November 30th may SEEM like an ordinary day, but alas- tis not. It’s my mom’s birthday-and she’s turning 61! If you don’t have the pleasure of knowing Silvia, you’re missing out. She’s the first one to dance, the first one to laugh, she always looks fabulous (SERIOUSLY- the women is turning 61 and looks better than yours truly) and she is the first one to love with all of her heart. My mom was my introduction to both of my passions- fashion and spirituality. The woman has been using crystals, meditating, doing yoga and the whole nine yards since before it was socially acceptable (hello 80’s). Silvia is where I get my unyielding, burning passion for lipstick, black, (faux) leather, high heels and a KILL EM attitude- so needless to say I am glad this Sagittarius Queen was born all these years ago! 11223337_10153510783296115_1145219058023697366_oMy mom has taught me a lot- so I decided to share my six favorite lessons and the ultimate gold rule she taught  me (get it 61??). So here you go- from Silvia Herstik to you!


So what seem like a no brainer actually isn’t.  Ever since I was little, my mom has always looked fabulous. It doesn’t matter if she’s wearing an Express track suit or her favorite pair of AG jeans, the woman always looks perfect.  I think this is also a cultural thing- my grandma is the same way. I also thing my family just drank out of the fountain of youth because my god do humans in my family age well. My mom (who was born and raised in Mexico City) has always emphasized that there’s no shame in taking care of yourself- having pride in how you present yourself is good! It’s important and worthy- if it makes you feel good, do it! No shame at all.



One of my moms favorite stories to tell us (us being the twin and me) is of one of our closest friends Amanda and how she would always look at my mom, wide eyed and starstruck, while we were at temple at Friday night services. Amanda was constantly in awe of my moms perfectly pink lips and loved to play with her lipstick. Me? Not so much. It wasn’t until I was a senior in high school that I realized the power of a perfectly red pout. Ever since then I’ve been hooked. My mom was my first introduction to the wonderful world of MAC and all their fabulous hues. I like to call lipstick my war paint, and these days my lipstick choices also inspire my mom. I like to think of it as fashion karma! She introduced me to the tube of courage and I introduce her to So Chaud and Candy Yum Yum. Mutually beneficial for sure.



My mom is a 5’5 powerhouse with a thick Mexican accent. She graduated from college in three years and got her Masters degree in two. By the time she was 20 she owned her private practice and when she was 27 she came to the United States by herself- the first in her family. Silvia is the original power woman in my book, and if there’s one thing her kick butt work ethic and her fabulous nature has taught me it’s to NEVER apologize for being yourself. My mom is constantly underestimated because shes a woman and she has an accent, and you know what? She constantly proves those people wrong. My mom always dances, always sings, always loves and always gives hugs and kisses. She wears monochromatic outfits and has a really loud laugh and she’s kinda weird and you know what? That’s what makes her stellar! And she has never apologized for that.

4. YOU CAN ALWAYS CHEAT YOUR HEIGHT11188405_10152725438786207_3316539951769336462_n

My mom has always been a heel woman. Ever since I was younger I’ve always admired my mothers vast shoe collection. It wasn’t until I was around 13 or 14 and learned to appreciate style that I truly realized the power that a good shoe holds over mortal women. One of my favorite sounds growing up was the sound of my moms heels clicking on hardwood floor. A close second? The sounds of her acrylic nails tapping. My mother also taught me to appreciate comfort- you can look good and not want to cut off your feet. I’m definitely taking after Mama Herstik, I love my heels and tend to wear them whenever I don’t have class, Columbia doesn’t stand(!) a chance.

 5. THERE IS ALWAYS A REASON TO CELEBRATE12109007_10153042339996207_8033184614363986878_n

Actually literally, having a Mexican Jewish mother means celebrations are abundant. You got an A? CELEBRATE! Poochy (the pup!) got groomed? CELEBRATE! Extreme Home Makeover is on? Cry and then CELEBRATE! One of the most important lessons this fabulous lady has taught me is that it is a million times better to wake up with gratitude for each day and own it! Every day you’re alive and able to celebrate is reason enough. So whether you’re dancing your heart out in your car, or jamming at the club, celebrate. Never apologize for listening to the DJ of your soul!


