To anyone who has ever felt like they are not enough::

flowersOn days you feel like the shadow you may forget that each of your petals is still being kissed by the sun.  You bloom. You are rooted. You are the most precious seed. Intentional. Each touch of  light that has landed upon your flesh was sent down by the heavens to remind you that you are the most beautiful rose that has ever been. And will ever be. You feel like early morning baths or late night walks when the ground smells like the rain. Crystallized violets sweet on your tongue. You are a bounty of every good feeling all at once. You are plenty. You are so much  that the world could be cured of it all if you were to just open your heart and listen to it. It will tell you secrets. Like; you have a soul like the stars. You are infinite and you could be watched forever but never understood. You. You are too important to be understood and I would learn your dance for eternity.  You are a feeling, a place and a longing like a home you will never grow tired of. You are the song of the cosmos. A sound without words that still does not need an explanation. You are so worthy that I have heard the angels sing your name and praise the harmony of your spirit. You are a melody, a symphony. You are a universe and you will always be enough.