I’ve been making vision boards, unintentionally or otherwise, since I was little. I always loved cutting up my magazines and making collages and it wasn’t until I was a little bit older that I understood how important that was. Vision boards are inspiration boards with a twist; they have an intention behind them. Think about it this way, instead of just having things that inspire you on your board, it’s things that you want on your board. Whether it’s a new watch or self love, cut up old magazines, books, newspapers and find things that speak to you. Create a collage of what you want and put it where you’ll see it everyday.

Mine turned out as more of inspiration boards, so I’m going to go add words and possibly some designs in the the white space. I have fashion/career vision boards and a men vision boards; aka dark and well dressed. Vision boards are a great way to see the law of attraction in motion. They help you make what you want into a reality… they also look beautiful.

I’ll have to figure out where to hang them up and post some more photos.

What are you putting on your vision boards?