What is Breathing Fashion

Breathing Fashion is a haven for souls who understand that both the physical and spiritual body need to be nurtured and draped in love, positivity and beauty. Breathing Fashion is a refuge for the sirens, for the occultists, for the wanderers. nomads and misfits whose style and purpose in this life isn’t addressed purely through what they wear. Breathing Fashion is a place where the soul can meet the body in a dark and beautiful embrace. By weaving together Gabriela Lorraine’s passion for spirituality and the occult with her unyielding love for fashion, Gabriela has created a home for those whose visions are as grand as the universe.

Breathing Fashion X Eralphia Imagery

It’s always such an honor to work with a photographer on more than one occasion, especially one who makes you feel confident. I love to model but will don’t consider myself to be one, so it’s always so fun to work with a photographer I’m comfortable modeling with. I’ve worked with Trey twice before, and I always look forward to our shoots. I shared some of photos of our most recent shoot in THIS post, but wanted to share the rest!

Shirt: American Thread/ Shorts: H&M/ Sweatshirt: Zara/ Leather jacket: Express/ Boots; Urban Outfiitters/ Socks: TargetShirt: Urban Outfitters/ Leggings: H&M/ Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell

I wanted to shoot some outfits I don’t get to wear a lot. I chose these looks because they’re both different than what I wear on campus during the semester. I love wearing all black, but this was a little different than my usual get up, it had more of an “Alternative Press sort of vibe. I love the mesh and velvet top in the second look, but I’ve only worn the shirt a handful of times so I thought it would be perfect to shoot. I had to work with what I brought home for spring break which is why I kept these looks relatively simple (for me). Oh and I just love having an excuse to wear thigh highs and high heels.

What are you wearing this Spring?



Wang X H&M

Fashion lovers rejoice. It has finally happened; the holy day. Alexander Wang and H&M will be collaborating in November. Wang recently announced his latest endeavor at a Coachella party, where guest arrived to see the retail and designer would be joining forces. Wang, who’s the first American retailer that H&M has signed on to collaborate with, is known for his sporty chic style and it-girl aesthetic. His collection with H&M, which will be released on November 6th, will sport both men and womenswear. This collection also marks H&M’s 10 year anniversary of collaborating with designers. Wang is infamous for keeping his lips sealed about what he’s doing, what he’s showing and how he’s showing it, and this collaboration is no different. Keep your eyes and ears open and mark you calendars, fashion girls and boys… Wang says this collection promises “newness”, and it is sure to not disappoint.

The Blood Moon and Grand Cardinal Cross

I love the moon. She’s my best friend, always listening to me, comforting me in the darkest hours of the night. If you were on any form of social media yesterday then you probably heard all about the Blood Moon that’s happening, but what exactly is this Blood Moon? The Blood Moon is just a name for a total lunar eclipse. The thing about yesterday’s Blood Moon, however, is that it was the first of four Blood Moons that will be visible throughout North America. 

The moon is associated with the feminine, with goddess, intuition and dreams. The full moon is the perfect apex to manifest something that you want more of. Meditate on what it is that you want and draw it to you. As the moon wanes ( or gets smaller moving from a gibbous to a crescent), set your intention to rid yourself of whatever it is that doesn’t serve you, whether it’s self-hate or gossiping about others. This sort of sympathetic magick is simple yet powerful. Correspondences linked to the moon are silver, sandalwood, willow and white roses, among many. The goddess Selene is also linked to the Moon.

Astrologically, a lunar eclipse means accelerated change, with family, home and emotional needs, especially 6 months to a year after the eclipse takes place. The next three Blood Moons are on October 8 2014, April 4 2015 and September 27 2015.  These eclipses are said to create a path that is uniquely yours, aiding you in manifesting your own way in the world.

If you’re anything like me and you can feel energies pretty well (or have a strong intuition), then this last week has been crazy and the last few months have been even crazier. According to astrologers, since February, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto have been forming a “T Square”; where two planets are opposite one another and the third planet wedges into a 90 degree angle between them both.

