Pride and Balance

It’s a tricky balance to remain humbled by any sort of recognition or success while still taking pride in your accomplishments. I know it’s something I struggle with, constantly comparing myself to others who are doing “better” things makes me take less pride in my own aaccomplishments  There’s always room for improvement and a sense of instability is important with anything, in my opinion. I think that it’s important to remain open to change and growth, but it’s important to be proud of where you are right now. My lack of pride could very well be a testament to my inability to live in the present; perhaps all we need to do to be proud of ourselves is live in the now.

moddddddddI’ve been interning with MOD Magazine since July and it’s been an amazing experience. Besides blogging for them, I also had the really, really cool opportunity of writing a piece for their printed issue. I wrote a piece on Serbian fashion designer Ana Ljubinkovic, and although I knew it was a feature article I didn’t realize it would be a cover story. It was pretty awesome seeing my name in the issue. Although MOD is available online for free, I had to order my own copy since it was my first published piece.  annaaaaRight after this was published I felt really excited and proud, normal feelings for hard work paying off. Then I automatically started negating these feelings, say how I didn’t really have a reason to be proud, or excited; bigger and better things were coming, why would i be proud of this.

It’s hard sometimes to step back and be proud of yourself. I’m not saying you should completely lose yourself to ego because that definitely will not serve you in the least. Although, I do think it’s important to take a step back and be kind to yourself; realize that although you didn’t necessarily win the Olympics, you won a race, every Olympian has to start somewhere after all.

There’s a lot happening right now; tomorrow is the full moon, and an eclipse and Mercury is in retrograde. Be kind to yourself. Yes, there is always something bigger and better to come but where you are right here and right now is a pretty good place to be.

What are you proud of today?



PS- If you want to read the latest issue of MOD, you can HERE.