Sometimes it happens. You don’t eat enough, you go too hard, and you wake up feeling like death incarnate the next morning. We’ve all been there- hangovers are a part of life, for the most of us, after all. And even when you puke in the bathroom of your favorite brunch place (aka me last Saturday) it always helps to at least look decent. I never thought I would be the sort of girl who bought a baseball cap but I had a moment of weakness at Urban Outfitters and had to buy it. I think sober me was looking out for hungover me because let me tell you- it’s an easy way to look put together when you don’t feel it.


I paired this cap with a vintage slip dress from Ivory at Forgotten Feather, a cut out bra from Urban Outfitters, my favorite bucket bag from Zara and loafers from Target.

Processed with VSCO with a6 presetIMG_8959

If you want to steal my look- go for it. Click below to shop! And don’t forget- if you drink, be smart, don’t drive and know your limits! it’s okay to be hungover. Just drink water, look cute and let your body rest.


What to wear when you're hungover AF

Inspired by the Belcher’s: Bob’s Burgers Style

If you follow me on twitter or are friends with me on facebook or in real life, you’ll know about my recent obsession with Bob’s Burgers. The animated series focuses on the Belcher family and their trials and tribulations surrounding their family burger joint. The brash characters and sexual undertones throughout the show, coupled with hilarious and quick witted jokes, make Bob’s absolutely hilarious. Bob is the owner of the restaurant along with his wife Linda, and his three kids, Gene, Louise and Tina,  all work at “Bob’s Burgers” as well. What’s better than being inspired by your favorite tv show?! Nothing, that’s what. Today I bring you outfits inspired by each member of the Belcher clan




Bob definitely has the capability to be trendy, but business is never as good as it should be and the money he has is NOT going towards clothes he’s just gonna get grease on. Well don’t you fret, my men,  you can still be inspired by the namesake himself. Grab yourself a light gray short sleeve button up, some dark pants and some Vans and you’re set. Bob always has a way of getting into trouble, so he may as well carry around a backpack for secret weapons right? Oh, and don’t forget the apron.




We all know Linda is a snazzy woman with simple style. She loves her kids, she loves singing, she loves her hubby. I personally think Linda is the absolute best so I was thoroughly inspired by her look. Pair a red top with some high waisted jeans,a chunky tan boot, a tan trench inspired coat and  red leather bag. Again, don’t forget your apron!




Gene is crazy and weird and quirky and honestly, of course he would wear these hamburger socks.  Pair a simple yellow tee with some cut offs, a burgundy pair of vans, some hamburger socks and a keytar and your Gene-fied! Seriously, how perfect are these Topman socks!? I can’t get over them.





Louise was easily my favorite character to be inspired by. I personally think she’s freaking fantastic and she’s probably my favorite character on the entire show. In a couple years when hormones hit hard, Louise is gonna be a mega babe. I chose an Alice and Olivia dress with some Deandri shoes to give her day-to-day look an extra shot of something special. I added a leather coat to help give her a mysterious vibe, which she would love. Louise would definitely want her purse to double as a weapon, so of course, add some spikes to a bag to channel your inner Louise. Grab some black bunny ears (DUHHHH) and some bright pink lipstick and you’re all set.




Tina’s photo wasn’t on Polyvore, but alas, I made it work. We already know she’s a dork for zombies, horses and butts. Channel your inner Tina with a weird baby blue tee, some high waisted shorts, knee socks and some Vans. I feel like Tina would also have a unicorn backpack. Am I wrong in that regard? Probably not. That’s good, Tina is the queen of touching butts so for that I tip my hat for her.

What’s your favorite part of Bob’s Burgers?!



Satin and Silk

Sitting at home on this lovely Friday has got me wanting nothing more than a set of beautiful silk pajamas. I’m incredibly comfy in my Spongebob fleece pj pants from the boys section of TJ Maxx, but since I have literally been wearing them all day, I want nothing more than to feel a bit glamorous. Alas, besides a couple Betsey Johnson pj pieces, I don’t tend to look nearly as fashionable during the nighttime as during the day. This is usually not a problem, but sometimes you want to look nice to help make you feel better.