From December 27 2013 to May 14 2014, four planets are within 90 degrees of one another, causing a push pull sort of feeling. Each planet has certain properties, ie Jupiter ruling over luck and abundance, so these properties are the sort of tension we’ve been feeling. By mid February, Uranus, Pluto and Jupiter were all close together, like three overly crowded people in an elevator. In mid- April, Mars entered the mix, forming a grand cross, which is when two planets are 180 degrees from one another, and all four are at 90 degree angles from one another. On April 23rd, all four planets will be 12 degrees from one another. 

Here’s what these planets represent:

Jupiter: Jupiter rules over knowledge, self growth and answers. Jupiter is also the planet that rules over luck and prosperity. Jupiter is the spiritual seeker, finding answers for itself. Jupiter is “the thinking persons planet.”

Uranus: Uranus rules over change in perspective and expansion in consciousness. Uranus is said to represent generational change rather than individual change. In the Grand Cardinal Cross, Uranus  ”incites radical change and rails against anything that feels like suppression”

Pluto: Pluto rules of rebirth, transformation and total change. In this Cardinal Cross, it represents the need to break away from any sort of corruption, whether it be with family or work.

Mars:  Mars is the planet of passion, of getting things accomplished and manifestation. Mars was the god of war, so although this passion can serve us as times, it can also be destructive. In the Grand Cardinal Cross, Mars is in “peacemaker Libra”, which means conflict may be “around negotiations, interpersonal dynamics, and perhaps having to stand up to a bully or two.”

[Read more about these planets and how the cross will affect you via THE NUMINOUS  ]

Next Wednesday will be a breaking point; it will force you to deal with things that you’ve put on the back burner and left for later. It will bring up the old and shove it in your face until you take it and deal with it. Have you been feeling overwhelmed or energetically drained? These energies have all been working towards this apex and although it seems scary, this Grand Cardinal Cross is going to be a fresh start as much as it will be anything else.

The Numinous also pointed out something very interesting. All these planets will be aligned at thirteen degrees of one another during the Grand Cardinal Cross. Death is the 13th card in the tarot deck. What does death rule over? Transformation and one thing ending so another can begin, What’s a better reminder of transformation during such a highly energetic, and stressful, time? Breathe, connect to your intuition and remember things work out as they should.



Menswear Monday; How to Rock Shorts

It’s absolutely no secret that I love a man in shorts (and a mun, and a short sleeve button up..with a fade). I obviously have a type. Anyway, as the sunshine kisses our skin we’re urged to drop our pants (har har) and replace them with their fraternal twins, shorts! Many men are too scared to venture to the above-the-knee style, but I personally think they are the best. Grab yourself a short sleeve button up or loose tank and you’re ready to go.

Men 1


An easy way to incorporate skinny shorts into your wardrobe is by picking up a pair that’s either black or dark wash. These can be worn with any color shirt, making them a little easier to deal with then their bleached older brothers. For a more casual approach to jorts, grab a floral tank top and some Vans. Wear your jorts the same way you would wear your jeans! Grab a tank with an interesting pattern and some Vans in a cool color. All set to show off your sexy  knees.


Men 2


For a light wash pair of shorts, grab a darker top. I love short sleeve button ups and jorts, they’re always an easy and classy option. Grab some funky socks and some cool work boots (not to mention some trendy accessories) and you’re good to go.


Men 3


You will never grow as a person if you don’t step out of your comfort zone. Seriously, what’s more nerve wracking that showing off your knees while wearing a printed pair of shorts?! Maybe wearing a printed pair of shorts with some Chelsea boots and a hat.. Well men, take the leap! Pair a printed pair of shorts with a simple, solid colored tank top. Make sure to keep the shoes simple also! If you’re wearing a statement piece like these shorts you don’t need to add a lot to them, they do the talking themselves.

Untitled #146

If you’re picking up a pair of distressed jorts, don’t be afraid to commit to the Nirvana-esqu vibe they  may bring. Grab one of your flannels, tie it around your waist and top the outfit off (literally) with a vintage band tank or tee. Slip into some Vans or Keds or the like and you’re all set.

