Feeling Feelings

There’s a stigma on feelings. It’s quiet funny actually, how we think we should just turn certain ones off if they’re not fitting for an occasion. We don’t necessarily have control over a situation but we absolutely have control over which colored lens we choose to view it in.  As someone who is an inherently positive person, I tend to view the world in a sunshine colored filter. Things happen, people happen, but nine times out of ten I choose to be happy. But sometimes, especially at night, I get sad. Sometimes it’s because of something someone did, sometimes it’s because I remember something that hurt, sometimes it’s because I’m human and sometimes our walls crumble without our permission. Sometimes it’s even just weltschmerz- “world sadness”, one that happens because there’s this realization that the world deviates from our ideal expectations. The thing is, it doesn’t matter- it just happens. If you’re anything like me this leads to a train of thoughts, one that can veer off tracks pretty quickly if you don’t pull the breaks really fast. I think of why I’m sad, I reason, I use logic, I write, I wonder why I feel sad when I know I don’t have a reason to, and then I get angry at myself because I feel sad, and then I start to feel dumb for feeling sad. Funny, right? Here’s the thing though- reminderIt is. It is 100% okay to feel sad sometimes. One of my favorite yoga classes revolved around the theme of tastes, of palettes. We need sour and tart and bitter to know what sweet tastes like. We need a whole variety of flavors to live a beautiful, rich and full life. And you know what? That means our hearts are bound to hurt, we’re bound to be broken and we’re sure to feel sad. You know what else that means? That means you’ve got to stitch yourself up, grab your favorite shoes and kick down some new doors. Being okay with feeling is not weakness. Sadness is not weakness. Choosing to feel is not weakness. Choosing to embrace life, even when it’s damn hard, takes strength, Sitting with your sadness to learn from it takes strength. Sometimes we need a reminder that it’s okay to feel sad sometimes. Well, this is it.

You are strong. You are the universe incarnate. It’s okay.