The Chariot

I don’t believe in cosmic coincidence. I don’t believe that things just happen; that which feeds our soul, those people who impact our lives, the moments where we stop and really and truly feel, to me, aren’t coincidence. One of my favorite ways to describe the tarot to people who are learning about it is as a map to places within ourselves that we’re unaware of. When I’m reading the cards, I imagine they’re blank until I flip them over; there’s a possibility that I can pull any card, and the one I pull is the one that I’m meant to. I don’t believe that  an accurate reading is a coincidence; I think that it’s channeling the same cosmic destiny of sorts that we see with the things I mentioned above; people and places and experiences that are literally too good to be thought of as coincidence. View More: Chariot has been beckoning to me. I’ve always been drawn to this card, and finding out two people I’m close to dubbed this their card of choice only furthers the significance of it.The artwork on this card is easily one of my favorites in the deck, and that’s no surprise since the beauty of the card is mirrored by the significance of what it represents. The Chariot is the seventh card in the tarot deck. She sings of action and movement forward guided by intuition. She speaks of direction and in a way, change. She is determination, she is knowing that movement, any movement, is better than staying stagnant. November was an intense month, where I found myself in an energetic and spiritual rut. It’s only within the past couple of days, specifically yesterday thanks to the powerful full moon, that I’ve started to find my footing once again. Today, this card has special significance. Today, The Chariot is telling me to keep going, to keep moving forward. View More: chose to represent this card with silver, black and a lilac lip. My WITCH bag had to be brought out, because for me witchcraft is an extension of guided, intuitive movement and action like the card itself. I wanted a subtle equestrian feel to my look, so I chose to represent that with a silver leotard and a wide brimmed, vintage hat.I pulled this look knowing that I wanted to feel powerful, I wanted to feel capable and more than anything else, I wanted to feel like the one guiding my own chariot forward. View More: View More: View More: More: View More: View More: View More: View More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: Amazon/ Hot Pants: ASOS/ Skirt: Urban Outfitters/ Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell/ Cardigan: American Threads/ Necklace: Extollo Jewelry/Purse: Dolls Kill/ Tarot deck: The Wild UnknownView More:, I urge you to find that which drives you onward. Find what feeds your soul, what speaks to you of destiny. Listen to your intuition. Know that you are capable, powerful and regardless of whatever else life throws at you, you are still guiding your own chariot.

It’s been so wonderful to work with the beautiful Mary DeCrescenzio. I am so thankful for her, for her spirit and for helping me make this series possible. Check out her beautiful work HERE and find her on Facebook HERE.



Sunday’s Are for Surprises..

I’m so beyond excited to announce that I’m continuing my tarot series with the fabulous Mary DeCrescenzio. This beautiful lady and I were able to shoot yesterday and it was the perfect pick me up for an intense couple weeks. My twin, Alexandra, tagged along and we were able to shoot two looks inspired by two wonderful cards. I decided to shoot…

waon 2                                                             

The Magician and The Chariot

On Saturday, Alexandra and I ventured to Ed’s Editions, a really great used bookstore in West Columbia with a really great occult section. I wandered over and found the vintage tarot book pictured above and just about cried. It’s amazing, and dense and I can’t wait to take my time to really read it. The universe has perfect timing, finding this book the day before I shot some tarot inspired outfits? Perfection. 

The Magician

waonI picked the magician for a couple of reasons. First and foremost, it’s a card rooted in the idea of manifestation. The Magician speaks of using all the elements at your disposal to create whatever it is you desire. The four suites of the tarot deck (pentacles, cups, wands and swords) are all pictured in this card; the magician has control over every aspect of his/her destiny; material, emotional, creative and spiritual… it’s all there. The imagery in this card is also really, really rich (I have two other decks that I used for inspiration as well). It was easy to be inspired by The Magicians power.

The Chariot

woan 3

The Chariot is one of those cards that truly sings to the spirit and inner power. This card is all about movement, action and intention; it’s that inner voice that tells you to keep going, it’s that inner drive that makes you move forward. The Chariot from The Wild Unknown is one of my favorites in the deck. It’s probably my favorite image and the horse with the moon on her third eye and a pentacle near her heart really speaks of what the card represents. Intense, intuitive movement forward.

treesMy sister, Alexandra Yael, snapped this photo yesterday while we were shooting.

