Inspired by The Twilight Zone

Easily one of my favorite shows, The Twilight Zone is easily the best to watch when you want to dive into the subconscious mind by going into an alternate universe. The show features vignette style episodes that deal with a variety of macabre topics including aliens, time travel and apocalypses. I grew up watching this show with my parents, and I have many memories watching it on on New Years when they have their marathon on Syfy,

The season change, or rather “season change” in Columbia, has made me want to do nothing more than curl up in bed with hot chocolate or coffee and watch this show. The fact that the show is black and white (it started in the early 60’s) just makes it better; the old school glamour of this show is unparalleled. Rod Serling is the mastermind, and narrator, behind The Twilight Zone; he  has also been featured on Breathing Fashion because he is so classy and dapper.

I couldn’t resist creating a few looks inspired by some of my favorite episodes.


The Number 12 Looks Just Like You

In this episode everyone goes through “the transformation” when they turn 18. Like the book The Uglies, everyone looks the same; as soon as you’re of age, you undergo surgery to look like one of the number of models there are to pick from. But what happens when you think you’re beautiful before the transformation? What if you don’t want the surgery? These are the sort of problems that arise in this episode of The Twilight Zone


Twenty Two

In this episode, Liz, a “dancer” is hospitalized for being delirious and having reoccurring dreams. In this dream, she wakes up suddenly, only to break a glass, hear the clock ticking and hear footsteps down the hall of the hospital. When she gets up to follow the footsteps she sees a nurse disappear into the elevator. When Liz gets on the elevator to the bottom floor, she gets of and she walks down the hall only to be greeted by the same nurse who’s standing in front of the morgue and who greets her with one sentence; “there’s room for one more honey”. What exactly does this mean? You’ll have to watch the episode to find out.


Come Wander With Me

In this episode of the show, a man drives to the woods in an attempt to search for inspiration for his newest folk hit. He finds a guitar shop and a woman with a haunting voice. He hears this siren singing a beautiful song and he tries to steal it from her. Things don’t go as planned, and how could they, in The Twilight Zone?

What’s your favorite episode?



Menswear Monday:

It’s always fun featuring long time friends on Breathing Fashion. I consider myself a baby (I’ll be 20 in February) but casually bringing up friends who I’ve known for 8 years never ceases to make me feel a bit old. Zackh is one of those friends. We met back in middle school where we bonded over our horrid science teacher and our involvment with the performing arts. Zach moved away before we entered high school, but through Facebook and Skype, and later Instagram and twitter, we were able to keep in contact and keep the friendship thriving. Zach is one of those guys who will literally warm your heart; his rosy cheeks and huge smile are the equivalent to a warm blanket and a cup of hot tea on a cold winter day. I have some great memories of Zach dancing to Cheetah Girls at the eight grade dance because he KNEW he rocked; even in the midst of the  ignorant chuckles of fourteen year old boys, Zach wasn’t afraid to be authentic and enjoy the moment. He has always been the kind of man who has an aura that is warm and golden and that draws others to him.

Beyond Zach as a person, he has always had great style! Zach is the perfect sort of classic prep. he pulls of “white boy who walked into J Crew” (his words) perfectly. Whether it’s the perfectly fitted polo or the cotton wife beater, Zach has his style down pat.

I asked Zach some questions about his style, what he’s studying in school, and his celebrity fashion crush.

I’m 19 year old, college sophomore, integrated marketing communications major (hoping to go into branding or social media), I love Chipotle (a little bit to much), love fitness, traveling, caramel lattes, cute puppies, and television. I have two ultimate style rules; always wear cute underwear and never be basic. Although men’s fashion can get boring and repetitive, there is always room to throw in a tie, a bright pair of shoes, or a quirky pair of socks. How I would describe my personal style: I would describe my personal style as classic white girl, no seriously, I would describe it as “quirky prep”. My favorite article of clothing has to be a good pair of khakis and a bow tie. When worn as an accent to an outfit, and not the centerpiece, a bow tie can surly turn eyes in a crowded room. If I could steal a celebrity’s closet,  I would obviously have to steal Brad Goreski’s (because duh), he is basically my inspiration when it comes to fashion and I try my best to take inspiration from him and use it with my own clothing pieces. I also really enjoy Theodore Leaf and Darren Criss. I always care about fashion because you never know when you are going to meet your future boss, lover, or best friend. I always want to make a good first impression. Most importantly though when I look good, I feel good. I feel more productive and confident. I shop at a combination of, GAP, Urban Outfitters, Express, Banana Republic, H&M, J. Crew, Bonobos, and PacSun.

