Why I Wanna Make Space Goth Happen

Throw it back to the summer of ’06. I was 12, going into the 7th grade and I was at a JCC summer camp where each day we went and did a different nifty thing in Atlanta. This particular day I don’t know where we went, maybe Dahlonega, but I do remember this; a really sweet comic bookstore and leaving it with three vintage Sabrina The Teenage Witch comics from the 70’s. Score. So I was on the  bus, riding back to the JCC, doing my thing and reading my sick comics. There was one section I still remember; letters readers wrote to Sabrina, this time about what they thought the year 2000 would be like. According to these wise flower children, by the time the new millennium rolled around we would be living on the moon and life would be totally Zenon (even if they didn’t know it yet).alien gothOkay well news flash to these poor souls. It’s 2015, we don’t live on the moon and according to the government and the mass population, aliens don’t even exists (they do). What?! It’s 2015 and you can freeze a body but we haven’t contacted aliens? I don’t understand. I’m very clearly upset by this, obviously, and I realized something the other day that inspired this post. We have no clue (zip, zilch) about what aliens would be like or look like, We really don’t. But- we can imagine, hence the Roswell New Mexico style green guy- and we can also find some aesthetic inspiration from the cosmos.

I remembered my comics the other day,  and started thinking about how far we are from what those children thought the year 2000 would be like. Well, we may not have aliens, but we so totally can and should dress the way they imagined we would. In 50 years, the fashion history text books are going to be writing about what the youngins in the second decade of the 21st century wore. They may very well be talking about how the 90’s and 80’s came back, or about what people wear to raves or Coachella. But you know what they should be talking about? Space Goth. Yes,  Space Goth. Or any sort of space or alien inspired aesthetic. Why? Because aliens still haven’t come down to hang with us Twilight Zone style, or maybe they have, and that’s sad. So, we should be inspired by our alien friends and dress like what we think they would dress like.


If the fashion history textbooks and historians and all those humans are going to be writing about what we’re wearing, we may as well give them something to write about. In the age of technology, where we know so much, there’s still so much left to wonder about. We’re the Aquarius children anyway, why don’t we find inspiration from the unknown, from life beyond our solar system or even life beyond death?

Here’s to the unknown.

Here’s to making Space Goth happen.