Anticipation is such a double edged sword. Being excited about something is fun and having something to look forward to is a blessing; it’s a good thing. Anticipation in the best sense of the word means there’s something coming up that must be worth getting excited for, and that’s pretty great. When reality doesn’t match up to your expectations things can get thrown off balance. Anticipation is good, but in moderation. Anticipate too much and you’re living in the future, missing all the beautiful moments that are happening right now.

room 4

Taken by the beautiful Ivory of Forgotten Feather Vintage

Anticipation for the what’s to come and for work at the end of the month has left me living in the future. My anticipation for all the good things to come made me miss the good things that are already here. Life gets busy and for me, my favorite month of the year has been slipping by. I have to say though, the past week and a half of 90 degree weather hasn’t been helping either. South Carolina has been slacking with the fall weather.

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On Saturday, I dressed up with other people from my job at Hip Wa Zee to introduce Megan Jean and the Klay Family Band for Jam Room Festival here in Columbia. I hung out with some awesome people, got to pick some pumpkins, go to the fair and spend the night hanging out with some of my closest friends. It was such a good day, and it reminded to be thankful of what’s going on right now, even if the future seems more important.

I got some little pumpkins at the pumpkin patch and put them on my altar as a little reminder to be present and acknowledge the change of the season, as hard as the weather may make it sometimes. 

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 Every time I look at my altar I’m reminded of a good day and of the fact that it’s the best time of year, and not to waste it. I’m trying to stay present and enjoy life this week, no complaints.