A very special and IMPORTANT rule shared by my twin Alexandra. This goes back to rule number 5! ALWAYS CELEBRATE! BUT- make sure you have a designated driver if you do! This is for you dad, you’re the real MVP for letting mom get Saki! Also- my mom always sing “Nooobody knowsss the bubbless I’ve seen” when she drinks saki. It’s really cute.


And last but not least….

Silvia’s Golden Rule: YOU HAVE TO LOVE YOURSELF FIRST11043531_10152819335956207_4525293076084156283_n

You have to love yourself before you love anyone else or let anyone else love you::: easily the most important thing that this human has taught me and the golden rule of life. You have to love yourself. It’s not negotiable, it’s not an option. It’s a necessity.  You are worthy of the same love you give to others simply because you exist. Your soul deserves the same respect and admiration as every other soul you love. Loving yourself is a process, its a journey and it takes work, but as soon as you choose to embrace it, everything else becomes easier. You’re not fully receptive to love until you decide you deserve it (which you do!) I remember giving myself a hug in fifth grade in our old apartment building and learning to love myself (and all my weird “flaws”) because my mom had been preaching this rule to me since I was little. I can’t stress enough how much this simple sentiment has impacted to me. I can easily say I wouldn’t be who I am, shaved hair and sass and all, if it weren’t for my mother stressing to me that I MUST love myself. So here I am, passing it on to you! Love yourself! Treat yourself! Amen!

12278893_10153110476556207_1763825539203185300_nSo mom, mommy, mother, madre, mami, Silvia- I love you. You are a wonderful, beautiful, vibrant soul and I am so glad you love selfies as much as I do (literally, whenever any of our family is together you can be sure you’ll here Silvia scream SELFIE!) I hope 61 is the best year yet. You are as beautiful and fabulous and young on the inside as you are on the outside! OH- that could be another lesson! A young soul keeps you young. I could write a million more things you taught me but I’ll keep it short! I love you mami!


On Carefully Curated Simplicity

We all have our flaws. I’m obviously no exception, and I try to be transparent with that especially on here and social media. It’s so easy to pretend to be something to project a certain image into the world, just to feel accepted. I don’t like to be perceived differently on here than I do in real life- I want this blog to be like an open conversation (to whoever decides to read it) about my relationship with fashion and life. Today’s post is no different. One of the biggest problems I’ve had with enlightenment, so to speak, is envy. Being a twin, I grew up being compared to my sister a lot and I was never fully comfortable with who I was for a long time.  Pair this with middle school, and a really long awkward phase, and there was a lot of self-criticism and envy of others for me until about two years ago. It has been only recently that I’ve started to drink Boy Tears. 1Even though I’m a lot more comfortable with who I am, and even though other peoples opinions don’t matter to me, I still find myself getting in the mindset of envy. This place is where comparison resides, something that for me exists in a really strange way.

I’m an Aquarius. I am naturally curious- I want to know about the inner workings of peoples brains and hearts, I want to know why the universe acts the way it does, and why things always happen in threes. I am also curated- I make my way through life with intention- both with my style and the way I present myself to the world, and the way that I move through it. I am constructed and I am careful- simply because I know what I like and it makes me feel good and I follow it. I’m constantly curating who I am because I’m constantly finding pieces of myself that fit. 43 2 I am not simple- I think. I think a lot, something which gets exhausting but something which shapes the world around me more than anything else. I am not effortless- I am effortlessly myself because I’m shaping who I am but I am constantly analyzing. This even comes down with the way I decorate my room and my car and the little things in between. I strive to be surrounded and cloaked in things that resonate with me on a soul level. I choose- people, places and things that make me feel alive and I go there and only there. 6 5But this gets tiring. And I find myself envious of girls who move through life in a more effortless state. This envy tends to be one from afar, judging peoples lives from the outside looking in. I find myself envious of  simplicity, of girls who are just cute and adorable with what seems like minimal effort. Regardless if this is true or not, one thing remains the same- this is my story, not theirs. I may put effort into who I am and surprise- that’s not something someone should be ashamed of! I think this sort of jealousy is a reminder that how other people live their lives is irrelevant to how I live my own-.

I am proud of who I am, of my own story. This is a reminder that sometimes it takes letting go and finding an inner sense of simplicity to really live and let live. That envy isn’t worth it and working on the way you view the world and shape your life is.  This post is more of a reminder of myself, and to whoever else needs it, that life is only as hard as you make it.

