Breathing Fashion X Eralphia Imagery

It’s always such an honor to work with a photographer on more than one occasion, especially one who makes you feel confident. I love to model but will don’t consider myself to be one, so it’s always so fun to work with a photographer I’m comfortable modeling with. I’ve worked with Trey twice before, and I always look forward to our shoots. I shared some of photos of our most recent shoot in THIS post, but wanted to share the rest!

Shirt: American Thread/ Shorts: H&M/ Sweatshirt: Zara/ Leather jacket: Express/ Boots; Urban Outfiitters/ Socks: TargetShirt: Urban Outfitters/ Leggings: H&M/ Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell

I wanted to shoot some outfits I don’t get to wear a lot. I chose these looks because they’re both different than what I wear on campus during the semester. I love wearing all black, but this was a little different than my usual get up, it had more of an “Alternative Press sort of vibe. I love the mesh and velvet top in the second look, but I’ve only worn the shirt a handful of times so I thought it would be perfect to shoot. I had to work with what I brought home for spring break which is why I kept these looks relatively simple (for me). Oh and I just love having an excuse to wear thigh highs and high heels.

What are you wearing this Spring?