Saturday Style::: Slips and Stripes

Sometimes you just deserve to sleep until noon and wake up as your body is ready, starting your Saturday with a slow stretch. Today was that sort of day. I woke up, made myself some breakfast and took it easy, enjoying my afternoon before slipping into a slip, some stripes and my favorite Deandri O ring choker. It’s funny, as I get older I see my interests as a child reflected more and more into what I choose to wear. I have always loved Tim Burtin, Sweeney Todd has been one of my favorite movies since I saw it in theaters when I was 13, and now more than ever I see it. I wanted to wear this slip from Ivory and it wasn’t until I finished putting my outfit together that I saw just how much Mr. Burton has influenced me. Oh that and The Craft. I cut my hair above my shoulders and now I’m feeling especially Nancy. Sick.

Super easy outfit:: Lingerie. A little cropped tee. Some kind of cool necklace. Weird sunglasses. Fun socks and some chunky oxfords. Done, done and done. Extra points if you incorporate stars and stripes into your outfit. I love wearing lingerie as real clothing- with a little manipulation and a little creativity you can pretty much double your wardrobe. This slip is floor length and I just used some safety pins to hem it a little bit. No regrets! 1 2 3 6

Slip: Forgotten Feather Vintage//Shirt: Nordstrom// Purse: Zara // Socks: Hip Wa Zee// Shoes: Target// Choker: Deandri// Sunglasses: Dynamite

Wear something good today! It’s Saturday!

You’re terribly late Alice.Naughty

If you read my blog you would know how utterly obsessed I am with Tim Burton, especially Alice in Wonderland. I have been waiting for this movie for over a year and the fact that I have to wait until Saturday to see it is depressing. I am excited for the unique perspective that Burton will embed into this popular childhood story.

Recently I've felt my style changing .I've gone from liking more grunge and edgy looks to liking more preppy, floral and striped looks. And although I'm sort of indifferent, I feel like a lot of it is the whole repetition from season to season. For the first time I feel like this season is different from spring '10 and Fall '09.More masculine, but done in a wearable feminine way, if that makes sense. I feel like the recession is making RTW more wearable but just as high fashion and just as glamorous.

Here's my "what's in what's out" list



Lace : Big, white, black

Studs : Gold, round, pyramid

Preppy: High Fashion and chic

Grunge : Studs, gray, loads of leather

Accented tights : Translucent, colorful

Knitted tights : opaque and thick

Loose blazers and pants

Tight pants and jackets

In my last post I gave you a preview of what's going to be in this post. And that is….


This collection is not only new and refreshing, but amazingly chic and put together .I love the simplicity in all the outfits yet the extravagance ( if that makes sense).

Bottega Veneta

This collection is a lot more relaxed and laid back then some of the other more layered fall looks. Not only is it filled with leather and color accents, but this collection is simple even with multiple layers. Angular and avant garde, this collection emanates old time glamour and luxury.

Hope your week is gggggllllamorous.