PINK Bras and Ballet Skirts

If you checked in on Breathing Fashion last week, you would have seen I partnered with PINK by Victoria’s Secret here at USC. I was able to test drive an amazing pair of yoga pants and also got to style this amazing seamless pushup bra. I need all the help I can get from my lingerie so I loved that this bra helped me out but was super comfortable as it was doing its job. Not to mention the fact that this bra is a really nice navy and has some great lace detailing. These bras come in a ton of different colors and they’re definitely worth the investment if you want a pushup bra that feels more like a bandeau or sports bra. Find them HERE.3Fall is a really, really charged time. Everything is changing, more so than in any other season, and the air outside feels different because of it.  I love challenging myself to wear something a little bit different, changing up my usual wardrobe to match the Fall air. I love the idea of pairing my old ballet skirt with leather leggings and some chunky heels. I threw on my PINK bra and an old H&M cardigan and  swiped “Autumn Leaves” on my lips to complete the look.  127856410 9 Bra: PINK, Leggings: Topshop, Skirt: Dance Fashions, Shoes: Forever 21, Cardigan: H&M

Photos by Alexandra Herstik,



A Step In The Right Direction

Sometimes when you go 100 miles a minute it feels scary to slow down, even if it’s only for a second. It’s really easy to tie our worth into how much we’re doing or getting accomplished, and I know I’m guilty of feeling useless when I’m not being productive. Things are kicking into high gear again, and the idea of not doing anything seems absolutely impossible. I get overwhelmed and stressed and I forget to breathe. I rush. I walk fast, I talk fast, I don’t stay in one place for too long. Don’t get me wrong, it’s important to do what you love and do what you have to do, but  if you’re anything like me, it can become very easy to forget that it’s important to be here now.  Today, after  a weekend trip to Harry Potter World, a phone call with my mom, a planner filled with an overwhelming amount of things to do and deep breath, I took some photos with my sister. 10I let go a little bit. I took time to remind myself that yes, contrary to my own beliefs, I have enough time to do what I need to do and yes, I can do it with a smile on my face. It’s a new month and what better time to make a couple of new goals than now? I’m going to do my best to breathe more, read more and create more. i’m going to do my best to SLOW DOWN and ENJOY life. It’s important to look toward the future but it’s also important to enjoy what’s going on right now. Today, I am taking a step towards balance. 6Today called for a more casual outfit.

Shirt: American Threads/ Skirt: H&M/ Socks and Shoes: Urban Outfitters/ Purse: Zara/ Necklace: Topshop98754321Photos were all taken by my wonderful sister, Alexandra. @alexyael on Instagram.

What are you learning on this labor day?




Style Sunday: Twenty

It has been a fabulous day, my loves. I celebrated/ am celebrating my 20th birthday along with my twinnifer and it has been perfect. My parents drove up from Atlanta to celebrate with us and I couldn’t have asked for a better weekend and better birthday. We’ve eaten delicious food, talked about life, and we even found the apartment my sister and I will be living at next year! I rang in my birthday last night with good company and lots of laughs and smiles, I spent today with the same. I am just so happy to be alive and healthy with such beautiful souls in my life.

I always wondered if I would feel older at 20, and to be honest, I don’t. I am the same little soul I was yesterday, but this time I am finally starting to feel my age.

I am currently sitting and watching the Superbowl which is funny since I know absolutely nothing bout football. Alas, I am surrounded by some of my favorite people, so I have no complaints. Oh and there was a commercial with David Beckham in his underwear, so happy birthday to me.

Me and my fabulous papi. I love him to the moon and back!

Mid smile

My signature move!

My best friend. My twin sister means the world to me and I can’t wrap my mind around how lucky I am to have her. Having a best friend and a sister is the best gift I could ever have and I am so thankful for her.

Shoes: Urban Outfitters/ Leggings: Topshop/ Sweater, Necklace/ Hat: H&M


Gabriela Herstik

Ain’t Laurent Without Yves

It’s that time when change seeps into your skin and crawls into your lungs. She’s heavy and dark and menacing, even though she’s filled with the promise of new beginnings. It’s deceiving; change is the only constant in this life, yet we feel like we are weighed down in the patterns we’ve formed  for ourselves. We let the idea of creating a new identity seep into the wispy cracks of our minds, and we leave it there until we have a bitter tomorrow. This unforeseeable crevice in the back of our head fills with all the notions of the unknown that we are too weak to handle. Instead of dealing with the unseen parts of our future, we hide in the stagnant remains of our souls that we claim to be familiar with. We cover ourselves in darkness as a means of escaping the unknown, slipping on our highest heels in a vain attempt at getting closer to the divine. Oh, if only it were that easy…

Sunday Style: Supermoon and Solstice

Happy Sunday my loves! In case you don’t know, it’s the supermoon! The moon is closest to the Earth, and in case you didn’t know, Friday was the solstice. The summer solstice marks the first day of summer and is also the day where the sun is the farthest it is from the Earth for the whole year; it’s the longest day of the year!! There have been a lot of interesting encounters for me this past week, a lot of people have been in my life who weren’t been completely present before. This past weekend I got to spend time with some of my favorite people, go to yoga and watch some Grey’s Anatomy.

What I Wore Today:

Netted top: H&M. Croped top and Necklace:Forever 21. Jeans: BCBGeneration. Purse: Urban Outfitters. Cuff: Nasty Gal. Sandy: Off 5th

Here are some shots from the other week!                          


New on Lookbook!

Shit and necklace: Forever 21.Skirt: Urban Outfitters. Purse: Vintage Fendi. Cuff: Nasty Gal. Sandals: Off 5th.

Tarot: Paulina Tarot

Thanks to my love Miranda for these amazing shots!