Make it wonderful.

The Ultimate Fall Runway Inspo

I went to sleep last night and woke up in the 10th circle of Hell. It is so hot in Columbia. Fear not kind Samaritans, and dear readers, I have not strayed from my path, I have been wearing all black throughout the dampening heat. If there’s one thing that Father Sun has given me lately (besides a horribly awkward tan on my left arm from driving with the window down) it’s autumn lust. I want the cool breeze and October nights, I want to watch American Horror Story after work and I want to the fair. I want leather! I want faux fur! I want beanies and I want it now! Well, instead of throwing a temper tantrum I hit the runways (through the cyberweb) and made some collages.. So without further adieu,here are my top five AW15 RTW collections for major, major outfit lust.

Givenchy 1Just going to take a second and acknowledge the fact that Tisci’s inspiration for Fall/Winter was “Victorian Chola”…as if he couldn’t have us any more hooked. Curls adorned models faces as did a plethora of piercings. This collection in one word? Strong. Even when a delicate cream dress with carefully constructed florets and an oversize fur stole came down the runway, there was an element of sweetness, but it never lost its strength. Sheer pieces were contrasted by plenty of velvet, leather and high necklines creating a modern day renaissance in the form of new age sexiness. This collection is all diamonds.

Thom Browne2Thom Browne is all about dramatic flair, and he did not disappoint this past season. There were male angels, a grim reaper and plenty of (you guessed it!) – black. What Browne did so well, and notably, was create garments that could very easily be considered “mourning attire” and erased the stigma behind them. So you look like you may be going to a funeral? Who cares. Going along wit the theme of Victorian inspiration, Browne sent down look after look of elegant macabre sensibilities. Each look was eerie and tailored to perfection and finished off with a really great headpiece. A+ Thom.

Alexander McQueen3The house of the unusual, and the reigning Queen, Sarah Burton, had an incredible season. Delicate lace dresses featured sculputral details and towering necklines, billowing sheer ballgowns were plastered with roses and leather was used in plenty. Leave it to the house of McQueen to create an airplane dress with a plunging neckline in oxblood colored leather… and to add the perfect lace collar as a detail. This collection was once again, obviously Victorian in its inspiration, but it was done in sultry and daring MQueen fashion. This collection makes you feel memories you know don’t existed; it transports you to somewhere you once knew but can no longer remember. Bravo.

Ann Demeulemeester4 Although Ann may not be running the house anymore, the house is still running, and running fast. Fall did not leave one disappointed, thanks to the like of meticulously draped dresses with Obi leather belts, sheer peakaboo paneling and lots and lots of sexy leather accents. The house of Demeulemeester is an erotic, enticing one; it is unapologetic in its raw strength. And although the catwalks have been littered with neo-goth inspiration, it clearly didn’t phase Sébastien Meunier, who kept his wit and kept designing pieces any Demeulemeester fan can get behind. That is not something to complain about.

Simone Rocha5Simone Rocha has been my life inspiration for the past month or so when I remembered how incredible she is and made this collage. Sweet, romantic, Victorian blooms! Black frills and lace and sheer skirts! This is the sort of collection I want to buy, grow old in and get buried in. Rocha has an innate sense of the female figure, thanks to her understanding of how to create silhouettes, and she loves to show it off. Free the nipple? Rocha’s got your back. Wonderfully sheer dresses were covered with roses and blooms in red and white, black velvet was crafted into blouse size florets… There was plenty at bloom here.

Tombstone Tuesdays

Okay folks, my time in London is coming to an end and I STILL can’t believe how fast it’s gone by. I’ve been absolutely HORRIBLE at posting, and I can’t apologize enough. If you keep up with me on instagram, you’ll be able to see more of my day-to-day, and hopefully once I’m back in the states I’ll be posting more. I don’t have classes on Tuesday and I decided that instead of shopping or sleeping or drinking coffee that I would spend some time outside and explore a new cemetery. I went to Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park to think, center and reflect, appropriate on #tombstonetuesday.


