So for the past week I’ve bee MIA floating around in the Atlantic Ocean, in the Bahamas on a cruise! I spent January 1st on the beaches of Nassau… if that’s not the boujiest thing I’ve ever said I don’t know what is. I spent the two weeks prior to that bumping around San Diego with the family, relaxing, eating some food, doing some shopping (my parents live in Fashion Valley if that’s any indication to the level of shopping excitement here). I’ve pet some dogs, taken some photos, drank some coffee- I’ve covered all my bases.W1AG8FohBDlIn3_L19Whfjm0kjppuALC4tmluR-XHGgjdrXQy780lQnO13S3hc-0frg24Nemevs1mB038Q1KrU,zNfxDrTYfGySJ6ri5O76exrYLTt7veW17JyN6OVb_lYI’ve been living out of a suitcase for the past three weeks which means my fashion choices have been somewhat limited.  I’ve done my best to have fun and you know, keep up the whole “goth relocated to west coast temporarily” vibe. If I’ve succeed is yours to decide…12523198_10153173012856207_5855025818653762782_n1619497_10153173012286207_2068573352008969265_nAlex took these photos of me one day when we were on the beach. It was absolutely beautiful. It was the first day that it had been overcast, and San Diego had this foreboding darkness sitting in it. It was eerie- the mix of the desert and ocean with the gloom was amazing. 12507624_10153173012381207_1827091296384253912_nI‘m addicted to these things. 12375316_10153137902116207_2082953977803972558_ooOne of the first days we spent on the beach. I felt like a gothic cactus. Fun fact: this beach in Del Mar has a dog beach, and it’s the absolute most beautiful thing I have seen. Literally, just dogs and their humans running around doing sweet pup things. #justdoggythings12360326_10153144023661207_111061716934321945_nI was going for the good ole classic “70’s goth”.  Camel is way close to my skintone and I don’t wear turtlenecks because my neck is really long but you know, rules are meant to be broken and I love this outfit. New year, same me, you feel? 921186_10153146535986207_8366571746141291094_o1California is really just a giant excuse for me to stand on rocks and hug palm trees while wearing all black. San Diego’s been in the high 50’s, low 60’s which is great but has left me wishing I had my entire closet in Columbia at my disposal. 1426256_10153173012621207_2959324186206802823_n1230_10153173012606207_6555715169230511286_nToday’s look aka- the last day in San Diego look. I spent the morning running errands with my mom and then at brunch. I was going to go blog (this!) at Starbucks but came home and decided I was too lazy. Good thing too- this are of San Diego just had a flash flood. Sending love and making sure everyone gets home safe! oooOur first stop on the cruise was in St Thomas, which is hilarious because that’s where my dad was working for a year! He would always watch the cruise ships leave from his condo, wishing he was on one, and now he got to experience it with his family. Full circles are cool.1375849_10153173012471207_4147198703685996788_ngothA beach goth in her natural habitat.12508938_10153173012306207_5159618080738532811_n12508694_10153173012521207_3529293081093103268_n12523067_10153173012371207_1649869921869739277_ntwoms12509758_10153173012716207_6100786112189836683_n10660269_10153173012541207_1246844248265301038_nSpent the first day of 2016 drinking liquid out of a coconut, reading Steinbeck , laying out in my tropical Topshop bathing suit and enjoying the company of my many, many cousins (babies, children and adults alike).12509013_10153173012646207_2812375073196288213_nI didn’t get any photos of my New Years Eve outfit except this one. I wore this metallic romper because I wanted to feel like a space nymph as the clock struck midnight and turned to 2016. I spent my NYE with the family, chugging extra-spicy tequila Bloody Mary’s (kidding mom, I only had three), dancing and celebrating. Not sure if I’m ashamed or proud of the fact that I had enough foresight to take an outfit selfie before I even left the cabin. I’ll go with the latter. 12417920_10153173012571207_823602217330459868_n12509375_10153173012441207_4831893228075218655_nTomorrow I fly back to Columbia to ring in the rest of 2016- my last semester of college and my last month left as 21. 2015- you were amazing to me (and deserve your own post!) Here’s to your best year yet.1628_10153173012406207_7228967062001406788_nXXX,

Wednesday’s Are for Islands

My last adventure of the year has rolled around. My sister, mom and I packed up our bags yesterday to head to St.Thomas to visit my dad, where he’s working for the year. The island is gorgeous and relaxing and definitely a much needed reminder to slow down. The year is coming to a close and realizing how wound up and stressed out I get is a strong reminder that there are patterns I need to break before 2015 rolls around. This means lots of soul searching, cleansing and connecting. I’m going to make an effort to write down some resolutions before the year ends. I want to start the year with some good habits in place! (Keep an eye out for a blog post or two about that)10849927_10152428054826207_8346011853355634971_nSt. Thomas is absolutely stunning. The island is really small, but it packs a lot of beauty into the small space. There are chickens that run around, lots of little lizards, iguanas and of course, lots of ocean life. I’m making an effort to watch less television and to read and write more, taking time to once again, slow down, and be present. I don’t think the view could really get any better, who wouldn’t want to sit outside?1495337_10152428054201207_5628839073099444612_oYesterday was spent relaxing at the condo, and today we walked around, had some drinks and went to the Ritz Carlton where my dad had the honor of lighting the menorah for the second day of Hannukah. Happy Hannukah to anyone that celebrates!! St. Thomas is beautiful, but it’s not a crazy, ridiculous fancy island. It was just a pinch of glitz and glam tonight, all we really needed.10478443_10152428053931207_2020284421178193247_nIt’s ridiculously warm here, so outfits feel a little bit seasonally confused. I have almost all of my things for London packed and ready to go, so my aesthetic leaning for St.Thomas runs along the lines of easy and “everything I’m not bringing to Europe”. I love dressing for the colder weather, and I’ve grown used to it, so being creative in the hot island sun is taking a little more effort than I anticipated.

Tomorrow I’m embracing my inner undine and mermaid and heading to St. John with the family to read, relax and hopefully have a margarita or two. Tonight, I’m being productive and crying since I won’t be able to watch American Horror Story until I’m home.

Until next time,