Woman Power Wednesday: Kristyn Nucci

I’m constantly inspired by power women who find their niche in life, crafting their desires into tangible creations, whether it’s through photography, words, theater or even an outfit. These are the artist who are just as interesting as their creations, layered souls with inspiration and individuality seeping out of every pore. So is the case with girl-wonder Kristyn Nucci, a photographer based out of Athens, Georgia.The 21-year-old artist has a penchant for portraying daring women in wondrous worlds with her eye for avant-garde style photos.  With no lack of ambition, or inspiration, Nucci has a knack for pin up style, creating characters, and recreating photographs with her own daring spin.

I was inspired to talk to Kristyn originally for MOD Magazine, but it so happens that she’s perfect for a Woman Power Wednesday post on here instead. I asked her about studying at UGA, where she gets inspiration for shoots and how she developed such a stylized form of photography.


Breathing Fashion: You’re currently studying photography at UGA. What has this experience been like for you?

Kristyn Nucci: It’s certainly opened my eyes to the different forms photography can take. Since the UGA photography program is largely based on fine arts, I’ve realized I am much more of a commercial photographer. That has definitely made me a bit of an anomaly in the program.

BF: How did you get into photography, specifically such a stylized form of fashion photography?

KN: I did a ton of theatre while growing up and throughout high school. That let me express my desire to portray different personalities and different lives, I sort of fell in love with transforming myself into someone else while still making it very much my own. Since the dramatic arts were not the path I decided to pursue, I found an interest in performance in front of a camera instead. It also helps that I am fascinated with the female form and the different roles women take on.

BF :Where do you turn for inspiration? Any other photographers?

KN: I find a lot of inspiration in fashion photographers such as Miles Aldridge and Ellen von Unwerth. They have distinct styles that are both conceptual and high fashion: two things I am obsessed with. Other than that, I’m constantly inspired by pop culture and history—particularly fashion history.

BF: Your shoots seem to be really conceptual! Where do you come up with inspiration for specific shoots?

KN: Many times, I like to mimic a photograph I love or a person whose look I find exciting. I find copycatting to be challenging and ultimately satisfying. Movies, music, and celebrities also generate a lot of my inspiration.

BF: You’re currently working for Little Red Book Magazine as the photography editor. How has this expanded your view on photography, if at all?

KN: It’s nice as an editor to be able to use what I’ve learned in the photography program to be able to critique others’ work and choose which photos are worthy of printing. I’ve learned that scheduling shoots is one of the more difficult tasks of the job, but I find I have a lot of strength in coming up with concepts for said shoots. The job is certainly stressful at times, but too good an experience to let that get in the way.

BF: Where do you hope photography takes you in the future?

KN: I would love to work for a fashion magazine in a big city somewhere, and have the resources to not simultaneously be makeup artist, hair stylist, wardrobe stylist, lighting specialist, etc.

BF: Since you’re incredible at characterization,  I’m curious to know what your own personal day-to-day style is like. How would you describe it?

KN: Since I am constantly in search of costumes to use in my shoots, those costumes usually work their way into my daily wardrobe. Especially since college, I’ve found myself to enjoy taking greater risks in my style. I have everything from an outfit of head-to-toe pleather to a vintage dress from the 1950s. If I had it my way, I would have a full wardrobe of nothing but vintage. Think Dita von Teese.

BF: You like being behind the camera as much as you like being in front of it. What’s your favorite part about modeling?

KN: With the right hairstyle, makeup, and outfit, I can become anybody. I love transforming myself into whatever I have dreamed up for a particular shoot. Besides that, I love the lack of pressure in that I can just keep shooting until I’m satisfied since I’m the only one to see the raw photos.

BF: What’s something we may not know about you?

KN: I absolutely love to sing, and have a secret desire to be a burlesque performer.

k5k7k6k4 k3k2k8All photos by Kristy Nucci

If you want to see more of Kristyn’s photography (I know you do), you can find her website HERE. If you want to stalk her in the meantime (I know you do), you can keep up with her Instagram HERE.

What do you think of this talented vixen?





Sunday Style; Dancing into Creation

Sundays call for sleeping in and spending time with loved ones. They call for big, goofy smiles and living from a place of love. Sundays are for slow moments sipping coffee, and nights celebrating friends birthdays. Sundays are for embracing what you love and letting it light you up.

 We were inspired by Nataraja, a Hindu God and a form of Shiva who is said to have danced the world into creation. 

Top and skirt: Urban Outfitters/ Hat: H&M/ Shoes and Moon Necklace: Forever 21/ Clutch and Chain Necklace: Zara.

My best friend Marissa stopped by and my sister took some photos of us. I’m so lucky to have such beautiful souls in my life!

All photos taken by my sister: Alexandra Herstik, @alexyael on Instagram.



