Movies and Greek Food

First and foremost, Merry Christmas to all my Breathing Fashionistas who celebrate!!! I hope today was perfect, filled with love and family and food.  I don’t celebrate Christmas since my family is as Jewish as it gets, so, today was pretty routine! Well, it was kinda routine, the energy on Christmas is always so charged and happy and different, it doesn’t take celebrating to recognize that! I started off my day with some yoga on the beach and then I sipped coffee with the ladies in my family (typical) and relaxing. Later, we came back to the apartment to clean up before heading to the movies (again, typical). My dad, twin sister and I went to see 47 Ronin and my mom and grandma saw some other movie. I thought the movie was amazing, my sister wasn’t so amused with it or Keanu Reeves (again…typical). After the movie, we went to the restaurant that I’ve been going to in St.Pete since I was little, Skidders. Not my favorite, but it’s tradition!! It was a nice day overall, and the fact that I liked my outfit didn’t hurt..

Skirt: Vintage// Shirt and Necklace: Forever 21// Sweater: Zara// Shoes and Purse:Urban Outfitters

I had to whip out a yoga pose on the beach!

Yesterday was also spent at Skitters and the movies, except we saw Frozen instead of 47 Ronin. Let me just take a second to say that Frozen was one of THE BEST MOVIES I have seen in a very, very long time. It was perfect.

Shirt: WalMart// Leggings: Zara// Shoes, Shirt and Purse: Urban Outfitters// Necklace: Forever 21

Had to whip out an outtake and another yoga photo!

All photos courtesy of my twin, Alexandra Herstik

Merry Christmas!



The Only Three Outfits you’ll ever need for the Beach

It’s obvious that the beach is singing my name, isn’t it? That’s not typically something I say, I typically like the forest and not so much sandy beaches. But seeing as I’m going to be sailing the seas with the Mexicans (my family), I can’t get my mind off the luxurious shorelines that call my name.The real question on my mind, for obvious reasons, is what will I wear!?



Throw on your pearly whites and some bright fiery oranges to watch the sunrise on your favorite island. The soft breeze of the early morning is paired perfectly with the warm red on your lips and cheeks, and the hand your holding is pretty warming too. The rising sun shines brightly on your gold nails and your pristine white Jeffrey Campbells and it brightens your disposition even more. How can you be upset in such a perfect paradise?



The hot, blaring summer has to be tamed with soft neutrals  in warm tones. Grab your Deandri shoes, and your Celine purse to hit the beach and you’ll be the hottest thing besides the sun. Your fresh sunnies protect your delicate eyes from those pesky rays, but don’t dismiss the cute boys you watch as you sip your daiquiri. Your tan lines may be a little crazy from your striking Herve Leger suit, but you don’t mind people staring, and why would you? Even under the shade of your umbrella you’e still the best eye candy on the beach.


You chase away the day with the sultry We Are Handsome bikini and the perfectly underrated NARS lipstick. You already know that the sun setting just means the night’s starting… and the fun is about to begin. Turn up the heart in your Jeffrey Campbells and nix the straw hat for something a little more seductive. Your day has been ravishing and fabulous and your night’s about to be as hot as the temperatures you had to endure. Good thing you’re prepared for anything and  will  turn every head you can in the process.