Style Sunday; Inspired by Bast

I truly believe we are all multidimensional beings who have many facets to our personality and souls. Since I’ve been doing menswear Monday posts that are inspired by gods, I decided to find some of my own inspiration in the realm of the goddesses. I love Egypt’s rich history and I love their pantheon even more. Bast is an Egyptian cat goddess, who used to have the head of a lion and the body of a woman, who is usually now just represented as a domestic cat. Bast, in her cat form, is goddess of the moon, of feminine strength, of love, war and the home. She is both incredibly docile and incredibly aggressive.

My friend Nolan and I went to the Goat Farm, a literal goat farm and studio and venue, here in Atlanta and we took some photos before driving to another park to take more. I liked the juxtaposition of shooting an Egyptian goddess in a lush, green background and I think it worked well since Bast seems to juxtapose herself.  I picked a long gold skirt, a simple halter top and a gold an turquoise necklace to represent the clean lines, bright golds and rich gems that are present in Egypt.. Gaby b&wGaby 2Gaby 10Gaby 8Gaby 7Gaby 6Gaby 5Gaby 4Gaby 3Top: Forever 21/ Skirt: Thrifted/ Necklace: H&M/ Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell.

All photos by Nolan Chandler. @n_chandler on instagram and @nolanchandler_ on twitter



Inspired by American Horror Story: Asylum

American Horror Story: Asylum is in a league of its own, creating a world where aliens, asylums and murderers can exist simultaneously. I loved this season even more than the first because of the intricate plot, incredible acting and of course, the costumes. My sister and I spent part of our winter break in Florida, snuggled up, watching episode after episode of season 2 of AHS on Netflix, screaming at the television when the plot took yet another turn. The costumes themselves made me coo and scream; they helped define the intricate characters in the show even more. I loved Lana and Pepper, and found a certain subtly in my adoration of Grace. Today, I bring you, outfits inspired by American Horror Story: Asylum.


AHS Asylum: Kit

American Horror Story: Asylum KIT


AHS Asylum: Oliver

Zachary Quinto as Dr. Olivr Thredson


If Pepper does not make even a small appearance on season 3, I will be deeply disappointed. Favorite character.

AHS Asylum: Pepper


AHS Asylum: Grace

American Horror Story Asylum - Grace Bertrand


AHS Asylum: Lana

Lana rocks! Sarah Paulson, season 2.

What’s your favorite fashion inspiration?