A Wee Update

Breathing Fashionistas,

It’s been a whirlwind of a summer, hasn’t it? Between going back and forth from Columbia, getting this site going, modeling for friends, shopping for the new house and getting ready for the cruise, my days have flown by! I’m not complaining by any means, the last month of bumming it has done wonders. I’ve been going to Ashtanga yoga classat least four times a week (I try to go more than that), and I’ve been doing my best to spend time with my family and friends. Anyway,  I wanted to catch you all up on some shoots I’ve been doing! I had the pleasure of modeling for No Contenders photography, and I had my makeup and hair done by the lovely ladies of Salon Modello in Atlanta.

I’ll be having more photos from this shoot soon, so stay tuned!

The next shoot was a collaboration between my lovely friend Brianna and her clothing line Moonsail, El Bambino and my new friend Kelsie of Salvation Photography!


More photos from both shoots coming soon!



PS; I’ll be on vacation for the next 10 day so get ready for some posts from paradise