Photo of me by Alexandra Herstik, everything else by yours truly

I’ve been trying to find my footing in uncertainty. My parents are moving back to San Diego in the next couple of months, we’re all moved out of our house (which I said goodbye to before I left), and I still don’t know what I’ll be up to this summer. Throw in an over-analyzing brain, a girl who likes to know where she stands in other peoples lives. leaving somewhere you’re finally finding your footing in and the idea of graduating college in a year and you have the perfect combination of lots of things and emotions going on at once (hence this horridly long run on sentence). So, I decided to do what I do best; get lost in my thoughts and wander around in a cemetery and think and all that stuff.

An Afternoon copy

Photo of me by Alexandra Herstik, everything else by yours truly

I’m a firm believer in taking time to connect to something, whether it’s art or the earth, religion or the universe.. I don’t think feeling isolated and small will serve you, especially if you let it overtake you. I’ve been thinking a lot about what it means for me to believe in something else and I’ve been trying to find that sweet spot where presence, connection and surrender meld into one. I believe in reincarnation, and I think that the idea of something after I die makes me grateful for every aspect of this life, including the idea that one day there will be something else, that one day (in many, many, MANY, years) when I die, it won’t be the end. By seeing death as a new beginning I’m left feeling more grateful for everything that I have and everything that I will have, in this life and the next.I decided to connect to my spirit guides and my own intuition and the universe today, inspired by the idea of gratuity and death and new beginnings. The best way I could think to do this was to explore a new place. I spent a little time in the cemetery and I think it was exactly what I needed. I love cemeteries for a few reasons, but especially because I like thinking about how each grave must hold an endless amount of stories by its inhabitant. Old graves hold secrets and stories from a world I’ve never even known, and if that’s not something that makes you think…I also think there’s something beautiful about going back to the earth, and I think that cemeteries hold a sort of veil and energy that’s not found anywhere else. Also, the romantic side of me thinks that true love is being buried next to the person you love.Anyway, it was beautiful and sunny and windy and the crows and birds kept me company. I left feeling lightheaded from all the energy and connected… sometimes that’s all you need to change your mindset.11069664_10152649820101207_4752055735583772118_n 11058508_10152649819741207_7215046054504098854_n11081166_10152649820961207_3443161150832182003_n 11081100_10152649818416207_424294941004413263_n 11078082_10152649821381207_7415094833591180482_n 11076291_10152649825986207_7673953172657434180_nbackkkk10409036_10152649824911207_2717809318463832262_n21985_10152649820321207_6061204033378854276_n17405_10152649821651207_8681178624411243368_nIf you’re in London, I definitely suggesting taking some time to explore Tower Hamlets Cemetery. It’s beautiful and a good place to go to find some peace.

Cheers lovers,


Style Sunday; Inspired by Bast

I truly believe we are all multidimensional beings who have many facets to our personality and souls. Since I’ve been doing menswear Monday posts that are inspired by gods, I decided to find some of my own inspiration in the realm of the goddesses. I love Egypt’s rich history and I love their pantheon even more. Bast is an Egyptian cat goddess, who used to have the head of a lion and the body of a woman, who is usually now just represented as a domestic cat. Bast, in her cat form, is goddess of the moon, of feminine strength, of love, war and the home. She is both incredibly docile and incredibly aggressive.

My friend Nolan and I went to the Goat Farm, a literal goat farm and studio and venue, here in Atlanta and we took some photos before driving to another park to take more. I liked the juxtaposition of shooting an Egyptian goddess in a lush, green background and I think it worked well since Bast seems to juxtapose herself.  I picked a long gold skirt, a simple halter top and a gold an turquoise necklace to represent the clean lines, bright golds and rich gems that are present in Egypt.. Gaby b&wGaby 2Gaby 10Gaby 8Gaby 7Gaby 6Gaby 5Gaby 4Gaby 3Top: Forever 21/ Skirt: Thrifted/ Necklace: H&M/ Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell.

All photos by Nolan Chandler. @n_chandler on instagram and @nolanchandler_ on twitter



Menswear Monday: Inspired by Sri Ganesha

One of the reasons I’m so drawn to yoga is because of the philosophy, and how rooted yoga is in Hinduism and Hindu mythology. Hinduism is littered with beautiful stories of how the world came to be, of why our spirits are how they are, and stories of the hundreds of gods and goddesses that are in the Hindu pantheon. The two main deities in the Hindu pantheon are Shakti and Shiva; the supreme god and goddess that all the other gods and goddess are representations of. Shakti and Shiva represent the god and goddess in each of us; the feminine and masculine power that is alive and innate in every single one of our souls. One of my favorite gods in the Hindu pantheon is the elephant head god, Ganesh. Ganesh iconography and imagery is everywhere nowadays, and for good reason. Ganesh is the guardian of doorways and the remover of obstacles. He is the god of auspiciousness; he is the promise that yes, things will be okay; he is the promise that one door closing most certainly means another opening.

