For the fourth look in my tarot series, I decided to choose a card that was a little bit more difficult for me to explain, especially in terms of fashion. Judgment, the 20th card in the tarot deck, has been showing itself to me over and over and over again in my own readings. I’ve always struggled with judgment; of others and of myself. I know these are one in the same; judging others is a way of projecting my own judgments and insecurities of myself outward.I am constantly reminding myself to love more, and live from a place rooted in love and bliss.This card is a great reminder of that. Judgment speaks of awakening, or rebirth, of ascending to something greater and new. When I draw this card in a reading, I am reminded of a few key things about myself, and the way I view the world.

Drawing this card in a reading, for me, is a reminder to approach every facet of life with an open mind and heart. There are things that happen that sometimes don’t make sense and don’t seem to fit our notion of what should be. We place labels on things, deeming them good or bad, right or wrong, without taking a step back and looking at the situation in its entirety, for what it is. By covering something with a judgment we aren’t allowing ourselves to surpass whatever experience or person or thing we just judged; we aren’t allowing ourselves to learn. Sometimes judgment is necessary in keeping yourself safe and out of harms way, but sometimes it’s not. By labeling something, whether it’s an experience or a person, you are boxing said thing in. Don’t confine anything or anyone, including yourself, to labels or judgments. You are far greater than any word or words you can cast; your soul is much greater than that.This card signifies an awakening, a consciousness, that takes place when judgment has ceased, and life, in all of her forms, is accepted and welcomed. This card reminds us to ascend to a place where judgment isn’t necessary, and to see things from a different and more open perspective. Shirt and Skirt: Zara/ Bra: Urban Outfitters/ Necklaces: Forever 21 and Barney’s Outlet, Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell

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Tread Lightly and with Love

Fashion is a beautiful thing; art you live your life in. A second skin of sorts. That’s not news, nor is it some kind of deep seeded realization that hit me this morning  while I was driving. Instead, another sort of thought bubbled to the surface of my mind. Although my love for fashion runs deep within my veins, the value I place on someone shouldn’t be dependent on whether they’re wearing a Topshop top or a sorority tee. Someone’s worth in this life is not dependent on their understanding of aesthetics or clothing, much less on if they dress like how I would want them to dress.

Fashion may be an integral part of my life, but I can’t hold another human being to my own personal standards, for theirs may be completely different. Someones character, someones hopes and dreams, someones fears and loses, someones secrets are all worn inside themselves, hung like a shield protecting the most integral part of what makes someone human. These experiences are all worthy of friendship and trust and they aren’t something that I should be shutting down because they’re not wearing the right style of skirt. It doesn’t serve me to form judgments of someones worth based on their clothing.

My mom would always tell me that the reason I think others judge me so much is because I judge others the same. I went to a workshop on the subtle body last year with Scott Marmorstein and one of the most interesting things he vocalized was this; what we don’t like in others is what we see in ourselves. Judging someone else for anything means that what you’re judging them on resonates with you and that you identify with it. Scott also said this; if you have an enemy, write them a letter. Read it back to yourself, but instead of saying their name, say  your own, then burn it. Maybe that’s what I need; a ritual to release me from these belittling judgments that don’t do anything to serve me.

So, why am I writing this? Why is it important? Well, I can’t shy away from it once I publish this post. i have to face it, I have to own it. I am making a resolution, here and now. I am making a resolution to tread lightly, and with love. Everyone is worthy. I am going to soften my heart and my eyes, I’m going to step lightly before I jump to conclusions. I am going to allow someones soul to seep into my skin before I form an opinion.Everyone is worth loving, not worth judging.