Friday’s are for Ace of Cups

I love the tarot because after building a relationship with the deck weird things start to happen…like very strange things. You’ll shuffle a deck really, really well only to have the same exact card that just fell out of the deck mid-shuffle come up. Or, you’ll think about how you don’t pull a card a lot and then pull it. Or, perhaps, you’ll draw a card of the day in the morning, go about your day, come home,  decide you want to blog about a tarot card, put the card back in the deck, reshuffle the deck and pull the same exact card as you did that morning. Sometimes you can’t ignore the signs (especially when they’re pretty much cosmic and probably coming from the universe.)  So , today I’m blogging about the Ace of Cups.


Yoshitaka Amano

Ah, the Ace of Cups. The card of new emotional beginnings, a card that sings of new love. The whole uncanny tarot thing also manages to go back to the idea that you pull cards that really speak to where you are in the moment, even if you don’t want to admit it. For the first time since September I’m in a place where everything feels new and fresh and free. I’ve come back from London, we sold our house, I know I’ll be in New York City for at least a little (interning with Rick Owens for Market Week!). There’s just this whole feeling that things are shifting and changing and transforming, especially with matters of the heart. I found some comfort before I left, in someone who I thought would eventually become a semi- permanent fixture in my life. Things never go as planned though. Life is tricky and distance is trickier and sometimes people who are meant to be in your life aren’t. I think it’s important to let go of what doesn’t serve you but I’m also the head gal to tell you that the universe is working in your highest favor, and that if things and people are meant to be in your life in the future…they will be. So you know what? For now,  I’m basking in the unknown, and floating in the sweet abyss that is transformation and new beginnings.

ace 2And then.. the Ace of Cups shows up. With its beautiful chalice and water and wonderful promise of new beginnings. There’s love in the air! There’s a promise of new beginnings! And you know what?  That’s pretty reassuring. But one of the reasons I wanted to write about this card was because sometimes the best thing you can do to channel the Ace of Cups is focus and love yourself. The universe always seems to be working on the law of least resistance; you have to let go to make things happen. If we put all our energy into one thing its like putting a kink in a hose; it won’t flow as smoothly. So, instead of focusing on loves beginnings, it’s important to take time and focus on ourselves every once in a while, so we have what we want sorted out before we share it with someone else. Fall in love with yourself before you let someone fall in love with you (or before you fall in love with someone else). Love all your weird quirks and the way your hair looks when you first wake up and how you sing along to your favorite song and how silly you probably look when you talk to your dog. Embrace who you are because as soon as you do, the universe will cheer you on and embrace you right back.


Antonella Castell

The Ace of Cups is a reminder to be open to the universe and who it brings into your life. It’s a reminder that like death, when one door closes another opens; to have loves beginnings, there must be a sort of ending before it.

Here’s to the next chapter.