Fall Inspiration: Saint Laurent FW15

It’s almost one hundred degrees in the hot, humid South and I’m itching for cooler days. Fall nights ruled by skintight leather, cheetah print coats and heels that allow no room for error, whatsoever. As the nights get longer and fall looms closer, I’m left longing for the pieces in my closet that make me feel a little rough, a little edgy and a whole lot of exposed. My current inspiration? The much loved, much hated rock star that is Hedi Slimane. All the naysayers, all the haters, all those who doubt his work for the legendary house of Saint Laurent best not doubt one thing; he’s going big. Regardless of where you stand on the debate of Slimane and his vision for the brand, you cannot deny his magnetic, edgy appeal and his ability to bring Saint Laurent to a new, trendier, and younger consumer. Slide3For Saint Laurent’s Fall Winter 2015 collection, there was an overarching motif of bad. In classic Slimane style, however, bad was done so, so well. Although pieces like a nipple exposing asymmetrical dress with perfectly tailored rouching , skintight slashed leather pants and ripped tights all led ones eye to believe that Slimane doesn’t do “clean”, a closer look leads one to believe otherwise. A Tin Man style trench coat in a matte metallic gray, princess style dresses with tulle galore in a variety of metallic 80’s fabrics and plethora of perfectly crafted leather jackets all prove Slimane knows exactly what he’s doing; and he’s doing it well. In a world where fashion is clean, feminine and sweet, there lies Slimane. Slimane is the hair metal in a world of grunge. He is the alternative in a world of clean cut. Although Hedi Slimane’s vision most likely deviates from that which Yves held, there is a time and a place for change… and it is now.

As someone who identifies with the darker side of fashion, that which bites and scratches and leaves one wondering “what’s next”, I admire Slimane. Beyond what any other fashion critic says, beyond the fact that someone out there will retort that you can get that same outfit at Forever 21- Slimane has taken a risk and redefined one of the most iconic houses in fashion history; and he’s managed to hold the spotlight as he’s done so. Yes, it’s not classic. No, it’s not necessarily “chic”. You know what it is? Rebellious and strong. Slimane’s vision for the house is sharp and it is young. Fashion has to be redefined by the youth and if now’s not the time to do so, when is? You go Slimane.

Slide4Slide2Slide5Slide6All photos courtesy of style.com


The Men of the Oscars

I’m not one to goo over red carpet fashions. Although I do love seeing what gowns were worn, for some reason I’m not drawn to award shows. I’m not a huge fan of diamonds, although I like black diamonds a lot, and I’m not one to don delicate jewelry. I think I like day to day fashion or runway shows because I believe every day is a good day to get dressed up; I  like the intricacies of picking out what to wear for day to day life.

The Oscars seem to be the exception to this. Obviously, it’s the biggest show of the year, and it’s the only one I actually care about. Although I love seeing what the women wear, I also adore seeing what the men wear. So today, I bring to you the men of the Oscars and what they wore. You’re welcome.

Zac Efron, in Calvin Klein Collection.

Zac Efron looks dapper as ever in this Calvin Klein Collection skinny suit. Classic, elegant, perfectly tailored and exactly what you would expect from Efron. He’s definitely easy on the eyes.


Kevin Spacey, in Burberry.

Kevin Spacey looks dashing in this Burberry Suit. I love a good suit in a blue, and this navy shade hints more on the side of royal blue. The perfect black pointed lapel is paired with a black satin bow tie and is accented by his black watch. I love this look; ageless, appropriate and simple.


Joseph Gordon-Levitt, in Calvin Klein Collection.

Is there anyone who’s a bigger heartthrob than Joseph Gordon-Levitt? Like Effron, he decided to don a Calvin Klein Collection look, and there are no words to describe how perfect he looks except the word perfect. A true gentleman, Gordon Levitt looks impeccable with this satin lapel skinny suit which is accented by the daintiest of red pins. Well done, sir, well done.


Leonardo DiCaprio, in Giorgio Armani.

Leonardo DiCaprio looks absolutely gorgeous in this Giorgio Armani suit. I love the visible buttons, the wider satin lapel, the bow tie and the perfect pocket scarf. Come on, men! A pocket scarf or tie clip can work wonders. Although DiCaprio didn’t win an Oscar for his role in Wolf of Wall Street, he won one in my heart for being the biggest babe alive. Also, go Leo for rocking that hair! Ugh, so good Leo, so good.


Jared Leto, in Saint Laurent, with Harry Winston jewels.

Jared Leto in Saint Laurent was probably the standout for me as far as men go. I love seeing men take risks with fashion (I use that term relatively because every man looks good in a suit) and honestly I think Leto was the biggest risk taker last night. Leto’s ombred locks pair perfectly with his tri-tone suit; the white dress shirt actually pairs well with the cream suit jacket and black pants. I love the bow tie and pocket scarf and how they add another dimension to the look while seamlessly pulling it all together. Leto is such a talented human being, and I think he is ravishing in this look.


Matthew McConaughey, in Dolce & Gabbana, and Camila Alves, in Gabriela Cadena, with Lorraine Schwartz jewels.

Matthew McConaughey is also looking absolutely ravishing in this Dolce & Gabbana look. The tri-tone suit is modern and young, while still maintaining an Oscar Worthy appearance. I absolutely love the black buttons on his dress shirt and I love how he paired the black vest with the look. Absolutely wonderful (even though Leo probably doesn’t think so)


Martin Scorsese, in Giorgio Armani.

I think Martin Scorsese looks absolutely adorable in this Giorgio Armani suit. Classic, and so well paired with his thick rimmed glasses! He looks so much like Mr.Fredricksen (the old man) from Up! I love it!


Ellen DeGeneres, in Saint Laurent.

I know Ellen is not a man, but I just wanted to throw her in here to show that anyone and everyone can look good in a suit. She was brilliant last night AND she broke twitter… as if she couldn’t have been any cooler. She looks amazing in this Saint Laurent piece.


All photos courtesy of style.com

Who were your favorites last night?



Saint Laurent Spring 2014 Menswear Collection Review

This collection is not for the men who are faint of heart, nor is it for those who are questioning their masculinity. Slimane has done it again, seeking out a younger generation of thin, waif style, rockabilly boys to target in his most recent menswear collection. Leather was a staple, accenting the long, lean legs of the young thin men that wore them. Ranging from red and black pants to blazers and shoes, Slimane was not shy of this patent staple. Nor was he shy of eccentricity; although the collection has the classic skinny suite style throughout, Slimane manages to stray far, far away from being quote on quote “classic”. Some of the looks are more wearable, simple fitted suits with accents such as metal tipped  or leather lined collars. With suit jackets and blazers ranging in patterns from checkers and cheetah prints to polka dots and sequins, this Saint Laurent collection is probably not what YSL himself had in mind. Although many have detested Slimane from straying so far from the path of Yves Saint Laurent’s vision, it may be time to embrace change and youth. The target market may have changed, along with the houses’ name itself, since Slimane’s reign of Saint Laurent, but the cool, classic edge of Saint Laurent certainly has not. Fashion is an expression of the current times, and just like the 1920’s, maybe Slimane’s so called rebellion of the classic YSL style is Slimane’s effort to create a new age flapper style for men, so to speak. If Slimane is creating something so out of the ordinary for the house he is working for, who’s to say that he isn’t feeding the people what society is feeding him.


If you’re more for the classic menswear style and want to woe me, or any style appreciative lady, wear something along the lines of fitted pants, a blazer or leather jacket, some cool shades and the perfect leather shoe.