Floral in Florida

My family always makes the annual trek to Florida and for the first time in years, we’ve flocked during summer when it’s warm enough to enter the ocean. I’ve spent the past two days swimming in the warm waves and lounging on the sand with my latest read The Moon is Down. This lovely Monday was spent at breakfast with the family and at the bookstore searching for a new book to fill my time.

I love going to the bookstore and being overwhelmed by books to choose and love. I’ve always loved books and reading, thanks to my parents, and I still haven’t found it in myself to transition over to an electronic reader. Thankfully for me, this means lots of trips to bookstores and used bookstores to search for vintage Steinbeck’s and new metaphysical books to dig into. I chose to wear a simple floral circle skirt with my lovely halter tank. We’re heading to the movies later tonight so this is the perfect morning to evening outfit, especially with my fuzzy  white sweater.

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Skirt and sweater: H&M/ Top: Forever 21/ Purse and necklace: Zara/ Shoes: Urban Outfitters.

What are you wearing this Monday?



Ellie Saab’s Fairy Tale

I wrote a review on Mod Magazine on Ellie Saab’s latest collection.

“For Saab’s Fall 2014 Couture show, the night was the ultimate inspiration. Saab’s gowns were the ultimate  cocktail attire, created to enchant the wearer and whoever was lucky enough to bask in her beauty. Pearls, jewels and sheer detailing, all classic Saab, were taken to the nth degree, creating a couture collection for a princess or queen. Even if the wearer of Saab’s gowns wasn’t truly royalty, there’s no way one won’t feel like a queen in one of his creations.  Ombre gowns that resemble tropical orchids,  mermaid style dresses with banding in an icy blue, and beading galore on classic silhouettes all filled this show. With a color palette of soft jewel tones and deep neutrals, Saab has mastered overstated glamour.”

Find more on Mod Magazine’s site HERE

Wear What You Want, When You Want

A big part of fashion for me is being able to wear what I want solely because it makes me feel good. Even though I’m living in an area that may not understand my aesthetic or what my style is, I don’t ever try to tone down my style to suit the area. Fashion is art that you wear, and I’m not about to change my own style because someone else isn’t versed in abstract art. I don’t wear what I want to wear to please anyone else, I wear what I wear because it makes me feel confident.

Wear what you wanna wear because it makes you feel good. Don’t be limited because people won’t understand it. Teach people about being yourself by being comfortable enough to embrace who YOU are. Make people question their judgements and revaluate how quickly they label someone else. Love above all else.

My beautiful mother and I.

Throw up a peace sign and use #peacerocks and $1 from each post on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or Vine will be donated to Ringo Starr’s Peace and Love Fund. The fund gives transcendental meditation to women and children, inner city youth and soliders suffering from PTSD.

What have you been wearing today?



On Letting Go

I always hold on; to memories, to thing and to people especially. What if’s and why not’s consume my mind and leave me clinging to the past, searching for closure I never found. In the present, I distance myself from people who I care about when they get too close, and I constantly compare myself to others, even though I know I don’t know their real story. I’m always working on letting go, finding my own closure and understanding that the universe has perfect timing. There are things that happen that I may not want to accept or understand, but I let go, keep on and most of the time, later on down the road, I understand why things played out the way they did.

Letting go seems easy in theory. It’s such  a good idea to let go of what’s been hurting you, of what isn’t serving you. The thing is that we’re emotional, empathetic creatures. We crave love and affection, and letting go of someone or something that hasn’t been giving that to us or fulfilling us seems like admitting defeat. Letting go isn’t defeat. It doesn’t mean you’re weak or unworthy. Letting go means finding your own closure, giving yourself the freedom to be without worrying of what could be or “should” be.

Today, let go of what it is that’s holding you down, whether it’s someone else or your own thoughts. Your thoughts hold vast and infinite power, so hold what you want in your minds eye and don’t let it go. Let go of what it is that isn’t serving you. Create your own closure with people and situations and things that ended abruptly. As far as people are concerned, I love to write letters and then burn them. Do what you need to find peace in yourself.

