Carven Pre-Fall 2014 Collection Review

Carven has a penchant for creating pieces that emanate the effortless, proper and prim style of the French. Crave-able capes in camels, structured blazers in black, wool lined coats in scrumptious tangerines, and the perfect clog style sling back all shape this tough-prep look that Carven so seamlessly embodies. Paintbrush patterns and black and white plaids add another element of non-conformity to this rather preppy style collection. There’s a certain strength to designer who is innovative in their collection each season, while still maintaining the style and integrity of their house. Henry manages to capture that which is Carven; the strong, structured and sexy appeal of an effortlessly avant-garde woman, in each and every season. There is also a certain comfort in being able to return to your favorite house while knowing you won’t be disappointed. Carven is one of those houses for me; a house that’s cloaked in the promise of inspiration through each and every look. This collection holds its own with its variety of structured aesthetics and with its punk and prep love child looks, it certainly is everything a Carven fan could crave.

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Gabriela Herstik