So why does this god have the head of an elephant? There are many myths surrounding the origin of his elephant head, but perhaps the most popular is the one that follows. In most myths, Ganesh is the son of Pavarti (a form of Shakti) and Shiva. One day, while Pavartia was taking a bath, she asked Ganesh to guard the door. Well, Shiva came home while Ganesh was obeying his mothers orders, but Shiva didn’t recognize Ganesh as his own, so CHOP, he cut off his head. Pavartia was furious, obviously, and made Shiva take the head of the first animal he crossed paths with. Shiva came back with  the head of a strong, powerful, elephant and the image of the classic elephant headed god was born.


Channel Ganesh and wear something inspired by his home country. Wear bright reds, oranges or yellows (Ganesh is usually depicted in a very colorful manner). Try some red drop waist pants with a soft, loose tee shirt  (10 points to Gryfindor if it has an elephant on it), and slip on some Chelsea boot to finish up the look. Grab a pendant with Ganesh on it to serve as reminder that you can overcome any  obstacle, and slip on a black windbreaker to keep cool and collected while you do so. 5 x 7 Hortence J Pacadorf Elephant von GrandOleBestiary auf Etsyganesh

Drop waist pants, or harem pants, naturally have an Indian vibe to them so style em and rock em as you like. I personally like a drop waist pant with a more fitted, but not “tight”, top. Feeling really inspired by the elephant headed god? Try wearing a tee shirt with him on it. Don’t feel the vibe of harem pants or bright colors? That’s cool too. Perhaps, wear an intention to remember that Ganesh has got your back (or that the universe/ god/ goddess has got your back. We’re all praying to the same god in the end, after all.) Keep in mind that things work out as they should in the long run, and take comfort in knowing that you are a manifestation of the divine.




Diaries of A Mad Dancing Woman

Here’s the thing; it’s one thing to say you don’t care what other people think and it’s another thing to actually realize how unimportant other’s opinions are and to let that leak into your day to day life. Let’s face it; we’re trained from a young age to be accepted and liked, and although that’s important, it’s also important to remember that we shouldn’t mold ourselves to fit into anyone else’s idea of who we should be.

So, this is where my story begins. Last Friday I went to the Tabernacle, a venue here in Atlanta, to see one of my current favorite bands, Balance and Composure. They were performing with some hometown heroes, Manchester Orchestra, but I suck and  don’t know any of Manchester’s music, BUT they do put on an amazing show! I was there for Balance, who I’d seen  in October at The Masquerade (another Atlanta venue), right after their new album dropped. I have been listening to them everyday since then.The thing is,  a lot has happened in the months since October, people have come into my life and left it, and I feel like this band has been a constant since that day I saw them. Seeing them again was like closure and new beginnings wrapped into one. I was definitely excited. And, as always, the biggest step in a show is finding what to wear; especially if it’s at the Tabernacle, where you have chairs to sit in. OPTIONS GALORE. I decided upon this ensemble.

I chose a bandeau from Zara in the perfect mint green and paired it with a pair of pants from H&M. These pants are my new favorite; a they have lace paneling on the sides and are sheer and have a pair of hot pants as a slip of sorts. I didn’t really know what to expect as far what other people were wearing so I went full out. I even swapped out my classic, tried and true red lipstick for black.

Selfies were most definitely involved.

Okay so the point of this story? Fast forward to being at the actual venue with my best friend Marissa right before Balance and Composure comes on. I was freaking out. My heart was racing, my hands were clammy, my feet were antsy; I was sitting up in my chair about to have a panic attack, I was so excited and ready to get up and sing and dance.

The lights dim. Balance comes out. I stand up from my chair and run to the little gate at the front of the section of the second level of the venue that we are on. I was at the very front, overlooking those who were standing at the general admission section below, and I let loose.