Have patience with yourself. Find happiness in your own bones. Take time to tell yourself  ”I love you” and know that it takes time to let go.Your process, your story, your journey is completely and utterly your own. Bask in it.

All photos by Alexandra Herstik, find her on twitter HERE and on instagram HERE

What are you working on today?



Birds N Bones and Dragon Stones

I’ve worked with the wonderful ladies over at Birds N Bones before, and i’m so happy to announce they have some new magick up their sleeve. The wonderful ladies are launching a new collection of beautiful, handmade jewelry inspired by dragons. Supernatural elements and beautiful jewelry are two of my favorite things and this collection looks like it’s going to be amazing. Dragon skulls and teeth and eyes all come together to form an eerie collection that will give any outfit the perfect fire.

It takes time and patience to create any sort of art, and it also takes some money too. Birds N Bones has recently launched an Indiegogo campaign to help raise funds to really get this collection running. Find it HERE if you feel inclined to help these wonderful dream-weavers out.

Inline image 2

Inline image 4

Take a look at their preview and their incredible mood board. I can’t get enough!

What do you think about dragon jewelry?




PS: Sorry for not posting at all this past week. I’ve been writing for MOD Magazine which you can find here and I have some surprises up my sleeve.

Floating Effortlessly

The universe works in strange ways most of the time, ebbing and flowing in unfamiliar patterns. One of the many laws of the universe is the “Law of Least Effort”. The Law of Least Effort simply states that the universe is a lot like a giant river. If you try swimming upstream, you may get far, but you’ll get a lot farther if you simply stop resisting and go with the current. The universe follows the path of least resistance every time.


It’s so simple to want something so badly that you refuse to acknowledge the possibility that you may have to take some other path to get there, if you get there at all. Resisting something is only putting a kink in the hose; it’s making whatever is going to happen more difficult. It’s a lot like liking someone; you want them to call or text you so badly, and they don’t. It’s only as soon as you let go and free up that energetic path, that they call you.

It’s difficult to surrender. It’s so much easier to wish things were different and to cast judgments because the situation, in our eyes, isn’t as it should be. We use all of our energy in resisting the now, and how things are, to the point of being unable to accept the situation for what it is and learn from it. Things, people, situations, aren’t usually bad in themselves, it is more likely than not that our expectation for what should have happened deviates from what is happening, something we tend to dislike. Things will get done much easier if we stop resisting how things are.


What tools can you use when you’re in a situation where every fiber in your being is telling you to resist?

1. Breathe. Turn inwards and inhale fully and deeply before exhaling and doing the same thing. Taking ten seconds to check in with yourself and see how your own body is doing energetically is an incredibly important, especially in situations where your energetic body is easy to ignore.

2. Relax. Relax any tension you’re carrying in your body. Again, turning inwards and seeing how your feeling at that moment is an incredible tool. It’s difficult to relax in a tense situation, but once you allow yourself that freedom you’ll feel much better. Even taking a few minutes to stretch and breathe in the bathroom when you’re in a high intensity situation can be life saving.

3. Accept. For right now, whatever is happening is happening. If you’re in physical danger or are about to be, you need to take care of yourself first and foremost and get out and get help. If you’re not then most likely you need to just be,  A lot of the time we psych ourselves out with what we think is going to happen, creating tension in the present when there is really none to be found.

4. Let go and surrender. Surround yourself with people and things that make you feel alive and let go of the fact that there are very few things in this life that you can actually control. Stop resisting your situation. Work to be where you want to be but know that right now, in this moment, things are as they should be.


All photos by Katrina Kennedy

Lanvin Spring 2015 Menswear Collection Review

High meets low isn’t anything new, but it was the idea behind Lanvin’s latest menswear collection. According to Alber Elbaz, a man’s lifestyle is reflected in the clothes he wears and that’s what was sent down the runway.  Men are dressing up but in a toned down way, creating a style that suits their busy life. Apparently, this means details like suit coats with rolled up sleeves and coats layered over printed silk shirts. Jackets and tailored blazers were layered over patterned silk shirts and pleated trousers ,which look especially modern since they’re fitted and paired with slip-on booties. Lapels were extra thin and sharp and helped to add a slightly dark vibe to the rocker-esqu look throughout, creating a feminine French twist on what could be considered British fashion-boy staples. In classic Lanvin style, the French fashion house sent the neck scarf down the runway, this time knotted around the necks of sharp faced models.