Alexander Wang Fall 2014 Menswear Collection Review

There’s something unparalleled about Wang’s uncanny ability to make structured gothic inspired pieces urban street-style cool. This is especially true for the young designers Fall menswear collection, which features everything from neoprene sweatshirts to slick leather trench coats to the perfect sweatpant and sweatshirt look. Wang’s dark color pallet is complimented by the perfect camel tone and the slightest accent of cobalt blue. Wang’s penchant for tailoring is apparent in every  piece, and his classic streetwear spin on his high fashion pieces is apparent. This collection is chock-full of lust-worthy jackets and coats, not to mention the perfect take on the beanie. Wang’s effortless aesthetic proves that you don’t always have to sacrifice comfort for style.

All photos courtesy of style.com



The Moon is Down

The second set of my tarot series is based off “The Moon” card. This card is one of intuition, of vivid dreams, of connection to the subconscious and goddess. Kiim Krans, the illustrator of the deck that inspired this series, The Wild Unknown, is also partial to this card. She describes The Moon perfectly; “The Moon is the card of intuition, dreams and the unconscious. The Moon provides light as a reflection of the Sun, yet this light is dim, uncertain, and only vaguely illuminates our path as we journey toward higher consciousness. When a path leads between two towers into the distance, it is showing the way to the unconsciousness. The astrological sign associated with this card is Pisces – psychic, receptive and mysterious.” (via The Numinous)


I chose to represent this card with stark whites that contrasted against the deep reds and oranges of my backyard. White attracts positivity and is a color of healing; both things the moon herself represets. In the past few months I have grown more and more in love with mother moon and her beauty. There is something so comforting about her presence every night, a constant reminder that there is something larger than me in this universe. The moon is awake when my heart and mind are still, and her gentle kisses on my cheek have comforted me more than anything else.

I chose to wear this leotard from Nasty Gal with a Zara skirt and Forever 21 shoes. I’m usually cloaked in all black, with many layers of jewelry and red lipstick,but I have to admit, this minimalist look is probably my favorite to date. I wanted to channel the moon through this shoot, honoring her by basking in moonbeams. There’s a quiet sort of comfort in knowing that the sun and moon are always there, even when we can’t see them.

What comforts you in the late hours of the night?



Shot by Mary DeCrescenzio 

The Death Card

The thought of the death card in a tarot reading conjures up images of old fortune tellers with a distressed look on their face, promising death to a loved one, or yourself, in the near future. A negative connotation has been linked to this card, after all,  it’s the harrowing “death” card that leaves one with the touch of death on their soul, right?

The Wild Unknown Tarot

The first thing needed to understand the death card is a basic understanding of the tarot itself. The classic tarot deck was originally used as a card game in parts of Europe, like Italy and France, in the 15th century. This was later adopted by occultist and mystics, transforming into the tarot we know today. A classic tarot deck consists of 78 cards, 22 of which are considered the “major arcana” and the other 56 comprising the “minor arcana”. The major arcana are the more important cards, like “The Moon”, “Death”, “Judgment” and “Temperance”. The 56 minor arcana cards are divided into four suites, much like a classic card deck. The four suites, “Pentacles”, “Cups”, “Wands” and “Swords, are each numbered one through ten (the number 1 being the “ace” card), and contain four court cards; “King”, “Queen”, “Knight” and “Page/Jack”. Each card suit holds its own meaning, further coupled with the meaning of each card. The major arcana cards represent major themes and changes in life, and are usually more significant in a reading than the plentiful minor arcana cards.

The Faerie’s Oracle by Brian Froud

Like any form of divination, the tarot isn’t telling you something that is set in stone. The tarot is a map of sorts that reads the energies present in you. It simply draws the lines on a map that has been there all along; you have complete control over the roads you choose to take, the tarot simply lets you know what roads were there to begin with.

So what does the Death card represent? Complete and utter transformation. I chose this card because not only is it a personal favorite, it’s probably the most misunderstood and most frightening card in the deck. This card doesn’t mean someone close to you is going to die, It means one door is closing and another is opening, in the most important sense of the word. Get ready for some major changes and opportunities when you see this card because it has an uncanny ability to appear when new ventures are around the corner. Change is GOOD, and sometimes we have to lose something to gain something even better. Think of it as reincarnation; one thing ends and another begins.

Black is the lack of color, just like death is lack of life. The color black itself repels negativity; it is a strong and powerful color and for me, it encompasses the idea of the Death card. I chose this black dress, picked by the amazing Ivory from Hip Wa Zee,  this hat from H&M and these shoes from Urban Outfitters to create a look that matched my perception of this card. Like the tarot itself, everyone’s interpretation is going to be different. This is my personification of death

Check out my my amazing photographers website HERE and Ivory’s vintage store HERE.

Embrace the unknown with open arms and bask in the glory of its potential.


