High Voltage Blog X El Bambino Lookbook Pt II

As promised, I have listed some new crowns over at El Bambino! I’m also releasing some new photos of my collaboration with Miranda  of High Voltage Blog. As you all must know by now, I’m incredibly inspired by those of the other realm. I draw an immense amount of inspiration from the fay, or faeries. Miranda took the vision I had for the shoot and added to it, creating something incredible

What are YOU inspired by that’s out of this world?



I Sing the Body Electric

I’ve been making some floral crowns to sell and decided that “Macabre meets Steinbeck” would be an interesting, and very Gaby, way to show them off. It was honestly the perfect weather for this kind of shoot, and I am incredibly happy with how these turned out!

If you want to order a crown, you can off my Etsy, or email me at breathing.fashion@yahoo.com for a customized crown and I will list it on my etsy! They start at $9 (without shipping), and look like the one below.

Jacket and Necklace: Forever 21

Sweater: H&M

Dress: Love Culture

Tights, Shoes and Socks: Target

Leather Hotpants: The Junkman’s Daughter




Throw woodchips at my window

This look is on Lookbook.nu, find it HERE. You can also find what I'm wearing and hopefully (if you have a lookbook) hype it! I felt like a giant six year old in my frilly bright pink leggings but they're so warm and so comfortable I didn't even care. Today I have math tutoring and I have to drive around to drop my sister off somewhere and then I'll maybe hit up the mall. Hopefully I'll have a chance to blog tonight! Maybe an H is for… or a new feature on how to… ( ie how to put together a French outfit).Oh expect a bunch of pictures of fashion related books and clothing that can change your style and your day!