Six Black Balloons: Breathing Fashion Turns SIX

This is a warning; this post will be sappy, it will be emotional and it will be filled with LOVE. I know, I know, sometimes I’m even surprised I have a heart, but alas, it’s not as black or icy as I make it out to be. Anyway, dear humans, today Breathing Fashion turns SIX. HA! I’ve had this little blog for half a decade and it’s grown up with me, and  you know, that’s pretty special. I started this thing my sophomore year of high school, when I realized that I wanted to pursue fashion journalism as a profession. Everything I read said to start a blog and I did.13

Breathing Fashion has always been my sacred space. It’s where I come to write my thoughts; on everything from collection reviews to tarot inspired photoshoots, to happenings in the fashion industry to little spiritual tidbits that I think would be helpful to other humans. Breathing Fashion, more than anything else, is also a visual diary of how I’ve grown up and into myself, all while living in small suburban Southern cities. This space has been where I turn to so I can try to figure out who the hell I am, how the heck I can find myself in this life and how I can express myself in a way that would be beneficial for whoever decided to read this damn thing. The journey through this blog has been more rewarding than I ever anticipated. I’m so thankful for anyone who takes the time to read my posts, anyone who’s ever encouraged me and anyone who’s believed in me. There would be no point in all of this without you.

Breathing Fashion has been with me through every awkward outfit, every horrible collection review and every awkward photoshoot I’ve been through. This has been the place I turn to when I need to write and  get away from the fact that I’ve been stuck in cities who don’t understand my aesthetic. Breathing Fashion has been the reason I’ve said I DON’T CARE that I don’t live in New York. This site was the reason I decided to grow thick skin and wear whatever I wanted to wear regardless if people understand it or not. This blog helped me learn who I am and that as long as I’m proud to be Gabriela Lorraine Herstik, whatever anyone else thinks is irrelevant. 11

Breathing Fashion has taken a back seat the past year because I’ve actually been able to accomplish what I started it for; fashion writing. Six years later, I’ve had three cover stories for MOD magazine, I’m writing and interning for my favorite online magazine The Numinous, I’m interning with Deux Hommes magazine and went to London Fashion Week as international press for them. I’ve interned with Rick Owens. I’ve helped launch a magazine for United Colors of Fashion, I’ve contributed to The Fashion Law, The Cult Collective and FIG Columbia. My first resume builders were accomplished simply because of this blog. I’ve worked with amazing brands like Birds n Bones and Social Decay, I’ve been able to collaborate with photographers like Mary DeCrescenzio and my sister, and I’ve met some of my best friends through this platform.

So for that, I say THANK YOU. Here are photos with six black balloons for six black and fabulous years of Breathing Fashion. I’m wearing an amazing skirt by Forgotten Feather Vintage and all photos are by my twin Alexandra Herstik. Here’s to the future of Death Queen style.

10121197654321Body suit: Junkman’s Daughter// Skirt: Forgotten Feather Vintage// Shorts: Target// Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell 8Thank you to everyone who’s helped make these past six years AMAZING. Here’s to the next six.


Gabriela Lorraine



MOD Magazine, Holiday 2014

My internship with MOD magazine has been quite the experience, and my second piece for their printed magazine was published the other day in their holiday issue! I got the amazing opportunity to interview and write about German born fashion designer Tim Labenda, who recently made the transition from menswear to womenswear. He was really great to write about, especially considering the fact that his latest collection was inspired by The Never Ending Story. Check out the holiday issue HERE, it’s full of beautiful editorials and trend guides. issue 3modIt’s been such an exciting experience seeing my pieces in a printed magazine, especially one that’s so beautiful. Here’s to many more.

Pride and Balance

It’s a tricky balance to remain humbled by any sort of recognition or success while still taking pride in your accomplishments. I know it’s something I struggle with, constantly comparing myself to others who are doing “better” things makes me take less pride in my own aaccomplishments  There’s always room for improvement and a sense of instability is important with anything, in my opinion. I think that it’s important to remain open to change and growth, but it’s important to be proud of where you are right now. My lack of pride could very well be a testament to my inability to live in the present; perhaps all we need to do to be proud of ourselves is live in the now.

moddddddddI’ve been interning with MOD Magazine since July and it’s been an amazing experience. Besides blogging for them, I also had the really, really cool opportunity of writing a piece for their printed issue. I wrote a piece on Serbian fashion designer Ana Ljubinkovic, and although I knew it was a feature article I didn’t realize it would be a cover story. It was pretty awesome seeing my name in the issue. Although MOD is available online for free, I had to order my own copy since it was my first published piece.  annaaaaRight after this was published I felt really excited and proud, normal feelings for hard work paying off. Then I automatically started negating these feelings, say how I didn’t really have a reason to be proud, or excited; bigger and better things were coming, why would i be proud of this.

It’s hard sometimes to step back and be proud of yourself. I’m not saying you should completely lose yourself to ego because that definitely will not serve you in the least. Although, I do think it’s important to take a step back and be kind to yourself; realize that although you didn’t necessarily win the Olympics, you won a race, every Olympian has to start somewhere after all.

There’s a lot happening right now; tomorrow is the full moon, and an eclipse and Mercury is in retrograde. Be kind to yourself. Yes, there is always something bigger and better to come but where you are right here and right now is a pretty good place to be.

What are you proud of today?



PS- If you want to read the latest issue of MOD, you can HERE.

Men’s Fashion Month is Killing It

Men’s fashion month is always a blur of well dressed men doing their thing. I’ve reviewed a couple collections on some sites I write for and wanted to share my thoughts.

Christopher Kane


“The key to this collection was proportion and it was done perfectly, created for the man who was more than comfortable to show what he’s got. This collection is clean and urban, and has the sort of city vibe you can wear without actually living in the city. It’s the sort of collection you wear if you take fashion seriously, but yourself? Not so much.” Read the entire collection review on Mod Magazine’s website HERE.


Craig Green

“Although this collection was not as deeply rooted in the fabric and manipulation of the fabric, as it was in seasons past, Green still conveyed a message, namely via his silhouettes. The looks consisted of layered linen pants and shirts that fit more like robes, reminiscent of ancient priests or samurais with their purity.” Read the entire collection review on The Fashion Law HERE

Co Collection and Mod Magazine

So excited to announce that I’m interning at Mod Magazine! I’ll be blogging for them for the next six months so make sure you check it out if you want your fill of straight fashion posts. My first post went live yesterday and it’s all about my new found love for Co.

Check out my first post and my review of the collection HERE