Never be afraid to have fun with style. Seriously, it’s exhilarating to dress for no one but yourself. Have fun, take risks and show off your sexy knees.



The Hanged Man

Perspective is everything. Much like judgment, how we see things has a huge impact on our lives and our realities. We may feel stagnant, but the truth is we are not; we are creatures of the universe, constantly evolving. As our lives change, so must our perspectives. This idea is present in the 12th card of the tarot deck, The Hanged Man. This card reminds us to change our perspective, let go of ego, and embrace the sort of rebirth we feel when we see things in a  new light. The Hanged Man is a great reminder to listen to our intuition, and stop resisting what is. Just like the bat uses echolocation to see, we are reminded to use our intuition in the same respect.

When I draw this card in a reading, I am reminded to step back, see every possibility and then tune in to my own intuition to see  how my perspective can change.  There is no wrong or right in this life, things just are as they should be. I chose a floral shirt to represent growth and rebirth and a slick leather style skirt to represent how we must let judgments pass over us without resistance. The darker color pallet and oversize knit shawl were inspired by the aesthetic of the card itself, which shows a bat hanging upside down. I was inspired by pieces that make me feel powerful, intuitive and strong.

Shawl and Shirt: Urban Outfitters/ Skirt: Topshop/ Necklacce: Zara/ Shoes: Jessica Simpson

Shot by the amazing Mary DeCrescenzio. Tarot deck is The Wild Unknown.

What do you need to change your perspective of?



Inspired by the Belcher’s: Bob’s Burgers Style

If you follow me on twitter or are friends with me on facebook or in real life, you’ll know about my recent obsession with Bob’s Burgers. The animated series focuses on the Belcher family and their trials and tribulations surrounding their family burger joint. The brash characters and sexual undertones throughout the show, coupled with hilarious and quick witted jokes, make Bob’s absolutely hilarious. Bob is the owner of the restaurant along with his wife Linda, and his three kids, Gene, Louise and Tina,  all work at “Bob’s Burgers” as well. What’s better than being inspired by your favorite tv show?! Nothing, that’s what. Today I bring you outfits inspired by each member of the Belcher clan




Bob definitely has the capability to be trendy, but business is never as good as it should be and the money he has is NOT going towards clothes he’s just gonna get grease on. Well don’t you fret, my men,  you can still be inspired by the namesake himself. Grab yourself a light gray short sleeve button up, some dark pants and some Vans and you’re set. Bob always has a way of getting into trouble, so he may as well carry around a backpack for secret weapons right? Oh, and don’t forget the apron.




We all know Linda is a snazzy woman with simple style. She loves her kids, she loves singing, she loves her hubby. I personally think Linda is the absolute best so I was thoroughly inspired by her look. Pair a red top with some high waisted jeans,a chunky tan boot, a tan trench inspired coat and  red leather bag. Again, don’t forget your apron!




Gene is crazy and weird and quirky and honestly, of course he would wear these hamburger socks.  Pair a simple yellow tee with some cut offs, a burgundy pair of vans, some hamburger socks and a keytar and your Gene-fied! Seriously, how perfect are these Topman socks!? I can’t get over them.





Louise was easily my favorite character to be inspired by. I personally think she’s freaking fantastic and she’s probably my favorite character on the entire show. In a couple years when hormones hit hard, Louise is gonna be a mega babe. I chose an Alice and Olivia dress with some Deandri shoes to give her day-to-day look an extra shot of something special. I added a leather coat to help give her a mysterious vibe, which she would love. Louise would definitely want her purse to double as a weapon, so of course, add some spikes to a bag to channel your inner Louise. Grab some black bunny ears (DUHHHH) and some bright pink lipstick and you’re all set.




