On Letting Go

I always hold on; to memories, to thing and to people especially. What if’s and why not’s consume my mind and leave me clinging to the past, searching for closure I never found. In the present, I distance myself from people who I care about when they get too close, and I constantly compare myself to others, even though I know I don’t know their real story. I’m always working on letting go, finding my own closure and understanding that the universe has perfect timing. There are things that happen that I may not want to accept or understand, but I let go, keep on and most of the time, later on down the road, I understand why things played out the way they did.

Letting go seems easy in theory. It’s such  a good idea to let go of what’s been hurting you, of what isn’t serving you. The thing is that we’re emotional, empathetic creatures. We crave love and affection, and letting go of someone or something that hasn’t been giving that to us or fulfilling us seems like admitting defeat. Letting go isn’t defeat. It doesn’t mean you’re weak or unworthy. Letting go means finding your own closure, giving yourself the freedom to be without worrying of what could be or “should” be.

Today, let go of what it is that’s holding you down, whether it’s someone else or your own thoughts. Your thoughts hold vast and infinite power, so hold what you want in your minds eye and don’t let it go. Let go of what it is that isn’t serving you. Create your own closure with people and situations and things that ended abruptly. As far as people are concerned, I love to write letters and then burn them. Do what you need to find peace in yourself.

Have patience with yourself. Find happiness in your own bones. Take time to tell yourself  “I love you” and know that it takes time to let go.Your process, your story, your journey is completely and utterly your own. Bask in it.

All photos by Alexandra Herstik, find her on twitter HERE and on instagram HERE

What are you working on today?