The newest collaboration in the Breathing Fashion universe is with lingerie company Lacy Lindsay, with crystals from The Hoodwitch and photos by Bree Burchfield. 

I present to you:
The perfect night in_MG_6007_resizePlans are cancelled. Your perfect “going out” outfit has gone to waste and the bottle of champagne you’ve been waiting to pop feels more morbid than it does celebratory. What’s  a girl to do?  Not one for the game of self-pity,  it seems as if a night in is in your cards. The obvious answer to any Saturday night dilemma is  lingerie, lipstick and lots and lots of lace. Why waste a perfectly good evening brooding when you could be fabulous in your favorite lipstick, leaving kisses on a giant glass of bubbly? Dress up and bathe in the glories that make you, you. Grab your crystals and keep them close, nothing says “girls night” like posing with your favorite quartz. Instead of (metaphorically) cursing the boy or girl who ruined your plans, you thank them. How else would you have an excuse to drink out of your favorite chalice while binge watching Sex and the City. There’s a silver line to everything, so you choose to tie a balloon to this line and to float somewhere fabulous and far far away. _MG_6011_img (1)_MG_6037_resize_MG_6024_resize_MG_6061-Recovered (1)_MG_6062_resize_MG_6020 copy_MG_6080_resizeHere’s the thing. Sometimes people mess up. Sometimes they let us down. But the one person who should always, ALWAYS, have your back is you. Spend your night celebrating everything that makes you the funky, weird, crazy human you are. And don’t forget to wear something good, and take photos, while you’re at it. _MG_5983_resize (2)
All lingerie:: Lacy Lindsey// Crystals:: The Hoodwitch// Black shag jacket:: Disturbia// Leopard jacket:: Zara

All photos by Bree Burchfield 

Sundays in Tartan

It’s November and the cold, gloomy days don’t disagree. October is over, and with it Halloween season. It’s bittersweet; working at a costume shop during October gets hectic and crazy but it’s absolutely amazing. I’m ready for a fresh month and some new adventures and this weekend was the perfect welcome to that sentiment, One of my best friends, Miranda of High Voltage Blog, finally came and visited my twin sister and I here in Columbia. We spent this past weekend together, celebrating Halloween and the change of season and basking in memories, old and new.

The most exciting part? Miranda and I will be both be studying abroad in London next semester! She’ll be studying at University of Florida’s center and I’ll be studying at London College of Fashion; a dream come true to say the least.

5I spent my Sunday in one of my favorite vintage tartan skirts. Today consisted of Chipotle, coffee, shopping, Trader Joe’s and schoolwork. Always a good Sunday when it’s spent in something just colorful enough and surrounded by good friends. It’s been chilly yesterday and today so I paired my skirt with a faux fur jacket, some new clogs and some gold accents.I love pairing midi skirts with a chunky shoe, especially if the skirt is a heavier fabric, like this one is. 4 3 2 17 6810 9Skirt: Vintage/ Top & coat: H&M/ Shoes & hair clip: Urban Outfitters/ Bag: Zara

All photos by Alexandra Herstik (@alexyael)

What are you wearing this November?





A Step In The Right Direction

Sometimes when you go 100 miles a minute it feels scary to slow down, even if it’s only for a second. It’s really easy to tie our worth into how much we’re doing or getting accomplished, and I know I’m guilty of feeling useless when I’m not being productive. Things are kicking into high gear again, and the idea of not doing anything seems absolutely impossible. I get overwhelmed and stressed and I forget to breathe. I rush. I walk fast, I talk fast, I don’t stay in one place for too long. Don’t get me wrong, it’s important to do what you love and do what you have to do, but  if you’re anything like me, it can become very easy to forget that it’s important to be here now.  Today, after  a weekend trip to Harry Potter World, a phone call with my mom, a planner filled with an overwhelming amount of things to do and deep breath, I took some photos with my sister. 10I let go a little bit. I took time to remind myself that yes, contrary to my own beliefs, I have enough time to do what I need to do and yes, I can do it with a smile on my face. It’s a new month and what better time to make a couple of new goals than now? I’m going to do my best to breathe more, read more and create more. i’m going to do my best to SLOW DOWN and ENJOY life. It’s important to look toward the future but it’s also important to enjoy what’s going on right now. Today, I am taking a step towards balance. 6Today called for a more casual outfit.