What to Wear When
Satin lingerie and nightgowns would be lovely for days when you want to stay at home but still feel pretty. With colors from peach to ivory to rose, you can’t go wrong. Grab some fresh flowers and some slippers and you’ll be relaxing in style.What to Wear
If you want to feel a bit darker, grab a robe or lingerie in black. Don’t forget some pretty fresh flowers and of course, some Charlotte Olympia slippers.
What do YOU like to wear when you’re sick?

Sunday Style: Books and Pastel Cats

I spent today at home relaxing until evening, bundled up on this cold Sunday and then I got dinner with a couple of friends and my twin before we headed to the bookstore. I could sit and enjoy Barnes and Nobles for hours and hours. I am so thankful my parents fostered a love of reading into my sister and I, it’s easily something that influenced my life. I gathered up Vogue Paris Collections, British Vogue and a couple of books and spent an hour in peace.

Sweater and Necklace: Forever 21/ Skirt and Faux Fur Jacket: H&M/ Boots: Dolce Vita/ Purse: Zara

I threw on what’s becoming my new favorite coat over a sweet lil’ lace number. I love the mixture of the dainty skirt with the big cat print. I felt very chic and simple but I do wish I pulled the skirt to sit a bit higher on my waist for these photos!


Sweater: Moschino Chip and Chick/ Skirt: Red Valentino/ Coat: My Wardrobe/ Bag: Boohoo Beth/ Lipstick: YSL/ Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell

Throw on a cat sweater, a tulle skirt and some chunky black boots. The pastels and black contrast perfectly and work with a bright orange lip in the best ways.

How are you spending your Sunday?

More regular, AND BETTER, updates to come! Lots of fun shoots in the future.




Ain’t Laurent Without Yves

It’s that time when change seeps into your skin and crawls into your lungs. She’s heavy and dark and menacing, even though she’s filled with the promise of new beginnings. It’s deceiving; change is the only constant in this life, yet we feel like we are weighed down in the patterns we’ve formed  for ourselves. We let the idea of creating a new identity seep into the wispy cracks of our minds, and we leave it there until we have a bitter tomorrow. This unforeseeable crevice in the back of our head fills with all the notions of the unknown that we are too weak to handle. Instead of dealing with the unseen parts of our future, we hide in the stagnant remains of our souls that we claim to be familiar with. We cover ourselves in darkness as a means of escaping the unknown, slipping on our highest heels in a vain attempt at getting closer to the divine. Oh, if only it were that easy…

A Look on the Dark Side

She tried to back away but surely defeat was in her midst; darkness in her immediate future. She could only handle so much, being as frail and fragile as she was, and her breath caught in her throat as she stepped away in a vain attempt to outrun her stalker. It’s cool hand laid its kiss on her cheek and immediately she was falling into darkness, it’s bitter embrace tragic and somewhat charming. Death was an alluring enemy, beckoning her with it’s promise of eternal silence, yet she had wanted to find an escape; she had wanted an out. She would get it eventually, but on that All Hollows Eve death had chosen her as his lover for the night, draping her in a cloak of darkness for the evening.  She was his princess in her midnight black dress and her wood soled Deandris, she was fit to be his one and only ally for the holiday. His chilling breath whispered in her ears as he led her around the graveyard. Only time could tell what the night would hold..




The constant rhythm of her heels was the only sign of her sly approach. She was as cunning as she was sultry; her smoking eyes would leave you breathless before you had a chance to run from her whip. She was a creature as free as the night, stalking men like they were nothing more than toys for her hearts amusement.Her lips curled in sheer satisfaction when the object of her so called “affection” was finally in her grasp, her bell like laugh ringing in your ears for days. Her red lips would whisper your name and her eyes would stalk you as you tried to escape a fight with her. She was as strong as she was beautiful. Her deception was cruel, for even in leather, her sleek strength could outmaneuver that of any man. She was a woman who would leave you wishing for more, the only memory you could hold onto was how she managed to make you hate and love her simultaneously; and she wouldn’t have it any other way.





