Bones and Stardust

It has taken me so long to build a home of bones and stardust. And even now I feel like those flowers growing on the sides of highways. Yellows and purples misplaced and unapologetic. They simply bloom where they are planted- that is an ache I know all too well. I have planted seeds along my flesh and hoped the vines would creep around my ribs and snake their way into my heart. I have always wished to be my own home. My roots never found their way into their soil but they have always been shy of the light. Wall (1 of 1)I am those flowers that you pass along the busy interstates that carry you from one place to the other without stop. Without thought. A beautiful moment left for “another time” or perhaps “another place” or “another day.” Are they flowers or are they simply weeds with blessed with some good fortune? There is inconvenience in their beauty, admiration  from afar- comfortable. Stable. “I will not stop for you because you may not be what I wanted to pick. Your petals are not blooming from the soil I would have chosen for myself.  Your obscurity makes you dangerous and I do not choose to cross your path.” Because a home is meant to be lived in, not observed or carried like a shell along your skin. These bones have seen the best of me and the worst of me, too. I am a home among  a desert plane or a busy highway. I am a weed who chooses to see herself as a gift.Ledge (1 of 1)nip (1 of 1)meow (1 of 1)Wall2 (1 of 1) wallagain (1 of 1)-2Wall (1 of 1)-2Shirt:: Urban Outfitters// Scarf:: Nordstrom// Skirt:: Forgotten Feather// Shoes:: Target
jumpinjumpin (1 of 1) All photos by Cory Russel.

Style Sunday: Black, White and Yoga

It’s Sunday! That means this week is drawing to a close and another week is about to begin. I had a wonderful weekend filled with spending time with my family and friends who I haven’t seen in a while. I love being able to catch up with friends I miss when I’m away at school. I ate some yummy food, went to yoga with my mom, spent time transferring posts over to WordPress and drinking a lot of coffee. It’s been disgusting and dreary so the weather has called for pants and sweaters. I’ve also been sitting in Starbucks a lot, and the air conditioning has also called for warmer clothes!

Miranda of High Voltage Blog is my favorite photographer, and she snapped these photos while we were hanging out. We got to catch up from her Miami vacation and just take silly photos together.

Tank Top and Sweater: Loehamans

Pants: BCBGeneration

Shoes: Dolce Vita

Purse: Urban Outfitters

Spiked Cuff: Nasty Gal

 Miranda also snapped some photos of me whipping out some yoga poses!