What does your style say about you?


Sunday Style on Monday: Charleston

My parents and my best friend, Marissa, came up to visit my twin and I this past weekend. It was lovely being able to see my favorite people in the universe and it was even more lovely to go on a day trip to Charleston! My parents have gone for their anniversary but Marissa, Alex and I had never been. More than anything, we were all just excited to explore such a beautiful city and spend time together.  We ate some delicious food and ice cream, became friends with a couple horses, viewed some cemeteries, saw some babes.

It was a good time.

All photos taken by Alexandra Herstik

Forever 21 Top and Necklace,/Thrifted skirt/Off 5th Sandals/Zara purse

What did you do this weekend?




A Darker October

When the seasons change and the air chills, I want nothing more than to cloak myself in all black and sit outside, maybe with some company, and read. I want the comfort of the trees, and the crisp scent of leaves.I want to go apple picking so I remember going to Becker Farms in second grade, and traveling back in time as I picked fresh apples off the trees. I want  to fill the wind kissing my hair as i hold my hat when I’m walking outside. I want the veil between the worlds to thin, Mostly, I want every black piece of attire I can obtain.




I crave comfort. I crave stability. i crave understanding and knowing and I crave being at the right place at the right time.. I crave a comforting voice. I crave love. I crave knowing that my bed will be there when I get home. I crave knowing that there is structure to my life and my day. I crave routine.

But this constant craving for comfort and structure can be overwhelming in a life where nothing is ever quite comfortable or structured. Life is quick and she is hectic. She will break you, only to softly lay you out and glue you together again. So instead of wearing things that suffocate and embrace me to my bitter breaking point, I am living in the clothes I want my life to reflect. I am living in structure; I am living in a glistening embrace of colors; I am living in something that whispers that I am a manifestation of the stars and the universe. I am living in a shelter for my soul.

I am living in fabric that wipes my heart clean. I am living in lipstick that clings to me like secrets. I am living in what makes me feel like power personified.

I am living in lips as blue as my heart is calm. I am living in the Northern Lights. I am living in shoes that raise me higher than what I desire.

What does your clothing say about your life?


The Only Three Outfits you’ll ever need for the Beach

It’s obvious that the beach is singing my name, isn’t it? That’s not typically something I say, I typically like the forest and not so much sandy beaches. But seeing as I’m going to be sailing the seas with the Mexicans (my family), I can’t get my mind off the luxurious shorelines that call my name.The real question on my mind, for obvious reasons, is what will I wear!?



Throw on your pearly whites and some bright fiery oranges to watch the sunrise on your favorite island. The soft breeze of the early morning is paired perfectly with the warm red on your lips and cheeks, and the hand your holding is pretty warming too. The rising sun shines brightly on your gold nails and your pristine white Jeffrey Campbells and it brightens your disposition even more. How can you be upset in such a perfect paradise?



The hot, blaring summer has to be tamed with soft neutrals  in warm tones. Grab your Deandri shoes, and your Celine purse to hit the beach and you’ll be the hottest thing besides the sun. Your fresh sunnies protect your delicate eyes from those pesky rays, but don’t dismiss the cute boys you watch as you sip your daiquiri. Your tan lines may be a little crazy from your striking Herve Leger suit, but you don’t mind people staring, and why would you? Even under the shade of your umbrella you’e still the best eye candy on the beach.


You chase away the day with the sultry We Are Handsome bikini and the perfectly underrated NARS lipstick. You already know that the sun setting just means the night’s starting… and the fun is about to begin. Turn up the heart in your Jeffrey Campbells and nix the straw hat for something a little more seductive. Your day has been ravishing and fabulous and your night’s about to be as hot as the temperatures you had to endure. Good thing you’re prepared for anything and  will  turn every head you can in the process.