Woman Crush Wednesday: Miranda Feneberger

It’s the last week of Woman Power Wednesday and I had to end it on a high note! I chose the owner of High Voltage Blog, and one of my favorite people.

Miranda Feneberger is not only one of the most incredible, multii-talented, passionate women I know, but she is one of my best friends. There are very few people out there whose talent follows each of their various passions and Miranda is one of those people. Whether she ends up as a surgeon or a film maker or a screenwriter, Miranda is going to make a tremendous impact in whatever field is lucky enough to have her. Always at the peak of  her sporty grunge style, Miranda and her perfect front bangs are always on the cutting edge of her current favorite trend whether it’s vintage tanks or thick, chunky sweaters. Miranda is one of those girls who could wear sweatpants and a tee shirt and still look effortless and chic, like she should be in some underground, indie French film.



I asked Miranda a few questions about her style, future and blog!


Breathing Fashion: What’s your definition of style?

Miranda: Style is a difficult thing to define because it really does mean something different to everyone. I think it’s the things that we do that no one else could recreate. Anyone could buy an outfit straight out of a magazine and wear it but style is those little touches that we add to make things our own. Adding your favorite jacket, listening to a song that gets you really pumped up, secretly wearing your favorite underwear… that kind of thing. First question and I’m already talking about underwear.


 BF: How would you describe your personal style?

 M:I think my personal style is pretty much split between being as comfortable as possible and also trying to look semi-cute. I’m a big fan of jackets. I usually wear a jacket or a cardigan of some sort with everything. I’m all about the casual look. I pretty much rely on January Jones and Jessica Alba for inspiration because they always look effortlessly adorable. The boyfriend jeans and a v-neck thing is my favorite though you can pretty much always catch me in leggings. Ideally, the look I go for is kind of a north east collegiate/classic English/Ralph Lauren-meets- Cruel Intentions thing. Whether or not I get there really depends on the day.


BF: Where do you hope you’ll be in 10 years?

M: In ten years I’m hoping to be working on my residency in a hospital. I love the arts and I can’t get enough of ’em, but I really love the medical world too. I’m split right down the middle. Hopefully I’ll be in a hospital somewhere up north (or maybe even abroad) looking at some guts. Only kidding (sort of), but I’d like to work in a hospital in ten years. I’ve always loved the environment of them. I think it can be a really hopeful place if you make it one.


BF: How would you describe your blog?

M: My blog has really evolved over the years. I just realized it but this month is the three year anniversary of it’s little life. I kind of touch on a bunch of subjects, and this year my good friend Kate joined me and has been my beauty/fashion correspondent. I’ve never seen myself as particularly on trend or anything so I love getting her insider info. I like to write about movies and art and music and that kind of thing, but it really is just what I’m loving at the moment, uncensored.


BF: What’s your first memory of us being friends?

M: Oh man I don’t know, you kind of just were there, I can’t imagine not knowing you. I’m useless 


Visit Miranda on her blog!


High Voltage Blog X El Bambino Lookbook Pt II

As promised, I have listed some new crowns over at El Bambino! I’m also releasing some new photos of my collaboration with Miranda  of High Voltage Blog. As you all must know by now, I’m incredibly inspired by those of the other realm. I draw an immense amount of inspiration from the fay, or faeries. Miranda took the vision I had for the shoot and added to it, creating something incredible

What are YOU inspired by that’s out of this world?



High Voltage Blog X El Bambino

I’m so excited to announce my collaboration with Miranda of High Voltage Blog!! She just opened the doors to her own Etsy shop of the same name, and asked me to help model and style a shoot. I happily obliged and asked if she would mind if I could make a lookbook out of it by pairing some new crowns I made for El Bambino with her vintage finds. We planned it out and spent the day catching up, grabbing some (veggie) sushi, laughing, and basking in the incredible summer air. Check out her Etsy for some of the pieces we styled!! I’ll be posting 7 new crowns on my Etsy, El Bambino, within the next week and I will post a link once they’re up




Part II of the collaboration coming when I put the new crowns online