What I’ve Been Wearing Wednesday

I’ve officially moved into my house, installed wifi and gotten pretty settled and this means regular blog posts once more! It’s silly, but when I don’t post I feel like a mother neglecting her child.

Anyway, I have been really obsessed with tight, cropped tees and tanks with my little quilted bag and some sandals. I’ve been dying because of the constant war between rainy, mucky, disgusting days and hot, humid, blaring sun days. It’s been raining like there’s no tomorrow, and it’s followed by MAYBE one day of real sun. It’s hard to dress well when it’s hot and wet outside; I usually just go for outfits that look good layered.


I love hot pants, but when I have to walk around campus I make sure to tie a patterned button up around my waist.

I need to invest in a “Celfie” tee as well as these amazing hot pants. I can’t wait until it’s cold enough for leather jackets!! Also I love these sandals, just chunky enough!


What have YOU been wearing this summer?