek to Florida and for the first time in years, we’ve flocked during summer when it’s warm enough to enter the ocean. I’ve spent the past two days swimming in the warm waves and lounging on the sand with my latest read The Moon is Down. This lovely Monday was spent at breakfast with the family and at the bookstore searching for a new book to fill my time.

I love going to the bookstore and being overwhelmed by books to choose and love. I’ve always loved books and reading, thanks to my parents, and I still haven’t found it in myself to transition over to an electronic reader. Thankfully for me, this means lots of trips to bookstores and used bookstores to search for vintage Steinbeck’s and new metaphysical books to dig into. I chose to wear a simple floral circle skirt with my lovely halter tank. We’re heading to the movies later tonight so this is the perfect morning to evening outfit, especially with my fuzzy  white sweater.

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Skirt and sweater: H&M/ Top: Forever 21/ Purse and necklace: Zara/ Shoes: Urban Outfitters.

What are you wearing this Monday?



Ellie Saab’s Fairy Tale

I wrote a review on Mod Magazine on Ellie Saab’s latest collection.

“For Saab’s Fall 2014 Couture show, the night was the ultimate inspiration. Saab’s gowns were the ultimate  cocktail attire, created to enchant the wearer and whoever was lucky enough to bask in her beauty. Pearls, jewels and sheer detailing, all classic Saab, were taken to the nth degree, creating a couture collection for a princess or queen. Even if the wearer of Saab’s gowns wasn’t truly royalty, there’s no way one won’t feel like a queen in one of his creations.  Ombre gowns that resemble tropical orchids,  mermaid style dresses with banding in an icy blue, and beading galore on classic silhouettes all filled this show. With a color palette of soft jewel tones and deep neutrals, Saab has mastered overstated glamour.”

Find more on Mod Magazine’s site HERE

Wear What You Want, When You Want

A big part of fashion for me is being able to wear what I want solely because it makes me feel good. Even though I’m living in an area that may not understand my aesthetic or what my style is, I don’t ever try to tone down my style to suit the area. Fashion is art that you wear, and I’m not about to change my own style because someone else isn’t versed in abstract art. I don’t wear what I want to wear to please anyone else, I wear what I wear because it makes me feel confident.

Wear what you wanna wear because it makes you feel good. Don’t be limited because people won’t understand it. Teach people about being yourself by being comfortable enough to embrace who YOU are. Make people question their judgements and revaluate how quickly they label someone else. Love above all else.

My beautiful mother and I.

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What have you been wearing today?