When I say I let loose I mean, I LET LOOSE. I was dancing my heart out, and if you’ve ever been in the car with me when I play Bohemian Rhapsody, you’ll know what I mean. I was shaking my hips, screaming my lungs out to every word and I had both arms in the air the whole time. The catch? No one else was dancing. At all. Everyone else started dancing when Manchester Orchestra came on, but they weren’t so impressed by Balance and Composure. Everyone below me could look up and see me dancing and everyone behind me was taking photos and snickering and laughing. I didn’t even notice the people below us staring until Marissa pointed it out after I made her come and stand and dance next to me.

But you know what? I had the best time of my life. I LOVE dancing and I can’t imagine standing still through the set of a band who I love so much (and who are so good. Seriously if you’ve never heard Balance and Composure, check them out). It doesn’t matter to me what these random people think about me because I was so present and happy and JOYOUS when I was watching this bands set.

I was dancing with my best friend to a band who had been there longer for me this past year than a lot of other people. I sat down after the last song was finished and unintentionally started crying. It felt like I had just come off a week long juice cleanse and all my emotions were coming up. I felt whole and present and grateful and complete and kinda like I wanted to throw up. But the one thing I didn’t feel at all? Regret. No sort of regret for looking like a loon on loon tablets for dancing so hard, no regret for looking weird because I was having so much fun, no regret for truly, truly, dancing through life. Nothing. Why? Because I had so much fun, seeing some of my favorite songs live and what strangers thought of my experience was, and continues to be, completely irrelevant to the experience itself.

I went to the bathroom after the show and just took it in. Everything. I had even been able to experience the night with my best friend and also one of my closest guy friends, James. Although there weren’t enough seats for us all to sit next to one another, we grabbed James a seat a row and a few seats over from us. James and I both love Balance and after I got back to my phone once their set was finished, I saw a text from him reading “I fucking love you”. That made all the side eyes worth it.

So what’s the morale of the story? Dance. At red lights, at concerts, in your car, at work. Dance through life because we’re not promised another day or another hour; we just have this. And what’s more organic and wonderful then surrendering to a song? Whether it’s one the universe’s hum or one your favorite band singing, it doesn’t matter. Dance through life literally and metaphorically and never, EVER, be deterred from your dance because others don’t have your rythm.



We Are the Nomads

There are points of transition in each of our lives; moments where we feel stagnant and static while still having the unnerving feeling of change in our gut. There are few things that are for certain in this life, we are only promised death, yet we live each day like we are permanent fixtures in an unyielding universe. The moments we have of complete movement and transition seem to illuminate our lives unlike anything else, allowing us to bask in the fact that life is not stagnant or static, but something much greater than we can comprehend. There is a certain romance in the life of a nomad, a soul who feels connected to constant change and movement and exploration.

In April, I am inspired by the desert. I am inspired by sandy browns, vibrant oranges and cool turquoise. I am inspired by those who wander, but are not lost. In April, I am inspired by the nomads.

I  wish there was a word between like and love.
Emre Doğru.Coalmine Canyon, ArizonaWinter in the DessertNOMADIC



Mindful Monday

It’s Monday. It’s the start of a new week  and it’s the perfect time to reset your energetic clocks to tick with mindfulness and intention. It’s so easy to slip into an automatic and unconscious mindset when the momentum of day to day life gets really busy, but it’s important that we remember to return to our natural state of consciousness. It’s so easy to let autopilot take hold when you’re interacting with others, or even yourself, and it’s easy to get caught in a negative mindset if things don’t seem to be going well. There are some things you can do to make sure you’re able to indulge in life with an open and eager heart though!

It’s important to reiterate this simple step because it’s easily forgotten. I get it, sometimes things happen and they hurt us, and they tear us apart. There’s always more than one perspective though; did you learn from the experience, are you stronger because of it? Did you learn you needed to surround yourself with other people?  Being alive is a gift in itself; try so see the positive in the situation and things will get better, I promise. Think of the universe as a giant magnet; whatever you’re thinking or feeling is only attracting more of that same thought or feeling to you. See the positive in everything and you’ll have more positive experiences.

