Floral in Florida

My family always makes the annual trek to Florida and for the first time in years, we’ve flocked during summer when it’s warm enough to enter the ocean. I’ve spent the past two days swimming in the warm waves and lounging on the sand with my latest read The Moon is Down. This lovely Monday was spent at breakfast with the family and at the bookstore searching for a new book to fill my time.

I love going to the bookstore and being overwhelmed by books to choose and love. I’ve always loved books and reading, thanks to my parents, and I still haven’t found it in myself to transition over to an electronic reader. Thankfully for me, this means lots of trips to bookstores and used bookstores to search for vintage Steinbeck’s and new metaphysical books to dig into. I chose to wear a simple floral circle skirt with my lovely halter tank. We’re heading to the movies later tonight so this is the perfect morning to evening outfit, especially with my fuzzy  white sweater.

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Skirt and sweater: H&M/ Top: Forever 21/ Purse and necklace: Zara/ Shoes: Urban Outfitters.

What are you wearing this Monday?



Super Soul Sunday


Life is life and things don’t go as planned, and plans change and you end your night by blogging at a coffee shop on campus at 9PM. Today I was suppose to shoot my weekly style post, but it was raining which made me have to postpone said shoot. Instead of resisting this and stressing about what I was gonna post tonight, I went with it; I regrouped, I planned.

November has treated me well. After a rather bumpy October, November started off with smooth sailing and is currently at that point of the semester where free time is getting more and more scarce.

It is times when I feel tightness rise up in my chest and anxiety hit my stomach that I have to step back and realize that there is nothing wrong NOW. My anxiety and my stress all arise from the fact that I am looking in the future and overwhelming myself with tasks that need to be done. The thing is, I can only work on what I am doing NOW; those things that have to be dealt with in the future will be dealt with then. I can think of the one hundred and five things I need to do by the end of the night, but how will stressing about any of it serve me? Wouldn’t it be more worthy to have faith in my abilities and use my time to get as much as I can accomplished? How will worrying about something you literally cannot deal with until later help anything?

I have a very hard time procrastinating although I’ve been doing it more than usual. I am a planner; I love having a schedule and being productive and getting things done and although this is a positive trait, it can also be a negative one as well. Life isn’t always able to be planned. Things happen and plans shift and being resistant to this is like trying to swim upstream; it is possible for only so long. Planning out what I am doing helps my peace of mind; knowing I have a way to get everything done can help shift my mindset but sometimes it creates a strong sense of resistance to day to day life.

The holidays can be stressful financially, mentally, even physically. It is at this time, however, that you need to remember that you have complete control over what you can accomplish; and you can accomplish everything you want to. For me, the times when I feel like I have no time to go to yoga is when I KNOW I need to got to yoga. It is when I am on my mat that I make space for my mind and soul to rest, and am able to step back and regroup. It is only after stepping off my mat that I realize the abundance of time I have and the abundance of talent I have to make what needs to happen, happen.


I wasn’t able to shoot and that change of plans was okay; I will be shooting Tuesday instead.So, today I am recycling some photos I made about a year ago.. I am leaving you with the message of remembering that if it doesn’t serve you, let it go.

The last photo is my all time favorite quote, taken from The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck.

What do you do in times of stress?




PS; THIS aura test is absolutely amazing and accurate. It even tells you what stresses you out! I am a perfect mix of blue and yellow, with violet following in a close second. What color are you??