Glorified Selfies or MAKEUP SECRETS?

Okay guys so the reason I’m doing this is mainly because I haven’t had time to take outfit photos- oops. But it’s also because people ask me about makeup and I never write about it. So here’s a post of glorified selfies with how I got the look.

11705352_10152896868251207_7606832125996285726_nSo remember that one time Kari and I dressed up as Kimye? Yeah so that was pretty much like 50 pounds worth of makeup solely spent on contouring.  I always start with my eyebrows (some days are better than others though folks)

Brows-I use Anastasia’s Dip Brow in Ebony, starting at the edge and working in until about an inch from where I want my brow to end and then i use a q tip to blend out so that last inch sort of  ombres.
Lids- I used Sephora Eye Prime all over my eyelids and grabbed my Naked Basics pallet. Super easy smokey eye- darker color in the outside half of the lid, blending it out from the crease. Put a lighter color on the inside corner(in this case white) and blend from the outer corner in.
Linear-  I do the same cat eye everyday, using ELF liquid eye linear. I just make a line diagonally from the outer corner and clean it up with a q tip.  I line half of the lower eyelid with a black pencil, finish off with Great Lash mascara
Cheeks- I use the same brown from the Naked Pallet to contour my cheeks. Contour cheat- make a fishy face and put a darker color under your cheek bones.
Lips-  Lime Crime lipstick in Coquette. 
Not as fabulous as Kim but I can try.


Brows– I used  Anastasia’s Dip Brow in Ebony  on my brows
Linear-  Lime Crime Eye Linear in Lunar Sea  and a black pencil on the outside half of my lower waterline and finished off with mascara. Woopie.
Lips- Candy Yum Yum by MAC
Cheeks- I contoured my cheeks (to no end) using the same Naked Basic Palette.


BrowsAnastasia’s Dip Brow in Ebony
Lids- Sephora Eye Prime  and Naked Basics pallet
Linear-ELF liquid eye linear
Lips MAC in Matte Royal
The only thing different between this look and the first look is the lipstick and a little less contouring!


Brows- Anastasia Dip Brow in Ebony
Lids- I used a warm golden brown and blended in from the outer corner in. I don’t know what brand it is because I got it for my cousins wedding in Mexico YEARS ago from this nifty makeup artist I don’t remember. So thank you for the best color of my life, but god will I miss this shade when it’s gone.
Linear- ELF liquid eye linear
Lashes– Great Lash Blackest Black Mascara 
ips-  Maybelline Lipstick in Burgundy Blush 


Brows- Anastasia Dip Brow in Ebony
Lids– Naked Basics Pallet – using the white and blending out into the brown
Linear-ELF liquid eye linear
Lashes– Great Lash Blackest Black Mascara
Lips- MAC liptick in Stone

What else do you want to see?

Sundays in Tartan

It’s November and the cold, gloomy days don’t disagree. October is over, and with it Halloween season. It’s bittersweet; working at a costume shop during October gets hectic and crazy but it’s absolutely amazing. I’m ready for a fresh month and some new adventures and this weekend was the perfect welcome to that sentiment, One of my best friends, Miranda of High Voltage Blog, finally came and visited my twin sister and I here in Columbia. We spent this past weekend together, celebrating Halloween and the change of season and basking in memories, old and new.

The most exciting part? Miranda and I will be both be studying abroad in London next semester! She’ll be studying at University of Florida’s center and I’ll be studying at London College of Fashion; a dream come true to say the least.

5I spent my Sunday in one of my favorite vintage tartan skirts. Today consisted of Chipotle, coffee, shopping, Trader Joe’s and schoolwork. Always a good Sunday when it’s spent in something just colorful enough and surrounded by good friends. It’s been chilly yesterday and today so I paired my skirt with a faux fur jacket, some new clogs and some gold accents.I love pairing midi skirts with a chunky shoe, especially if the skirt is a heavier fabric, like this one is. 4 3 2 17 6810 9Skirt: Vintage/ Top & coat: H&M/ Shoes & hair clip: Urban Outfitters/ Bag: Zara

All photos by Alexandra Herstik (@alexyael)

What are you wearing this November?