Surround yourself with people who only let words rooted in love leave their lips. Only let words of love leave your lips. There is nothing big or impressive in belittling someone else, it says eons more about your character than it does theirs. Today, make an intention to be mindful of what you say about others. Are your words rooted in ego? Do you speak negatively about others because of your own insecurities? Shower others in love. Live a life that’s abundant with love in every form. Now apply this to how you think of yourself. Do you put yourself down whenever you look in the mirror? Do you put yourself down? Show yourself some compassion and love. You are much more than just your body; you are a radiant soul that deserves your kindness and appreciation more so than anyone else.

We have this tendency to label situations as good or bad, positive or negative. The reality is that things just are. The situation itself has no positive or negative connotation, we’re the ones who put that weight on it. Next time something “bad” happens, try not to label it. Accept it for what it is, be thankful it happened and that you learned from it (there’s that whole gratuity thing again) and let it go. Don’t restrict yourself, or your life, to one filled with labels.  Let go of the ties you have and just be. You are so much greater than any construct you put on yourself. As soon as you label something your sticking it in a box; you’re taking away it’s opportunity to grow.  Remember how many people often label the “death” card in a tarot deck as bad, when in reality it’s a wonderful card that represents transformation? Don’t do that with your life. Bask in every possibility without putting labels on it, allow room for growth and expansion in every facet of your reality.

Stay rooted in this life and live with intention. Harm none, love more, and connect to whatever it is that draws you in. Set an intention; it can be to love more, to curse less, to live more consciously, to eat healthier or just to love yourself more. Live each and every day with integrity. Tread lightly but tread purposefully.

I find myself being bitter and resentful to those who have hurt me; I find myself holding onto anger when it does not serve me at all. I’ve been setting my intention at the beginning of my yoga classes and practices to send love to those who I’m not on the best of terms with; not for their sake, not necessarily because they deserve forgiveness, but because I deserve peace. Stop holding grudges, at your friends, family and most importantly, at yourself. Move through this life with love, with courage, with integrity, with peace, with happiness and with bravery. Let go of ego. Let go of jealousy and anger and hate. There is no worth in that which belittles others. There is no worth in that which tears you down.

Be mindful. Be loving. See the light in everyone and everything.



All photos by Mary Decrescenzio 

Sporty Chic n Sleek

The idea of “Sporty Chic” is nothing new, ESPECIALLY if you’re at a huge state university like I am. Throngs of girls claim to be sporty chic in their Nike shorts and tee shirts, but we really all know they’re probably not hitting the gym.  I’m all for comfort, and I truly have no problem with what other ladies in my 8am are wearing, but I’m still figuring out my feeling at seeing a Chanel version of the sneakers these girls wear on the runway. Dior had some sneakers too, and the runways were littered with street wear inspired styles. The last time I considered myself sporty was when I was 5 and would carry around my Sporty Spice Barbie, flaunting her little red sequin tube top and barbed wire tattoo. I quickly grew out of that phase, but I have been donning a hoodie recently,from Zara if I may add, under my leather jacket and faux fur coat. As someone with an edgier aesthetic, however, I am torn between loving the comfy, casual, high fashion sports attire and HATING it. H&M and Victoria Secret have both released sports collections and although I will probably hit both of the stores up for clothes to wear to yoga, I would never replace my beloved Zara riding leggings with some leggings from H&M’s workout collection.

I love sweater and legging sets, and I love this look from Chanel’s Fall 2014 RTW Collection, but I can’t get past the sneakers. I don’t always sacrifice comfort for style, but I do believe in finding a happy medium between the two. Don’t want to pair this look with pumps or a heeled boot? I would pair it with a classic, quilted Chanel flat.


I can really really dig these Chanel sneakers though. They’re less Nike and more high fashion Vans and I can definitely rock that. Pair em with some big, chunky, yellow gold jewelry, an oversized sweater and some lipstick and you got an ACE outfit.

Alexander Wang has been doing the sporty chic thing well for seasons. His sleek aesthetic works well with the activewear influence he draws from, creating an avant-garde look for the woman on the go.

alexander want

Alexander Wang has the perfect mix of activewear influence with his line. High fashion, borderline minimalism and sleek as anything. I would wear all his clothing, everyday.

I’m still trying to figure out my opinion on sports influenced style. I love it when it’s a hint of sporty chic, not so much when it’s Chanel sneakers. Maybe I’ll start incorporating more sporty chic pieces into my wardrobe. No worries though, no norts.

What’s your take on “sporty chic” style?!



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