Sunday Style: Scalloped Edges

It’s that time of year again. I have packed up all my belongings, mustered all the goodbyes I can, and driven the treacherous drive back to Columbia to start a new semester. After a month at home, my brain isn’t quite ready to be in full on school mode again, so Alex and I came back an extra day early to settle into our abode. My Sunday was spent at brunch with a couple good friends, at Whole Foods buying some yummy food to cook, and at yoga, getting my vinyasa on. I’ve unpacked everything and my beautiful walk in closet is looking alive and well once more.

Today I decided to wear the beautiful mid calf lace cardigan I picked up a couple weeks ago from American Thread. I paired it with my cheetah print velvet leggings from Zara, my lace trimmed top from Urban Outfitters, and my incredible necklace from Zara. My trustee oxfords and spiked purse, both from Zara added to the ensemble. To top it off, quite literally, I wore my new favorite hat fromm H&M.

All photos taken by the beautiful Alexandra Herstik

What are YOU wearing this Sunday?


What I’m Wearing Wednesday; Mid November Daze

I love November for the most part. I love that it gets chilly and that I can celebrate Thanksgiving. I love the fact that for at least one day a year, I can sit down with my family and be thankful for everything the universe has so graciously given me, the fact that  I have to drive home for Thanksgiving makes it all the better. This year, my Thanksgiving break is going to be busy and lovely! I am heading home Tuesday, seeing Paramore Wednesday with one of my best friends, celebrating the holiday Thursday and then celebrating my mom’s birthday which is Saturday the 30th. Not to mention that Hannukah starts on Thanksgiving! Yeesh, what a busy four days! Since I am a planner, I knew I had to squeeze in the shoot that I missed this Sunday! Well, the amazing Morgan was gracious enough to shoot with me yesterday. I whipped out my trustee white wig that I got at Hip Wa Zee, my new Topshop leather leggings and my Zara cropped long sleeve striped shirt for a simple outfit.

Shirt and Purse: Zara// Leggings and Bracelet : Topshop// Watch: Michael Kors// Jacket: Express/ Socks and Shoes: Target// Wig: Hip Wa Zee// Necklace: Forever 21.

What do you wear once the weather gets colder??


Zara on Zara

It’s no secret that Zara is one of my favorite stores. The Spanish chain is known for it’s classy, high fashion finds in a rather affordable price range. I love the bold style and aesthetic that Zara has; it’s high fashion and classy but it’s not afraid to be sexy also. The clean lines and structured pieces are striking and perfect, and when paired with the perfect accessory, they’re unstoppable . I’ve put together a few of my favorite pieces from Zara to share!

I’ve been inspired by a neutral color palette with pops of pale pastels,

I’ve been feeling the boxy silhouette lately. Pair an oversize jacket with a tube style dress, add some sexy tights and some patent boots and you’re set.

I’ve also been feeling silver and white this season. It”s easy, futuristic and clean. This incredible coat is so wearable and the fleece collar makes the perfect statement while not being overpowering.

Monochromatic outfits with a variety of textures and a simple pattern are perfect for transitioning from summer to fall.

What are YOU craving from Zara?