Shirt: American Threads/ Skirt: H&M/ Socks and Shoes: Urban Outfitters/ Purse: Zara/ Necklace: Topshop98754321Photos were all taken by my wonderful sister, Alexandra. @alexyael on Instagram.

What are you learning on this labor day?




Floral in Florida

My family always makes the annual trek to Florida and for the first time in years, we’ve flocked during summer when it’s warm enough to enter the ocean. I’ve spent the past two days swimming in the warm waves and lounging on the sand with my latest read The Moon is Down. This lovely Monday was spent at breakfast with the family and at the bookstore searching for a new book to fill my time.

I love going to the bookstore and being overwhelmed by books to choose and love. I’ve always loved books and reading, thanks to my parents, and I still haven’t found it in myself to transition over to an electronic reader. Thankfully for me, this means lots of trips to bookstores and used bookstores to search for vintage Steinbeck’s and new metaphysical books to dig into. I chose to wear a simple floral circle skirt with my lovely halter tank. We’re heading to the movies later tonight so this is the perfect morning to evening outfit, especially with my fuzzy  white sweater.

Displaying image.jpgDisplaying image.jpgDisplaying image.jpgDisplaying image.jpgDisplaying image.jpg

Skirt and sweater: H&M/ Top: Forever 21/ Purse and necklace: Zara/ Shoes: Urban Outfitters.

What are you wearing this Monday?



Three Year Hairaversary

Three years ago today I got the craziest haircut I’ve ever had; my undercut. I don’t know if I anticipated loving it so much, but it’s become my signature hairstyle and I truly think i’m still going to be donning it when I’m 80 years old (along with my red lip, of course). I’ve changed so much in the past three years, along with my hair and style, and I thought it would be…endearing… to take a look back on how I’ve evolved.  Breathing Fashion has definitely seen some of my more embarrassing “fashion” photos. Honestly, having such an “odd” and out of place haircut has made helped me grow so much as a person. I’ve had to realize that I need to make decisions for myself and that ultimately, I’m the only one who has to be happy with said decisions (and deal with the consequences). I realized what other people think of me is none of my business, and that it truly doesn’t matter what other people think. That lesson is something that’s going to carry with me for much longer than this haircut.

It wouldn’t be a proper montage without an ode to my inspiration, and the reason I shaved my undercut; Alice Dellal. Fun fact, I asked my parents to let me shave my hair, I showed them photos and I even wrote them a letter appealing to ethos, pathos and logos, like we learned about in AP Lang. They still said no.. I still did it anyway. It is still my best act of rebellion. Alice was the face of Chanel last spring and she was a pretty big model when I got my undercut. I haven’t kept up with her, but she’s still the best.

Without further adieu, the evolution of the sidecut.

This was junior year of high school, probably not long after I got it cut for the first time. Check out my posters.

Going into senior year/senior year and.I was still figuring our my style; it was a very interesting time for me fashion wise. I started wearing lipstick senior year and I kinda started finding my own aesthetic towards the end of second semester.

I had steps in my undercut at one point last December. I was still trying to figure out my style during my freshmen year.

I’ve had gray in my hair this year and it’s been many different lengths. I like to think that I’ve found my own style and cultivated it more and more. Puberty and growing up can work wonders.

What’s your favorite/ least favorite haircut you’ve ever had?!



Sunday Style: South Carolina Edition

Happy Mothers day, one and all! I hope you have all spent today with a woman who means the world to you. Summer is finally starting to feel like summer, and I will be working on Breathing Fashion and El Bambino a lot!

