Coven of One

Oh Sunday’s. The perfect day for sleeping in until brunch and an even better excuse for getting a drink at noon. Classes start on Thursday, which would be tragic if it wasn’t my last “first day” of school. If everything goes according to plan I’ll be walking this May, getting my diploma and saying SEE YA to college and the sweet old South. On this particular Sunday, I decided to celebrate and do a few of my favorite things. I went to Rosewood Market with my twin sister Alexandra and one of my best friends Ivory and her boyfriend Travis. We ate a delicious meal and then Ivory, Alex and I went to the mall on the search for lipstick and gold nose rings. Alex and I later went to our favorite coffee shop to meet a friend (and which meant getting a mimosa for me) before we took photos in front of an abandoned gas station.

2I knew that I wanted to wear these sandals today (from Urban Outfitters) because they seem very brunch appropriate, and I decided they would pair well with this vintage skirt, which I got from Ivory from her store Forgotten Feather. Lovely. I paired it with my favorite vintage hat, some mirrored sunglasses from Hip Wa Zee and a patch I made that says “not yours”. Today’s aesthetic followed ‘I head a coven of misguided youth with abstract haircuts” and you know I’m cool with that. I know that it probably seems like I’m still riding on the “witchy” trend, and that’s chill because I’ve been on the witchy wagon for literally ten years. I use fashion as a way to physically express what my soul would look like, and for now, this is it! So cheers.

All photos were taken by my wonderful sister Alexandra Herstik.  1 5 4 367101112mineHere’s to one last year and lots of mimosas


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This past week has been a whirlwind of adventure. I got home from Florida and a few days later I made my way up to Asheville, North Carolina with one of my best friends. Florida was wonderful and the highlight was heading back to my home away from home, also known as the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. This time,we got to tour Diagon Alley and it was breathtaking. My family had a ridiculous amount of fun going to Hogsmeade, taking the Hogwarts Express and enjoying Hogwarts and everything Harry’s world had to offer. We went on July 31st, which happens to be Harry Potter and J.K Rowlings birthday. I wore mini buns in honor of Tonks, cause she would have been totally into it.

After getting back from Florida, I headed to Asheville a few days later with one of my best friends. We drove through the Blue Ridge Mountains, reminiscing about life and thinking about the future. The drive is absolutely breathtaking and it’s one of those things that will renew your spirit every time you take it. We got to Waynesville, where I drank the best hot coco I have ever had at Panacea (which I HIGHLY recommend).  After lunch we headed to Asheville. We spent the afternoon in Asheville, wandering around bookstores and little trinket shops, taking everything in and enjoying the beautiful little city. For dinner we went to The Local Taco where I had the best tacos of my life, and that means a lot considering the fact that I’m Mexican. The next morning we wandered around some more, relaxed and enjoyed our stay a little before heading back home in the late afternoon. Asheville is beautiful and filled with little hidden gardens and is covered with beautiful murals. It’s a very special city I can’t wait to go back and see.

What have you been up to this summer?



Style Sunday; Friends and Smiles

It’s finally Sunday and that means three things; friends, brunch and yoga. Per usual, I started my morning off with brunch with my twin and one of my best friends at our favorite brunch spot. We ate some delicious french toast, drank some coffee and talked about life and the future. Life has been so wonderful lately, and I have been so happy to be alive and healthy and well. I am so blessed to wake up each morning excited for the day, and for life in general. I don’t label myself as an optimist or realist because I believe you confine yourself as soon as you put a label on yourself. I thiink it’s important to feel whatever it is you’re feeling but I truly believe that seeing the positive in the universe is one of the best gifts you can give yourself.

Anyway, I had a wonderful time snapping some photos with Rachael. My incredible sister, Alexandra Herstik, was the photographer.

Shirt, Skirt and Faux Fur Coat: H&M/ Boots and Purse: Urban Outfitters/ Head Wrap: BCBG/ Hoodie: Zara

How did you spend your Sunday?!


Sunday Style: Soft Stripes

Happy Sunday one and all! It’s been a great week and a nice relaxing long weekend and I have  been blessed with some great conversation and company this past week. I can’t even deny that I love being back at school, it’s been truly wonderful to be with my friends and be productive once more. I’ve gotten my four weekly yoga classes in, I’ve drank lots of coffee and I’ve done a bit of shopping, what more could I ask for?

I got this jacket for $30 from $130 and these Deena and Ozzy boots for $30 as well. I really don’t think I see myself taking either of these pieces off ever..

Anyway, I have two weeks (as of today) left of being a teenager. I think I’m going to try to do something new everyday until my birthday to really make these teenage years important.

Coat, Shirt, Boots: Urban Outfitters/  Leggings: Zara/ Beanie: Pac Sun/ Purse: Grandma


What are you doing on this long weekend?!


Sunday Style: Scalloped Edges

It’s that time of year again. I have packed up all my belongings, mustered all the goodbyes I can, and driven the treacherous drive back to Columbia to start a new semester. After a month at home, my brain isn’t quite ready to be in full on school mode again, so Alex and I came back an extra day early to settle into our abode. My Sunday was spent at brunch with a couple good friends, at Whole Foods buying some yummy food to cook, and at yoga, getting my vinyasa on. I’ve unpacked everything and my beautiful walk in closet is looking alive and well once more.

