Macabre Monday: What to Get Your Death King for the Holidays

It’s everyone’s favorite time of year; the holiday season is in full swing. It’s already halfway through Hanukkah (Happy Hannukah to any of my readers who are celebrating along with my family) and now it’s officially December! It’s officially time to start thinking about what to get your loved ones and what to wear for New Years and where to go for Chinese food on Christmas (for the Jews at least…). I’ve put together a little gift guide for the death king in your life (or like me, the imaginary death king in your life).


1. Anything and Everything Tom Ford

Tom Ford is effortless, classic and sexy. Buy him a gift set like this and he will love how he smells almost as much as you do. You can even buy a mini bottle of his cologne as a stocking stuffer.

2. A Nice Bow Tie

Topman is just a really great brand all around and this modern style bow tie is the perfect addition to any macabre men’s closet. Add some aftershave and a leather backpack to the gift and you have the perfect little set.

3. Some Trendy Boxer Briefs

Because what man wouldn’t appreciate some trendy boxer briefs? These Topman ones are way too great.

4. A Leather Snapback

I don’t usually dig snapbacks, but I love this leather Topman one (see the pattern?) Have your man pair it with some fitted, cuffed, black jeans and a short sleeve black button up for ultimate macabre sexiness.

5. Shaving Supplies

Anthony Logistics Shave Cream 170gmAnthony Logistics For Men - Pre-Shave Oil


I thoroughly appreciate a great beard, but not every man can pull that off. Why not get your man some nice supplies to make his shave smooth and his face supple? Add some cologne and your man will be irresistable (and all yours).

6. A Leather Backpack


You can be casual and still look cool as hell.Every man needs a leather backpack, especially a Death King. Again, this lovely piece is Topman. Stuff it with antique versions of his favorite books and you have an ace gift.

7. A Cool Lil’ Polaroid Camera

Polaroid Z340 14MP Digital Camera with 4x Optical Zoom and Built-In Printer - Black These babes can get a bit pricey but I think they’re an awesome gift. You can get them from a bunch of different places and if you’re up for the challenge I’m sure you can find one from a garage sale/ thrift/ antique shop that still works. Buy this for your man, sneak in some photos of him and stick them in a little backpack you got him and you got another little gift. Boom.

8. A Record Player

Who wouldn’t love a record player, especially if it’s as cute as this mini Crosley one? Definitely a staple that can turn any abode into a special little home. Add a couple records and he will love you forever. Not to mention the fact records always make great gifts, you’ll always know what to get him.

9. Vintage Tie Clips

A little piece like a vintage tie clip can add a lot to a simple black tie. Pair one, or a couple, vintage tie clips in a little gift box with a skinny tie and bow tie and your man will be dapper as ever,

10. A Slick Black Watch

I grew up appreciating a nice men’s watch because of my fathers ever expansive collection. I love how modern an all black watch is; it’s still a classic, just with a edgy and sexy twist. Add a hint of gold or silver and your man will feel as sexy as he looks.

What are YOU planning on buying for your man this Holiday season?!






Warby Parker Fall 2013 Collection Release

Instead of taking the typical, advertisement route to release their fall collection, Warby Parker decided to take the trendier road; by using bloggers. I have the amazing chance of partnering with this wonderful company to show off their Fall 2013 collection.

If you know me, if you know what I believe in, if you know my love for fashion; you know that I will back up this brand 110%. For every pair of Warby Parker frames you buy, a pair of glasses are donated to someone who needs them. As if that wasn’t enough, the 60’s inspired looks will make your heart melt. Think social uproar, think a time when everything was changing and rebellion was in the air.

Named after famous literary reference, the story of this collection is already framed (har har) in a gold light. Each piece evokes a sort of nostalgia; a yearning for a time when one’s voice could ring out in rage, or happiness, and be joined by countless others in unison. Grab your favorite lace dress, some pumps and a pair of Warby Parker’s new frames and you’re sure to have your voice heard.

And don’t forget; these pieces may LOOK like they break the bank, at $95 for acetate styles  and both acetate and stainless steel for $145, they definitely don’t hurt your pocket.

Ripley Oak Barrel Eyeglasses

Ripley Whiskey Tortoise Eyeglasses

Ames Whiskey Tortoise Eyeglasses

Ames Whiskey Tortoise Eyeglasses

Throw on a lace dress and some oxfords to compliment your new glasses. A vintage watch and Chanel add some glamour to your simple look, while a red lip draws some danger in. Top it off with a spritz of perfume and you’re ready to go.

Duckworth Oak Barrel Eyeglasses

Duckworth Revolver Black Matte Eyeglasses

Rowan Whiskey Tortoise Eyeglasses

Holcomb Marbled Sandstone Eyeglasses

Holcomb Oak Barrel Eyeglassesprep by gabrielalorr featuring a mini skater skirt

Maybe you need something more retro, with an edgy pull. Compliment your sleek, new, second pair of eyes with a leather varsity jacket, a sporty sleek crop top, and top it off with the perfect turquoise skirt.

3/4 view Ames Graphite Fog Sunglasses

3/4 view Ellison Marbled Sandstone Sunglasses

3/4 view Ellison Whiskey Tortoise Sunglasses

Fall Collection 2013

Ways to Wear your Feed Bag by gabrielalorr featuring a pocket purse

No matter what your style is, the new collection has something to suit it; whether it’s vintage whimsy or classic charm, every pair of glasses will make you feel as good as you look. I am a firm believer that it is important to give back to the universe that has blessed you with so much. If you’re going to buy yourself something, may as well help someone else while you’re at it!

Want to buy every piece? You’re in luck! The collection is live HERE.


Gabriela Lorraine

The Raven

Wear it like a coat; your intuition, your connection to the other realm. Black is the color of strength and mystery and is exactly what repels negativity. Slip on your Phillip Lim blazer and grab your Prada shoes before you go to the city at the crack of dawn, talking and laughing with those who have passed onto the other side. You grab a quartz crystal from your Celine bag, channeling the powerful protective energy around you into a cone of white light. Toss your head back, thank the universe and your off to create your own reality, and make it exactly how you want it.