I crave comfort. I crave stability. i crave understanding and knowing and I crave being at the right place at the right time.. I crave a comforting voice. I crave love. I crave knowing that my bed will be there when I get home. I crave knowing that there is structure to my life and my day. I crave routine.

But this constant craving for comfort and structure can be overwhelming in a life where nothing is ever quite comfortable or structured. Life is quick and she is hectic. She will break you, only to softly lay you out and glue you together again. So instead of wearing things that suffocate and embrace me to my bitter breaking point, I am living in the clothes I want my life to reflect. I am living in structure; I am living in a glistening embrace of colors; I am living in something that whispers that I am a manifestation of the stars and the universe. I am living in a shelter for my soul.

I am living in fabric that wipes my heart clean. I am living in lipstick that clings to me like secrets. I am living in what makes me feel like power personified.

I am living in lips as blue as my heart is calm. I am living in the Northern Lights. I am living in shoes that raise me higher than what I desire.

What does your clothing say about your life?


The Only Three Outfits you’ll ever need for the Beach

It’s obvious that the beach is singing my name, isn’t it? That’s not typically something I say, I typically like the forest and not so much sandy beaches. But seeing as I’m going to be sailing the seas with the Mexicans (my family), I can’t get my mind off the luxurious shorelines that call my name.The real question on my mind, for obvious reasons, is what will I wear!?



Throw on your pearly whites and some bright fiery oranges to watch the sunrise on your favorite island. The soft breeze of the early morning is paired perfectly with the warm red on your lips and cheeks, and the hand your holding is pretty warming too. The rising sun shines brightly on your gold nails and your pristine white Jeffrey Campbells and it brightens your disposition even more. How can you be upset in such a perfect paradise?



The hot, blaring summer has to be tamed with soft neutrals  in warm tones. Grab your Deandri shoes, and your Celine purse to hit the beach and you’ll be the hottest thing besides the sun. Your fresh sunnies protect your delicate eyes from those pesky rays, but don’t dismiss the cute boys you watch as you sip your daiquiri. Your tan lines may be a little crazy from your striking Herve Leger suit, but you don’t mind people staring, and why would you? Even under the shade of your umbrella you’e still the best eye candy on the beach.


You chase away the day with the sultry We Are Handsome bikini and the perfectly underrated NARS lipstick. You already know that the sun setting just means the night’s starting… and the fun is about to begin. Turn up the heart in your Jeffrey Campbells and nix the straw hat for something a little more seductive. Your day has been ravishing and fabulous and your night’s about to be as hot as the temperatures you had to endure. Good thing you’re prepared for anything and  will  turn every head you can in the process.

Summertime Sadness

Even though I don’t feel sad at all, I don’t think it’s possible to NOT listen to Lana Del Ray when the weather is  (usually) so beautiful out. It’s somewhat dreary here in Atlanta but that doesn’t stop me from imagining my fabulous tropical get away and picking out bathing suits for it. For my grandmas 80th birthday we surprised her with a cruise that all my family is going on. My parents, sister and I all live in Georgia, but the rest of my mom’s side is in Mexico, so the fact that we are ALL taking a trip together is the highlight of my incredible summer. I am so blessed to have such incredible cousins with wives I adore, and although our family is relatively small I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m so proud of my Mexican heritage, and although it only goes a few generations back, growing up speaking Spanish and eating Mexican food every day has allowed me to identify with such a lively country and culture.

My aunt ordered a singing telegram to deliver the news of the cruise to my grandma, and my family and I gathered around the computer to witness it all through skype. My fabulous grandma took the news like a champion and it was easily one of the funniest things I’ve seen;  a giant Mexican parrot spray gold silly string all over my grandma just to sing to her about all the memories my mom and aunt had growing up. That video call made me 1000x more excited to see my family and spend a couple weeks with them staying up too late, basking in the sun and living up to the Mexican stereotype by dancing all night.

Cruises with the family are the number one excuse to splurge on bikinis, beachwear and cute yoga-wear. Here’s what I’m lusting over.

More Jeffrey Campbell’s and striking swimsuits that work with my small bust, all paired with the perfect hat.

Happy summer,