I have always been extremely inquisitive. I’ve always been fascinated by the inner workings of the universe- the vastness of the universe, the things that connect us to one another, the way love feels between your ribs and how people smile from the inside when they find that feeling. I’m 100% my parents daughter- but it’s only since I’ve gotten older that I realized how much of my father’s soul I have too. My urge to know the deepest secrets of the universe and human truth? Definitely got some of my dad’s genes.


So beyond the fact that my father is actually Gandhi (and the doppelganger of Ben Kingsley), he is also a soul completely tuned into what it means to live from a place of love. My father is one of the most compassionate, wise, kind and loving souls I have ever met.  He would drive Alexandra and I to high school every  morning at 8:00am just so he could spend time with us (even when I slept the whole way there). He never fails to listen to me, to remind me that I am capable and that I am loved. He also loves dogs, has a Bald Eagle as a spirit animal and would let us paint his toenails (when we were in middle school, mind you)10655395_10152897750836115_4991117442771030281_o

My dad has always been the epitome of love and grace. Born in Israel and the son of holocaust survivors, my papi has spent his life as a Rabbi- aka being a pillar for the Jewish community wherever we’ve lived. It wasn’t until I grew up that I realized quite how far my dad’s impact has reached. Everyone has a story about how my dad has been there for them in a time of need.  Beyond anything else, my father is a healer. He listens and with love, he mends. 10658941_10152785119894631_3454680112538673083_o

Why am I telling you this? Because as of TODAY my dad is 66!! That’s right, one number shy of the devil’s, and my dad still looks amazing. I have this man to thank for my love of menswear, my appreciation for a good watch and the importance of a beautiful hat. I specifically remember an instance visiting Canada (because that’s what you do in Buffalo), where my dad spent a good deal of  time looking and picking the perfect wool cap. Ever since I can remember we’ve always gotten him watches as gifts, and he’s always had a beautiful array of ties. Also- my mom’s favorite compliment to give my dad was always “Ayyy Ron, you look so GQ!”10616404_10152951277026115_2932599597786266373_n

I could go on and on about how thankful  I am to have this human as my father.  He once said he feels like he worked too much when Alexandra and I were younger, and that he wasn’t there for us, and we literally laughed. My dad is a busy man, but he has always been there for us from Tae Kwon Do tests to birthdays to adventures and lunch dates. Father, Dad, Papi, Daddy Doo, Ronnie Robert Herstik. Happy Flippin Birthday. I love you to the moon and beyond, from this life to the next.

10557337_10152621505421115_3192463829946001109_n10841813_10152942848816115_196426645456688126_o 11206045_10152853601916207_4176265539872706299_n10426267_10152832983551207_1180626965187787109_n10346609_10152074133311207_656934286878611998_nAll photos (except the previous two by my sister Alexandra10704406_10152942869401115_1417953049388041528_oHappy Birthday Papi! I love you.