Joseph Spring 2014 Collection Review

It’s a new take on the 90’s and the leisure suit. Sly mesh paneling, white minimalist perfection and silk and satin like no ones businesses all create a strong 20th century vibe. Relaxed cuts and monochromatic patterns all really work every from of “leisure”; you can drink your wine by the tennis courts but still look like the bombshell you are while doing it. This collection manages to hold on to a sort of luxurious athletic look; Adidas style sandals paired with oversize clutches, patent leather pieces and incredible cut out detailing step up the luxurious aspect of the collection. And although this collection is cohesive, it is still versatile; in the colors, in the textiles themselves and in the styles of the fabric. Sequins make an appearance and are all grown up in sultry tank tops under sheer shirts and dresses, and even a luminescent eggshell makes an appearance in a suit of its own. This collection pays homage to the 90’s by reinventing it; maybe the fashion would have been better if this is what it had looked like to begin with.

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ICB Spring 2014 RTW Collection Review

It’s classic Prabal Gurung style to send models down the runway wearing exactly what we want for Spring. Clean lines in a medley of blue, white and black tease the senses from the very start  of the show. Holographic silver, ripe reds and jade greens keep the minimalist collection interesting; whether it’s a drop waist dress, a low riding pant and a crop top or a futuristic take on the peplume, there was always a new perspective to the trend that’s been going on and on. Pearly pinks, baby  blues and dove grays also added to the softly structured shirts and shorts. Even though the pieces weren’t completely “structured”, the shape of each piece accented the model who wore it perfectly by draping to accentuate her body instead of just conforming to it. After seasons and seasons of punk ideals and culture trickling into fashion, it’s refreshing and new to see clean lines, soft colors and a “less is more” mentality. The perfect juxtaposition to the fall runways, if this season is anything like this collection, we’re set for the best Spring to date.

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Gabriela Loaine