I can’t wait to share more.



PS: This tarot deck is The Wild Unknown


Menswear Monday; Twisted Classic

After trying to figure out how to make my Monday post less monotonous, I decided I would turn to my well dressed gentlemen friends for some inspiration. After a couple tweets and texts, I decided my friends Nolan and Alex were a solid fit!



I met Nolan through some of my friends in Issues about a year and a half ago, he is a freshmen at Berry College where he’s studying music bussiness. Nolan is the kind of guy who shines; people are naturally pulled towad him  Not only does Nolan have a killer smile, but he has a huge heart and is one of those people who will succeed in whatever he decides he wants to pursue. Nolan is always dapper; whether it’s in a button up gingham shirt and jeans, or a band tank top, Nolan has a firm understanding that you wear the outfit, the outfit does not wear you.

“I pretty much throw on whatever comes to mind. I’m more of a mix of classy and casual. When I walk out of the door, i want people to see that I care about the way i look. Black, white, grey and blue are my everyday colors; they describe my feelings and help show off my personality. Button up shirts and sweaters are my favorites but I like throwing on a tee shirt on lazy days. I study music at Berry College, and I hope to let my style grow as I travel and become more educated with musican’s around the world”.

Nolan’s firm grasp and understanding of fashion and how an appearance can make a difference is a sure mar that he will stand out and make his mark on the music industry.


A common thread that ties both Nolan and Alex together, besides dressing well, seems to be their love for music. Currently the merch man for The Chariot, Alex is about to head out and help sling merch for their last tour ever. It’s incredibly admirable, in my humble opinion, to see people who dress well when they tour. I can only imagine that sleeping in a van with upwards of 5 other people while living on the road for months at a time,can take personal hygiene and personal style and throw it out the window. It’s always refreshing to go to a show and see a guy wearing something other than another bands tank top and some week old sweaty jeans. Alex definitely seems to hold the same perspective when it comes to touring in style. I asked him a few questions about what he wears on and off tour, his celebrity style crush and more.

Breathing Fashion: What do you wear on tour vs off tour?

Alex: My tour style all depends on the season. For instance, I was just out on the Vans Warped tour and the consistent 100 degree weather led me to mostly wear whatever t shirt I had (if it wasn’t too hot) and some thrift store, cut off khaki shorts. Summer is all about simplicity in style. I live in Nashvile, TN so my style wouldn’t change all that much in the summer, with the exception of the addition of short sleeve dress shirts. I am about to leave for a tour in October and rather than go with my normal “tour” look, I’m going to try to keep it as high class as possible, incorporating lots of different jackets with Oxford shoes and button ups from some of my favorite stores including H&M.

 BF: Where’s your typical shopping destination?

 A:My favorite place to shop would have to be H&M. It provides a bit of a more affordable alternative to other stores I like to go when I have a bit more money like J. Crew. But I’m not afraid of clearance racks or thrift stores. I find the Old Navy clearance rack can provide a guy with all the plaid button ups he could want. If you’re looking for nice shoes, check Goodwill first then get some shoe shine!

BF:How would you describe your style?

A: I would describe my style as the touring professional. I love dressing up and wearing things that are as classy as possible, but you shouldn’t  be surprised when you see a couple patches added to my jacket or tattoos poking out from my shirt sleeve.

BF: If you could dress like any male celebrity, who would it be and why?

A:  if I could dress like any celebrity, I’d have to say Jake Gyllenhaal. He has my type of look down. Always looking clean, but you know there is some edge to him, whether its that great beard he grows or his minor threat shirt you see him wearing occasionally.


PS: Columbia folks; the Chariot will be playing their first show of their last tour EVER on October 10th at New Brookland Tavern. Atlanta folks, the last day of their tour is at the Masquerade on November 19th.

I’m glad I know such fashionable men, i would definitely dress like these two if I was a lad, for now I’ll just take a lesson from their style.