Macabre, Black, Spikes and Studs


There are a few things, well actually many things, that tickle my fancy. The macabre, the color black and spikes and studs are a few of them. I love the strength of all of these things, the fact that the color black makes a statement without being overly ridiculous. The fact that spikes and studs add an element of hardware while still looking extremely edgy and fashionable is honestly kind of macabre all on its own. I love how striking all of these elements are on their own and combined and I like how with the right attitude they can be worn as easily to Starbucks or to a show. Anyway, polyvore is pretty much my favorite way of creating outfits I don’t have but wish I did. Here is the one I just made an hour or so ago.

Also those Lita’s? Yeah, they’re going to be mine in about two weeks;)

Because Edgy is Better…

            I know that the whole “edgy” thing has been way overdone. But for some reason I can’t get enough off it. Possibly, maybe it’s because I love dark colors and leather, and I love thick tights, leggings, layers… The thing is…what does it mean to be edgy?!

What is edgy?

Can someone be edgy?

Are edgy, punk and “indie” really that different?

                These are the questions that plague my mind.

And now my sister said I sound like a dominatrix.

But that’s not the point.

                Can edgy be chic?

                        YES! Here is Rag & Bone’s Pre-Fall collection








I could live in oxfords and socks.

Seriously? Amazing. The colors, the fabrics, the layers. This collection is fantastic










Miss Dior Cherie


Hello fellow blogasphere, I hope everyone is happy and well. I have had a great day, filled with loads of chemistry ( blech ) , ballet , and sleep ( not enough ).I am planning on wearing a high waisted red pleated skirt with my favorite sequin Paris tee shirt. I am filled with a longing of being in Paris, actually dressing high fashion-ly, and having all the clothes my heart desires. Anyway, I am still slowly sifting my way through the London and New York collections, and I am sorry for any countries I may offend (including my own) but I am defiantly look forward to the Paris collections the most.

    Here are two looks I posted on lookbook, you can find them here and here.



What I’m wearing

Tights : Target

Shoes , Skirt, Jacket: H&M

Skirt: Express




What I’m Wearing

Shirt , Necklace, Chanel looky: H&M

Shoes : Target

Legging: Festivity

Skirt : Forever 21

Cuffs : Mom



Anyway, how have my dear readers been? What’s been inspiring you?




New York Fashion week



Bonjour my darlings! I apologize for not updating at all this week, it is utterly unacceptable. Anyway, there is so much to talk about and so little time to talk about it! First of all, I haven’t even had time to look through the NY collections or the vogue that I got on Friday. That in itself is a sin. It’s not really, but I’m sure it is somewhere in the fashion world. Anyway, let’s see what there is to talk about. On Saturday I volunteered at a food bank which made me feel quite happy. Today I went shopping and bought a few AMAZING jackets (a fake Chanel jacket, and a lace and leather blazer), a pair of seamed leggings, a ruffled high waisted skirt, and a pair of flats.

Jacket : H&M

I realize it’s missing a button : I will sew a new one on


The lace


Sorry for the terrible pictures! I know they’re horrid but I promise there will be better ones soon!


Okay…the New York collections. The ones I have seen have been extremely different from the ones last fall. I feel as if the recession has affected these collections more so then those last year. Masculine dressing seems to be more widely accepted according to Marc Jacobs(Marc by Marc Jacobs ) , also according to Jacobs, it seems as if high fashion isn’t necessarily the complicated layering and details like it was last year. This year, layers and long cardigans, knits and graphic prints are all you need to look perfectly avant garde.

























Alice + Olivia is probably one of the most inspiring and awe striking collections that I’ve seen (or actually looked through).Besides being perfectly Alice in Wonderland like it’s very lady like …but with a twist. The clothing itself isn’t necessarily the newest or most innovative, but that’s not what makes the collection stand out. In fact the opposite is what makes the collection so unique. The ability of the designer to make this collection a breath of fresh air…that takes talent.





Say safe, happy and healthy!