CmfDkXmWcAAp3zA.jpg-largeHey folks. I hope you’re spending time celebrating and drinking safely with your loved ones. It’s a hot one in Columbia, South Carolina and I’m currently sitting on my porch listening to Citizen while a car alarm goes off in the distance. I just spent time outside in the pool, drinking mimosas and basking in the New Moon vibes. The New Moon is in Cancer, asking us to revisit patterns//relationships relating to our emotional well being. Feel your feeling aka super emotional time.Today’s the one day a year I wear the American flag and put my hair in victory rolls. It’s the first time I’ve done this look and I’m feeling it. Anyway- Happy American Day guys. Be thankful of your privilege, recognize what today actually celebrates and help make a better tomorrow.13557804_10153537242666207_1042984770385121713_n 13438887_10153537435806207_1839763534167574790_n Resized_20160704_153529(0)Bathing suit from Forgotten Feather Vintage.13592296_10153537435816207_4510175897760735494_nKeep America boo-tiful (and bootyfull) inside and out fam.


Sometimes it happens. You don’t eat enough, you go too hard, and you wake up feeling like death incarnate the next morning. We’ve all been there- hangovers are a part of life, for the most of us, after all. And even when you puke in the bathroom of your favorite brunch place (aka me last Saturday) it always helps to at least look decent. I never thought I would be the sort of girl who bought a baseball cap but I had a moment of weakness at Urban Outfitters and had to buy it. I think sober me was looking out for hungover me because let me tell you- it’s an easy way to look put together when you don’t feel it.


I paired this cap with a vintage slip dress from Ivory at Forgotten Feather, a cut out bra from Urban Outfitters, my favorite bucket bag from Zara and loafers from Target.

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If you want to steal my look- go for it. Click below to shop! And don’t forget- if you drink, be smart, don’t drive and know your limits! it’s okay to be hungover. Just drink water, look cute and let your body rest.


What to wear when you're hungover AF

Black is the New Black

Black is dark and sexy and edgy. It is the color of strength and it repels negativity. To me, there is nothing sexier than a guy who wears black well, a little rough around the edges but with a smile that melts what you have of a heart. A man who can take care of himself can take care of me, and a man who can dress himself well can also probably pick out a decent gift for me when it comes time for birthday presents.

You don’t need to be extravagant to dress well, gents. Some fitted pants. a loose tank top and a pair of sturdy leather shoes and my heart is yours.

I desperately NEED these! @DrMartens #DocMartens #DocMartens #British #Flag! 

NEED! #DrMartens

I love all of these incredible menswear items off of Monsieur La Style, especially the handsome man below

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What do YOU like on men??