7If The Lost Boys met The Craft met Interview With a Vampire, that would me right now. Or before when I shot this with my sister,  obviously, since it’s almost 10pm. I shot these earlier today, before taking ugly Christmas sweater photos with the rest of the Hip Wa Zee crew.  We obviously all got into it (costumes are literally our thing after all). I’m finishing up Tank Girl with the twin right now, we started it last night after flying in from Thanksgiving with the folks in California. I like blogging at night. Being awake is my thing.  If you didn’t already know, I’m pretty much nocturnal as it is.  I also sneeze anytime I go into direct sunlight- on average 5 to 7 times. Sometimes I feel like a vampire, and sometimes I dress like a vampire stepping into the light for the first time. It’s fine, just let it happen. I got this incredible Free People dress for $20 and haven’t given it enough love, so I had the twin capture it earlier today. I also got the Venus palette by Limecrime and am obsessed. 1563289TRiple3 hour time changes get you feeling extra nocturnal. I wasn’t really jet lagged but I’m sure this is what it would look like if it was.
Dress: Free People/ Hot pants and bra: Urban Outfitters/ Boots: H&M10All photos by my twin Alexandra Herstik. 

Happy Sunday lovers.
Gabriela Lorraine


Layering in London

It’s been a long, long week. I got to London last Saturday, and had orientation until Friday. Although I’m pooped, it’s been amazing! Friday wrapped up orientation at London College of Fashion and it was easily my favorite day of the week. We started at 10:30 in the morning with a class entitled  “The Idiosyncrasy of being British”, which was followed by a scavenger hunt of sorts around the city. We went to different parts of London, from Soho to the art district, and got to explore and take in the culture and it was just wonderful. The weather’s been amazing, but I also love dreary, gloomy weather, so London is ideal. It’s been around 50 degrees Fahrenheit although it was 30 last week. It’s windy and it gets rainy and it’s everything I could ever want.Processed with VSCOcam with a4 preset

As someone who is consistently cold, I have gotten very good at layering. My typical outfit here is a long sleeve shirt (or a thin-ish sweater depending how cold it is), a sweater, leggings, boots, socks, a coat, a beanie, gloves and an oversize purse. There’s no air conditioning here so when I get too hot (like whenever I walk inside after walking around)  I just take of a layer and stick it in my bag. Works like a charm! I haven’t had time to take some proper photos, but I did get some outside the Royal Academy. It was very pleasant on Friday so I was able to layer with my leather jacket. Perfect.

Processed with VSCOcam with a4 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with a4 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with a4 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with a4 presetJacket: Express/ Leggings: Zara/ Bag: BCBGeneration/ Boots: Jeffrey Campbell/ Necklace: Primark/ Beanie: PacSun

Processed with VSCOcam with a4 presetI was caught mid-laugh when I had a friend photobomb me. I’ve realized recently that I either look so happy that I’m going to explode or that I look like I just murdered someone,  here’s proof against the latter. Anyway, I had more adventures this weekend, but that’s for another post. Happy Sunday one and all. Here’s to a wonderful week.