Today’s style post is dedicated to all the selfies I take for my instagram, and as a personal fashion diary I can refer to when I can’t remember the last time I wore something.

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Polygamist grandma<br /><br /><br /><br />
It&#8217;s finally Friday. This means Michaels to make crowns to sell at USC fashion week next week, costume store for props for my photoshoot tomorrow and seeing about making an animal costume for a party tomorrow. Blessed &amp; happy.<br /><br /><br /><br />
#self #outfit #today #black #floral #undercut #orangelips #macabremeetssteinbeckCats and my too big leather skirt. Class, writing an essay and then @mcnabsarah and I get to walk dogs down the runway today at USC&#8217;s Fashion Week doggie fashion show. Some of the pups will have little floral crowns ;)<br /><br /><br /><br />
#self #outfit #today #leather #cats #undercut #orangelips #macabreinspiredWednesday (Addams)<br /><br /><br /><br />
#self #outfit #today #blackonblack #orangelips #macabreinspired #undercut #sleepy #hashtagDeath chic for USC Fashion Week #self #outfit #tonight #deathchic #macabre #undercut #orangelipsFashion Victim. #self #outfit #today #undercut #purplelips #macabremeetssteinbeckGonna ace both my exams and then spend the day with my boo @mcnabsarah. Skulls and @unif garter shorts #self #outfit #today #black #skulls #unif #elbambino #floralcrown #macabre #macabremeetssteinbeck #undercut #orangelipsI&#8217;ve been a busy bee. Two more weeks and I can finally breathe again. Heading back to Atlanta for the weekend and for the first time wish I could stay in Columbia.<br /><br /><br /><br />
Sheer tee shirt, triangle bra and @aliceandolivia jeans<br /><br /><br /><br />
#self #outfit #today #fashion #aliceandolivia #orangelips #undercut #macabre #macabremeetssteinbeckBeing tired has become my natural state of being. Lots of El Bambino and Breathinf Fashion stuff today, followed by much needed yoga. It&#8217;s an addiction #self #outfit #today #girl #floral #black #thighhighsocks #macabremeetssteinbeckMany little things to do today. Breathing. Ending my day with yoga and snuggling with the twin is getting me through it<br /><br /><br /><br />
Green high waisted leggings, spikes sweatshirt and eyelet lace combat boots. Worn with my Tous purse #self #outfit #today #boring #studs #macabre #macabremeetssteinbeck #undercut #orangelipsApparently this is my cat shirt skirt.<br /><br /><br /><br />
Class, errands, more class, making a few El Bambino orders and finally seeing my @mcnabsarah before fashion board tonight<br /><br /><br /><br />
#self #outfit #today #cats #catshirt #thighhighsocks #studs #spikes #macabreinspired #undercut #orangelipsLunch, volunteering at the food bank, shaving my head, Toast show &amp; &#8220;spacejam&#8221; party #self #outfit #today #macabremeetssteinbeck #floral #orangelips #undercutLast day of classes for this year. Time flies.<br /><br /><br /><br />
Wearing a long sleeve with net detail on the sleeves and sides from Zara as well as black leggings with leather paneling from Zara. BCBGeneration purse, Dolce Vita shoes<br /><br /><br /><br />
#self #outfit #today #tooearly #blackonblack #macabre #undercut #redlips #ibelonginnycStarting the day off with some breakfast from Whole Foods, spending the day studying and then ending it with yoga.<br /><br /><br /><br />
Sheer blue floral shirt, high waisted black shorts and BCBGeneration purse. #self #outfit #today #lace #macabremeetssteinbeck #orangelips #undercutDrove home and then I changed into this because it was hot. #self #outfit #tonight #spikes #orangelips #undercutSpiked sweatshirt, leather pants and Litas. Waiting on my @jenniferbrieann and then we are off to see my @shellystrick4l. Best friends for days

What are YOU wearing?!