Blazers and trousers were especially fitted, but in the context of the show, this made sense. Contrast was everywhere, like in sleeves of jackets and with pairings too. Square neckties and belts with hanging chain details dressed down any stereotypical business suit; then again, a typical suit doesn’t feature a leather dress shirt. Oversized tee shirts tucked into pants, midi length vests, slouchy leather tanks and distressed details all helped to define the man Elbaz is trying to dress. A man who doesn’t mind riding his bike to work, just as long as he looks ace doing it.

All photos courtesy of style.com

What I’m Wearing Wednesday; Instagram Edition

Having a job where you wear a uniform is great for a few reasons. Namely, you don’t have to figure out what to wear everyday, and when you have an off day you can go all out. I’ve been doing my best to start documenting my outfits via Instagram once again, and thought it would be worth it to share them on here as well. I bought this incredible purse at work, Zara, since we’re having our sale and I’m obsessed. If you’re lucky enough to have a Zara near you, GO! I wish i was exagerating when I said the whole store is on sale..but I’m not. Be nice to the employees and go wild! Amazing pieces are up.

What have you been wearing?!



Men’s Fashion Month is Killing It

Men’s fashion month is always a blur of well dressed men doing their thing. I’ve reviewed a couple collections on some sites I write for and wanted to share my thoughts.

Christopher Kane


“The key to this collection was proportion and it was done perfectly, created for the man who was more than comfortable to show what he’s got. This collection is clean and urban, and has the sort of city vibe you can wear without actually living in the city. It’s the sort of collection you wear if you take fashion seriously, but yourself? Not so much.” Read the entire collection review on Mod Magazine’s website HERE.


Craig Green

“Although this collection was not as deeply rooted in the fabric and manipulation of the fabric, as it was in seasons past, Green still conveyed a message, namely via his silhouettes. The looks consisted of layered linen pants and shirts that fit more like robes, reminiscent of ancient priests or samurais with their purity.” Read the entire collection review on The Fashion Law HERE

Indulge in Excess

I’ve never been a less is more kind of person when it comes to love and clothing and life.I wear a lot of lipstick and a lot of black. I wear a lot of jewelry and I wear clothing that tends to be visually overwhelming and not “simple”.  I love with my entire heart, I sing too loudly, I laugh like a mad woman and I dance like no one is watching, even if everyone is.

There are things I don’t indulge in everyday, read fruit tarts and margaritas, but the key to life is realizing that sometimes you should absolutely indulge. Life, besides being beautiful and grand, is also fleeting and we aren’t promised another minute or hour or day. Today I wore bright pink lipstick and talked a lot with one of my best friends and I’ve probably drank an unhealthy amount of coffee as well. The thing is I live life fully; indulging in simple pleasure that, to me, are what constitute deep, meaningful and loving relationships with people and life itself.

I’ve seen this trend of hating everyone and everything, and being proud of it. Adults who have turned their heart to darkness on purpose, with no intention of embracing the notion that it’s better to love and be hurt  then to not love at all. I have a hard time with negativity; there’s no light in embracing somethng that hurts more than it helps, and the mindset of using energy towards something like hate really bothers me.There is more beauty in the moments you spend loving someone else than there is in hating anyone. Life is to short too wear something that doesn’t make you feel beautiful and it’s definitely too short to hate someone else, or to hate yourself for that matter.

Here’s the bottom line. Love as much as you can. Wear what you want; wear what makes you feel like a god/dess .I’ve been wearing a lot of makeup because my job at Zara makes me wear a uniform and guess what?! It makes me feel good. Wear as much makeup as you want because the only opinion that matters is your own. Find the good in people and ADMIRE it. Look to the people who have hurt you for growth and realize that no one is perfect. Let success humble you. let others hurt and anger remind you to keep your heart soft and forgiving. Be empathetic towards those who can’t let go of what has caused them to break.

There is no joy to be found in hatred. Indulge in an excess of love. Love more, love deeply and love fully.