Gabriela Lorraine

Carven Pre-Fall 2014 Collection Review

Carven has a penchant for creating pieces that emanate the effortless, proper and prim style of the French. Crave-able capes in camels, structured blazers in black, wool lined coats in scrumptious tangerines, and the perfect clog style sling back all shape this tough-prep look that Carven so seamlessly embodies. Paintbrush patterns and black and white plaids add another element of non-conformity to this rather preppy style collection. There’s a certain strength to designer who is innovative in their collection each season, while still maintaining the style and integrity of their house. Henry manages to capture that which is Carven; the strong, structured and sexy appeal of an effortlessly avant-garde woman, in each and every season. There is also a certain comfort in being able to return to your favorite house while knowing you won’t be disappointed. Carven is one of those houses for me; a house that’s cloaked in the promise of inspiration through each and every look. This collection holds its own with its variety of structured aesthetics and with its punk and prep love child looks, it certainly is everything a Carven fan could crave.

All photos courtesy of style.com


Gabriela Herstik

Gabriela Goes Tropical Pt III: The Off Days

I’m going out of chronological order from how my vacation actually happened so bear with me!
After our cruise was over we spent three days in Florida before coming home to Atlanta. We shopped, spent a lot of time relaxing and watching Adventure Time and The Regular Show and even went to see a movie. We went out for dinner with our family each night, and we spent the night catching up and laughing.

Shirt and Purse: American Thread

Sandals: Off 5th

Necklace: Forever 21

Watch: Michael Kors

Skirt and Bra: Forever 21

Purse: Zara

Shirt: H&M

Sandals: Off 5th

Earrings: Barney’s Outlet

Airport Photoshoot in:

Jeans: BCBGeneration

Bandeau: Aerie

Shirt: Zara

Purse and sunglasses: American Thread

Shoes: Off 5th

Hat: Mom’s

More photos tomorrow!


Chanel Fall 2013 Couture Collection Review

If there’s one thing Karl Lagerfeld manages to do in each and every Chanel collection it is weave each piece together through classic Chanel cuts and tweed. Although this collection is irresistibly Chanel, it is also irresistibly modern with its structured jackets and thick low slung belts. Some looks are closer to the classic image of Chanel; clean, square cut, chic tweed. Some looks are more modern; low, plunging necklines and sheer and airy blouses paired with a tweed jacket in revamped grays. Structured, pointed shoulders and dresses in tiled, shimmering hues are just different enough to leave one’s mouth agape, but keep one’s eyes pealed for more. The latter half of the collection evokes everything from futuristic, space age themes to Renaissance tones. Soft, clingy fabrics bring a touch of sex appeal to a classically conservative house and Karl Lagerfeld’s vision is made all the more refreshing.


Tee Shirt and Jeans

Happy Sunday, one and all. I wasn’t feeling my best after celebrating a friends 21st yesterday, so I took it easy today, throwing on this silk tee and bright cigarette jeans. I spent the day with my sister and mom, buying a mattress for next year and shopping for the house!

I think it’s interesting that most people have a comfort zone that revolves around tee shirts and jeans. I have an incredibly hard time wearing plain denim, as that’s OUT of my comfort zone. It may be a fear of blending in, and not feeling like myself, but wearing plain blue jeans makes me feel extremely uncomfortable and I stopped wearing it years ago. I have jeans and tee shirts that are different, an interesting texture or pattern, something that appeals to the eyes and when I’m feeling lazy, or sick, that’s what I go to when the weather is a bit warmer!

Shirt: from a boutique

Pants: Gap

Purse: American Thread

Shoes and Cuff: Nasty Gal

Necklace: Forever 21


What are YOU wearing?


Summertime Sadness

Even though I don’t feel sad at all, I don’t think it’s possible to NOT listen to Lana Del Ray when the weather is  (usually) so beautiful out. It’s somewhat dreary here in Atlanta but that doesn’t stop me from imagining my fabulous tropical get away and picking out bathing suits for it. For my grandmas 80th birthday we surprised her with a cruise that all my family is going on. My parents, sister and I all live in Georgia, but the rest of my mom’s side is in Mexico, so the fact that we are ALL taking a trip together is the highlight of my incredible summer. I am so blessed to have such incredible cousins with wives I adore, and although our family is relatively small I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m so proud of my Mexican heritage, and although it only goes a few generations back, growing up speaking Spanish and eating Mexican food every day has allowed me to identify with such a lively country and culture.

My aunt ordered a singing telegram to deliver the news of the cruise to my grandma, and my family and I gathered around the computer to witness it all through skype. My fabulous grandma took the news like a champion and it was easily one of the funniest things I’ve seen;  a giant Mexican parrot spray gold silly string all over my grandma just to sing to her about all the memories my mom and aunt had growing up. That video call made me 1000x more excited to see my family and spend a couple weeks with them staying up too late, basking in the sun and living up to the Mexican stereotype by dancing all night.

Cruises with the family are the number one excuse to splurge on bikinis, beachwear and cute yoga-wear. Here’s what I’m lusting over.

More Jeffrey Campbell’s and striking swimsuits that work with my small bust, all paired with the perfect hat.

Happy summer,



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