Men’s Fashion Month is Killing It

Men’s fashion month is always a blur of well dressed men doing their thing. I’ve reviewed a couple collections on some sites I write for and wanted to share my thoughts.

Christopher Kane


“The key to this collection was proportion and it was done perfectly, created for the man who was more than comfortable to show what he’s got. This collection is clean and urban, and has the sort of city vibe you can wear without actually living in the city. It’s the sort of collection you wear if you take fashion seriously, but yourself? Not so much.” Read the entire collection review on Mod Magazine’s website HERE.


Craig Green

“Although this collection was not as deeply rooted in the fabric and manipulation of the fabric, as it was in seasons past, Green still conveyed a message, namely via his silhouettes. The looks consisted of layered linen pants and shirts that fit more like robes, reminiscent of ancient priests or samurais with their purity.” Read the entire collection review on The Fashion Law HERE