Tina’s photo wasn’t on Polyvore, but alas, I made it work. We already know she’s a dork for zombies, horses and butts. Channel your inner Tina with a weird baby blue tee, some high waisted shorts, knee socks and some Vans. I feel like Tina would also have a unicorn backpack. Am I wrong in that regard? Probably not. That’s good, Tina is the queen of touching butts so for that I tip my hat for her.

What’s your favorite part of Bob’s Burgers?!



Midi Skirts and Rainy Monday’s

Olga already said it; if you’ve got it, flaunt it. I personally love hot pants and short skirts, but going to university four days a week permits me from wearing said fashion choices around campus. Even though I have 8 am classes Monday through Thursday, though, I still want to look good. What’s a girl to do when she feels like wearing a skirt but has to walk a mile around campus with a backpack?! Midi skirts are the perfect in between for women who want to feel a little more feminine and little more a la Dior, but still need to be practical. High waisted skirts that hit mid calf are both flattering and elongating and so easy to wear. Tuck  a sweater in, put on some chunky socks and short booties and grab a delicate purse and your set on a windy day. Throw on a crop top and some strappy sandals and you’re set for the perfect spring day as well! Midi skirts, especially flannel ones, have become my new love. So easy, so elegant and so fun to wear.

Photos by Trey Eckles of Eralphia Imagery.

Vintage midi skirts are so easy and great to find. I got this kilt from Ivory at Forgotten Feather Vintage. So easy to dress up, especially on windy spring days where it’s chilly but not cold.

What are you flaunting this spring?!




For the fourth look in my tarot series, I decided to choose a card that was a little bit more difficult for me to explain, especially in terms of fashion. Judgment, the 20th card in the tarot deck, has been showing itself to me over and over and over again in my own readings. I’ve always struggled with judgment; of others and of myself. I know these are one in the same; judging others is a way of projecting my own judgments and insecurities of myself outward.I am constantly reminding myself to love more, and live from a place rooted in love and bliss.This card is a great reminder of that. Judgment speaks of awakening, or rebirth, of ascending to something greater and new. When I draw this card in a reading, I am reminded of a few key things about myself, and the way I view the world.

Drawing this card in a reading, for me, is a reminder to approach every facet of life with an open mind and heart. There are things that happen that sometimes don’t make sense and don’t seem to fit our notion of what should be. We place labels on things, deeming them good or bad, right or wrong, without taking a step back and looking at the situation in its entirety, for what it is. By covering something with a judgment we aren’t allowing ourselves to surpass whatever experience or person or thing we just judged; we aren’t allowing ourselves to learn. Sometimes judgment is necessary in keeping yourself safe and out of harms way, but sometimes it’s not. By labeling something, whether it’s an experience or a person, you are boxing said thing in. Don’t confine anything or anyone, including yourself, to labels or judgments. You are far greater than any word or words you can cast; your soul is much greater than that.This card signifies an awakening, a consciousness, that takes place when judgment has ceased, and life, in all of her forms, is accepted and welcomed. This card reminds us to ascend to a place where judgment isn’t necessary, and to see things from a different and more open perspective. Shirt and Skirt: Zara/ Bra: Urban Outfitters/ Necklaces: Forever 21 and Barney’s Outlet, Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell

So glad I have been able to continue working with Mary. Make sure to check her out HERE.



We Are the Nomads

There are points of transition in each of our lives; moments where we feel stagnant and static while still having the unnerving feeling of change in our gut. There are few things that are for certain in this life, we are only promised death, yet we live each day like we are permanent fixtures in an unyielding universe. The moments we have of complete movement and transition seem to illuminate our lives unlike anything else, allowing us to bask in the fact that life is not stagnant or static, but something much greater than we can comprehend. There is a certain romance in the life of a nomad, a soul who feels connected to constant change and movement and exploration.

In April, I am inspired by the desert. I am inspired by sandy browns, vibrant oranges and cool turquoise. I am inspired by those who wander, but are not lost. In April, I am inspired by the nomads.

I  wish there was a word between like and love.
Emre Doğru.Coalmine Canyon, ArizonaWinter in the DessertNOMADIC