Sunday Style: Finding Home

I was resentful of being stuck in Georgia for a long, long time. Longer than I care to admit. Although anything is better than Bufflalo, where I lived prior to Georgia, I never really wanted to accept that this is where I was going to have to tell my children I grew up. I was born in San Diego then moved to Los Angeles and finally Buffalo before my family settled in Atlanta when my sister and I were 10. Add to that the fact that after 8 years in Georgia, the twin and I moved to South Carolina for university. Mix that with the fact that my mom is from Mexico and my father is from Israel and the idea of where “home” is becomes rather murky.

10 years later and I realize that Georgia is home. It’s not a fabulous fashion capital, it’s not where I have all of my memories or family, it’s not cosmopolitan or an enlightened and spiritual place… but it’s home. Georgia is where I’ve done my soul searching, it’s where I’ve met my best friends, it’s where my family is, it’s where I grew up and lived and loved and I’m thankful for that.

I spent my Sunday with my best friend Miranda and my twin sister Alexandra. We checked out a few nature preserves for Alex to take photos of a friend in and then headed to Downtown Duluth to take some more photos and hang out.

Georgia is great because you can see an alpaca on the way to Starbucks, eat lunch at an Asian supermarket, spend time at a nature preserve and then hang out in a cute little downtown area.

Home is Grey’s Anatomy marathons with your best friend. It’s hugs from people you love and the smell of the earth when it’s about to rain. Home is a kiss on the cheek and an “I miss you”. Home is, to me, where I found myself and defined my passions and set out to to help make the world a better place.

Shirt: Forever 21/ Skirt and Purse: Zara/ Hat, Shoes and Mesh Shirt: H&M.

Home is nothing more than a state of mind.

All photos by the twin, Alexandra Yael. Instragram: @alexyael


What does your Sunday hold?