Winter Wanderlust

The weather in South Carolina has left me craving a new wardrobe. Per usual, the temperature here can be 70 to 80 degrees in the day and drop to 30 degrees at night…it’s absolutely insane. It feels more like winter with the sleet and cold and biting winds and it’s not even December yet! It feels like it goes from Spring one day to Winter the next without ever even taking a detour to Fall!

I’ve been craving big, warm, structured coats and statement making accessories. I chose five of my favorite houses to create my ultimate dream winter wardrobe.


I love how contemporary and edgy Acne Studios is. These boots are my absolute favorite; I love the mix of textures and the block-y heel. I love the ease that a fitted pant, oversize sweater and a beanie have; they create the perfect day to day outfit without being basic.


Chloe is the ultimate “it girl” house. With it’s chic avant-garde style, Chloe is definitely lust worthy. If I had this oversize coat, fringe hemmed dress and amazing studded boots, I would literally never wear anything else. I’ve been inspired by really delicate dresses paired with tougher, chunkier boots; I love the contrast and if the proportions are right you won’t look like you’re wearing bricks for shoes. Plus, how great are this bag and necklace?!


Classic Celine tee, incredible dream leather bag, the perfect wedge.. Celine, like Chloe, is the ultimate it girl house, filled top to bottom with perfect wardrobe finishing pieces. I have an affinity for gold and black and I love the touch that the emerald skirt adds, the monochromatic outfit pops with the right amount of subtle color.


My favorite house in the entire world, this outfit by Carven is easily something I would wear every single day, The structured leather skirt is the perfect piece to transition from fall to winter; add this boxy cream jacket and some thick tights and you’ll be warm in the cold days. I love the shape of the leather bag, it’s different and stands out while still being sexy.


Last but not least is the ultimate label for the edgy, leather loving babe. I love that this coat is different than the typical, overstated Balmain piece; edgy and cool but a little more underrated. I would wear a leather pant, thigh high stiletto boots, a leather tote and a huge, warm sweater with this coat. I love that black is s powerful and sexy. I would pair this look with a red lip and I would be invincible.


What inspires your wardrobe in the cold months?!



Leather and Tangerines

It’s nothing new; keeping it sweet on the surface and twisted and dark underneath. But who’s to say she can’t swap the roles? Maybe for once she can be clementine sweet underneath her leather exterior. Vulnerable and passionate, her mask is as thin as the paper she puts her citrus fruit in. She was never one to follow the leader, always dancing to herself and smiling, smirking, listening, learning. She took what she heard and what she saw and wore it on her skin, taking the deeper meaning and storing it away in a box in the deepest crevice of her soul that even she didn’t have the key to. She plays to no man”s rules, citing the devil as a fashion influence  and laughing dismally as people compliment her on her sugary sweet interior. She knows no man’s games, lives in no man’s land and sings to no man’s melody. She is what she wants because it’s everything they tell her not to be. Her sultry surface is no comparison to the hidden pearls of light she hides underneath. She may not glow on the surface, but there’s a reason she glows underneath.