The Freshest Start

There’s something sort of sweet about fear. With the idea of the unknown comes, well, the unknown, and often this conjures up feelings up of anxiety and it’s sister, fear. With a new year comes a fresh start, a new page, and a brand new opportunity to step out of your routine and out of your comfort zone. It’s scary, and terrifying, it’s uncomfortable and anxiety inducing; it’s change. It’s the unknown. It’s the wilderness. Yet with this realization that there’s fear comes the simple idea that there’s strength, knowledge and growth to be found in that same fear. How beautiful is it to be reminded that we must be scared to find change; we must be the pioneers to find new, uncharted territory. The new year promises yet another unknown, and a beautiful, clean slate. Today I’ve been basking in fear and remembering that there’s no growth to be found in your comfort zone, that perhaps being scared is the best gift one could have. Being scared means adventure is ahead. 5[1]Tomorrow, I am crossing the great pond to begin my semester at the London College of Fashion. I’m ready and I’m packed, but I’m nervous and a bit scared. I don’t know what to expect, but I do know that I have all the tools I need to be okay. Today was an incredible reminder that no matter what, even countries away, I will always have a support system. I spent the day with my best friend and my twin sister, going to Waffle House, enjoying some coffee, taking photos in fields and watching Sweeney Todd. I even celebrated my birthday with the twin a month early since we’ll be apart as we celebrate for the first time (I’ll turn 21 before she does, how funny). Today, I remembered that I will always have my tribe. It was an amazing beginning to the year, and a wonderful last hoorah before I leave. No matter where I go, I will always have the strength that my family and friends have instilled in me, and that’s a pretty beautiful start to the year. Today, take a moment to remember the strength you need to survive this world is already inside you. Perhaps the key to unlocking this strength is fear, and realizing that it’s okay to be scared. them[1]1[1]4[1]3[1]2[1]8[1]I’ve had all my clothing packed since Monday, so I’ve had the same five pieces on rotation since. Since I’m not bringing this skirt with me to England I thought it would be perfect to spend the day in.9[1]10[1]11[1]
Skirt: Vintage/ Sweatshirt: Zara/ Boots: Steve Madden/ Sweater and Jacket: H&M12[1]Here’s to the best year yet. Cheers!!


Photos by Alexandra Herstik, @alexyael

Seance Chic

It’s said that the moons energy lasts from three days before the full moon to three days after the full moon. This is a beautiful thing, especially on a chilly November Saturday when the river beckons you to come and bask in the energy of mother moon. As a student/blogger/intern/social media user, I spend an absurd amount of time on my computer. When the season shifts from summer to fall, I am made well aware of how little time I spend outside. Although I walk a lot on campus, I’m not enjoying the beauty of the season as much as I should be. I’m making an effort to go and explore more and yesterday, the twin and I did just that.1504995_10152859629456115_5784457175710925700_nI wore all black to spend the day with my sister and to explore near the river. The leaves are finally changing and it finally feels appropriate. The next couple months are so chock full of change that it’s a strangely comforting sentiment that the world understands too. I’ve been all about textures on textures when I’m wearing black, and I paired my favorite fuzzy sweater with a dress my mom gave me, some black thigh high knee socks and tights and my favorite oversize black hat. This outfit made me feel like a Death Queen on her way to a seance, and that’s not something I’m gonna complain about.821612111098734Swearer: H&M/ Tights and socks: Forever 21/ Necklace: Zara/ Hat: Vintage

What are you doing to celebrate the Fall?





Fashion and Function

This semester, I’m only on campus two days a week for class. This means two things; really great outfits five days a week and outfits that are functional two days a week. I need to be able to walk from one side of campus to the other, sometimes in under 20 minutes with a purse, a backpack and my big, chunky computer. This means utility. Utility, however, doesn’t mean I have to dress like a slob. For this past weeks outfit post, I decided to do something a little different. It was actually chilly out so I grabbed my Zara Men’s sweatshirt, my baby pink Zara jacket and my Kat Von Dee Coven lipstick to give my basic ensemble an alien vibe. 1I don’t think dressing well and being comfortable are mutually exclusive. I love being productive and sometimes that takes the right outfit. With a little creativity and some interesting details, the perfect balance isn’t hard to achieve at all.2 4 5 6 7 8 666Sweatshirt,jacket and necklace: Zara/ Pants: Joes Jeans/ Shoes: Urban Outfitters/ Bag: Dolls Kill



Photos: Alexandra Herstik, @alexyael



Steinbeck Sunday’s, Twins and Lamps

Even though I shot this on Friday, what’s more appropriate than writing a post on Sunday dedicated to Steinbeck?! Nothing, that’s what. I just finished To a God Unknown, Steinbeck’s second novel, and I have just started The Moon Is Down, a Steinbeck piece I hadn’t heard of that my friend Jenn found for me at a used bookstore! The old copy is absolutely breathtaking, and the fact that it’s called “The Moon is Down” doesn’t hurt it’s case either! Moon’s and Steinbeck?! I can deal with that. I wanted to showcase some of my favorite books and what not so I had my sister, Alexandra, snap some photos!