Today I decided to wear the beautiful mid calf lace cardigan I picked up a couple weeks ago from American Thread. I paired it with my cheetah print velvet leggings from Zara, my lace trimmed top from Urban Outfitters, and my incredible necklace from Zara. My trustee oxfords and spiked purse, both from Zara added to the ensemble. To top it off, quite literally, I wore my new favorite hat fromm H&M.

All photos taken by the beautiful Alexandra Herstik

What are YOU wearing this Sunday?


Sunday Style: Books and Pastel Cats

I spent today at home relaxing until evening, bundled up on this cold Sunday and then I got dinner with a couple of friends and my twin before we headed to the bookstore. I could sit and enjoy Barnes and Nobles for hours and hours. I am so thankful my parents fostered a love of reading into my sister and I, it’s easily something that influenced my life. I gathered up Vogue Paris Collections, British Vogue and a couple of books and spent an hour in peace.

Sweater and Necklace: Forever 21/ Skirt and Faux Fur Jacket: H&M/ Boots: Dolce Vita/ Purse: Zara

I threw on what’s becoming my new favorite coat over a sweet lil’ lace number. I love the mixture of the dainty skirt with the big cat print. I felt very chic and simple but I do wish I pulled the skirt to sit a bit higher on my waist for these photos!


Sweater: Moschino Chip and Chick/ Skirt: Red Valentino/ Coat: My Wardrobe/ Bag: Boohoo Beth/ Lipstick: YSL/ Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell

Throw on a cat sweater, a tulle skirt and some chunky black boots. The pastels and black contrast perfectly and work with a bright orange lip in the best ways.

How are you spending your Sunday?

More regular, AND BETTER, updates to come! Lots of fun shoots in the future.




Sunday Style: Holographic Absurdity

Happy November, Breathing Fashionistas! October has come and gone, sadly, but the holiday season, yes the HOLIDAY SEASON, is now beginning! November means Thanksgiving and Fall being in full swing and I am more than ready for both of those things.

Today was the perfect Fall day. Mr. Sun was out but the air was crisp and the wind was nibbling at our cheeks. For today’s shoot, my friends Morgan and Rachael and my sister Alex and I went down to the river to take some photos. Morgan’s an amazing photographer, and Rachael, a fellow blogger, was my impromptu stylist! We had a ridiculously fun time basking in the sun, chatting, and taking some of the funniest photos I’ve ever seen. I decided to wear some ombre tights from seasons past that I’ve never worn, a Nasty Gal crop and accessories and my new Deena and Ozzy holographic oxfords among other things. 

Skirt: H&M, Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell, Tights: Target, Purse: Urban Outfitters, Top and Bracelet: Nasty Gal

Skirt and Mesh Shirt: H&M, Top, Purse and Shoes: Urban Outfitters, Necklace and Bracelet: Nasty Gal

And some more

She was subbing in for the tiger we didn’t have

She was keeping my hands warm!

Check out Rachael’s site HERE and check out Morgan’s blog and photography site HERE and HERE

How was your Halloweekend??




Sunday Style on Monday: Charleston

My parents and my best friend, Marissa, came up to visit my twin and I this past weekend. It was lovely being able to see my favorite people in the universe and it was even more lovely to go on a day trip to Charleston! My parents have gone for their anniversary but Marissa, Alex and I had never been. More than anything, we were all just excited to explore such a beautiful city and spend time together.  We ate some delicious food and ice cream, became friends with a couple horses, viewed some cemeteries, saw some babes.

It was a good time.

All photos taken by Alexandra Herstik

Forever 21 Top and Necklace,/Thrifted skirt/Off 5th Sandals/Zara purse

What did you do this weekend?




Style Sunday and Smiles

Well, my loves, it’s been a long week. I’ve had a lot to do and I’ve been busy but life is so good! I had a great weekend filled with some incredible friends, sister dates, and some relaxation. I have a super productive, busy week coming up and I’m doing my best to keep my chin up and not get overwhelmed by all I have to do. The good thing is I treated myself to a couple thiings from Nasty Gal that were on mega sale and my parents and best friend are coming up to visit! How can I complain when my life is so sweet?!

Sweater: Zara/ Shorts and Moon Necklace: Forever 21/ Stud Necklace: Barney’s Outlet/ Socks: Loehmans/ Purse: Urban Outfitters


What did you do this Sunday?!


PS Big things are coming 😉

Death Queen Style Sunday

Hello Breathing Fashionistas, I am so beyond glad to be back and to be, gradually, getting into the blogging grind! I am so excited for the year ahead of me, and I’m so excited to be back in Columbia.  I am also so excited to announce that my amazing friend Morgan Epperson, find her site HERE, is going to be collaborating with me every Sunday as my in house Sunday style photographer! Morgan is not only incredibly sweet and lovable, she is also incredibly talented and a fellow Fashion Board member. Today, we shot in my backyard, yes I have train tracks and a graveyard in my backyard, and I’m so happy with how amazing the photos turned out! I felt like today was a perfect day for a gauzy tank top, Carven inspired shorts and my Lita’s;  proper death queen attire

I keep forgetting I don’t have class tomorrow, which is super nice, and I’ve spent today with my twin at brunch and relaxing. I get to go to yoga later, spend the night with some friends and I’m looking forward to what the night holds!

Shirt: TJ Maxx

Shorts and long necklace: Forever 21

Short necklace: Barney’s Outlet

Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell

Purse: Zara

Socks: H&M

Bracelet: Nasty Gal

Sunglasses: American Thread


What does YOUR Labor Day weekend hold?



PS: Make sure to check out Morgan’s site:

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