Skirt: Thrifted/ Tank: Forever 21/ Shoes and Shawl: Urban Outfitters/ Necklace: Zara

I started “Black Lipstick Friday’s” so if you want to join me, wear your black lipstick on Friday’s and make sure to #blacklipstickfriday so I can see!



Photos by @alexyael

Sunday Style: Death Queen

There is a certain comfort that comes along with wearing a solely black outfit, in textures that are comforting and warm. It’s no new fact that I love to layer black on black, it’s common knowledge and I am more than okay with that. It’s hard for me to understand why wearing black from head to toe attracts more attention than wearing all color, since you’d expect color to stand out more. The world we live in is full of bright colors, though, so I guess the contrast between a monochromatic outfit and the world is more startling.

Shirt: American Thread// Hoodie and Necklace: Zara// Faux Fur: H&M// Leggings: Express// Bag and Shoes: Urban Outfitters

I wore this outfit to brunch and Trader Joes!  The twin and I got some groceries and had some good conversation, the usual.I also went and  took a blindfolded yoga class to support research on diseases that cause blindness which was amazing! Now I’m gonna study and finish up some work.

What are you up to this evening?



What to Wear Wednesday; Till Death

Her presence is felt as soon as she steps foot in a room. She is a woman whose power and strength emanates from her core, filling the space with an energy that is both subtle and intoxicating. Cloaked in all black, she is as cunning as a raven and just as connected to the other realm. She understands her own strength and she dresses for it in blacks as dark as ink and as opaque as the midnight sky.

There’s a certain elegance to a woman who’s comfortable in her own skin, an effortlessness that no outfit will ever match. Lack of color does’t mean lack of passion, and the woman who knows how to wear all black will most likely surprise you with her own vibrancy. Liberation is the sweetest taste for the woman who has stopped confining herself to the expectations of others.

Textured Elegance

She is insatiable, constantly seeking knowledge of the darker aspects of the human soul, inspired by the occult and macabre.

Rose of Death

The madame who wears all black plays with textures and details in ways no one else thinks of. Lack of color and lack of personality aren’t necessarily equivalent, after all.

Dream Life

Inspired by the world around her, the woman who’s layered in mystery isn’t necessarily secluded from the rest of the humanity. She may be shrouded in darkness but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t know how to harness her own light.



What Being a Fashion Blogger Has Taught me in 2013

Happy New Year sweet things! I hope you all looked fabulous and dapper and rang in the new year with people you love. Time is one of the hardest concepts for me to grasp in this life (that’s a subject for another conversation and post),so a new year is always an interesting and fresh start for me. This year, I’m changing it up and really buckling down on my goals and making a commitment to actually keep up with them. I don’t really do resolutions since I try to keep goals year round, instead,  I use the beginning of the new year as a benchmark and check up of these goals, if you will This sort of looking back and review for the past year has made me really think about this site, and my style and blogging. I feel like there’s a lot to learn and a long way for me to go,  but I also truly believe that being a fashion blogger has taught me a lot as well; and not just about what the latest Target collaboration is. There are some life lessons to be learned, and I think the sooner you learn em, the better.

What Other People Think is Irrelevant

It does not matter what the lady down the street watching you have your photo taken thinks. It does not matter what the woman giving you the up and down at Kani House thinks. It does not matter what the man staring at your shaved hair thinks…It really and truly does not matter. Of course, if said person is your boss or interviewer, it matters completely, but I’m talking about random judgmental strangers. It takes time and strength to liberate yourself from this worrying about others opinions, but it is so important. There is no point in being self conscious with yourself because of someone who only sees you from the outside; you are worth so much more than what you’re wearing or the pose you’re striking, anyway. Give yourself the peace of mind and freedom to do what you want to do without worrying about other peoples opinions; you deserve it.

I got some odd looks in today’s getup


Dress How You Want to Dress No Matter Where You Are

I just did a little baby post on this about a month ago, but I will recap it once again. Dress however  you want to dress. Period. I don’t care if you’re in Columbia, South Carolina or Woodland Hills, California, I really don’t; this is me telling you to once again, liberate yourself from what others think and dress how you want to dress. Seriously, the weird stares and questioning side eyes are well worth it if you’re happy and feel fabulous. Wear your faux-fur in North Dakota or your thigh highs in Alabama, if you feel good, it will show.

Wearing black lipstick is fun but not common in good ole Columbia


Fashion Can Send a Strong Message

Really and truly, fashion has the capability to make people think. It’s called a fashion statement for a reason, after all. Use the power of your clothing to send a message; whether that means being a boss ass bitch in your perfect outfit or being an advocate for equality and love in a “No H8” shirt. Fashion has the incredible power to both transform and create, and you can use this to your advantage in your life in almost every facet. You can look like the killer death queen you are and state that you shouldn’t even be messed with without opening your mouth, or you can tell people that you like beef like Lady Gaga did in her meat dress. The options seem to be endless..

I was sending the message of an asylum patient


You Have to Love Yourself and Your Style Before Anyone Else Does

Can I get five amen’s and a hallelujah?! Seriously, this is just a golden life rule; you have to love yourself before you let anyone else love you, and you have to love yourself before you love anyone else. This can be applied to style as well; it is irrelevant if your friend with a completely different aesthetic is in love with the crazy new get up you’re unsure about, if you aka the one who’s wearing it, isn’t smitten.. She is not going to have to walk around in it, you are. Confidence is one of the best things you can wear, if you love your outfit it shows and you glow!!! Honestly, when I’m unsure about my outfit, it turns into feeling like I look gross and being uncomfortable and it’s not pleasant. It doesn’t matter if my sister loves my outfit or if my best friend thinks I look ace, if I don’t love my outfit and think I look ace, what’s the point of wearing it?! Do yourself a favor and define your style. Love what you wear and own it. Wear it well. Then, when other people say you look good you can smile and truly say “thank you” and not “Ew I look o gross today”.


What have you learned from your experiences this past year?!



Sunday Style on Monday: Dali

I got home yesterday from Florida and I am so happy to be back in my beautiful city, but I can’t deny that I had a nice vacation with my family. From breakfast, to yoga on the beach, to shopping, and the Dali museum, I would like to think it was a successful vacation . I’ve been to the Dali museum in St.Petersburg before it was renovated, but I hadn’t been to the new location. If you’re in Tampa or St.Pete or surrounding areas, you must go. Dali was such an incredible artist, there’s nothing quite like him or his work. He was such an incredible mind and soul and it’s worth it to get the little headphones and listen to his mustache narrate and explain his art. Perfect for getting absorbed and lost in his art on a rainy day.

Shirt: Urban Outfitters/ Jacket and Necklace: Forever 21/ Leggings: Topshop/ Pursse: Zara/ Boots: Dolce Vita/ Hat:H&M

This is a pretty accurate description of my twin and I, if I do say so myself.

Ladies and gents, don’t I have a beautiful family?! My grandma(in the middle) just turned 80 over summer, and my mother (right) just turned 59. My father, the lovely gentleman who looks like Ben Kingsley just turned 64. Also this means that in 2014 my sister and I turn 20, my mom turns 60 and my dad turns 65..wow.

I post regular photos of my adventures and outfits on instagram, @gabyherstik

Hope you all have a great New Years Eve Eve!


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