The Ultimate 2015 Resolution

I am completely and utterly ready for a new year. I am ready for a fresh start and a new chapter. I am ready for 2015 and for everything it holds, the good, the bad, the ugly. As the year draws closer and closer to a close, I continue to be inspired to really and truly dig deep and make some changes. As much as I love fall, winter always tests me emotionally, forcing me to examine deeper parts of myself that tend to go unnoticed in the warmer months. Today is the winter solstice and the new moon. After today, the days start to get longer and longer, and the nights shorter. Paired with the new moon, the solstice is the perfect time to celebrate and reflect on the past year and really focus on what we want to cultivate and grow in this next year. With the solstice and new moon urging me on, I’m making an effort to start my resolutions early, to try to start the new year of on the best foot I can.

4This year I’m making one resolution… to LOVE MORE.  That’s an all inclusive love that rings true in everything I do. I have a knack at getting agitated and angry at those I care about the most, my family, and it’s something I desperately need to change. I’m a creature of habit, but I’m also well aware that there are habits I need to break. Patterns are great if they serve you, not so much if they don’t. So, I want to dig deep, aim true and love this new year. Here are the three ways I plan to LOVE MORE in 2015.


I’m all about self-love. I’m all about knowing you’re own worth and basking in it. I think having love for yourself means having love for other people. I think that self-love is the basis for all other love, so it’s the first thing on my list of resolutions. For 2015 I want to be more compassionate towards myselff and I want to be less judgmental as well. Self-love, for me, couples with witchcraft, yoga, tarot and magick. For me, my journey of loving myself means taking time to do the things that give me purpose and feed my soul. In 2015 I want to make an effort to connect, be present and really LOVE myself and my own spirit, path and soul.

This morning, I drew two cards for a simple reading, one for the solstice and one for the new moon. I drew the Six of Cups and The Wheel of Fortune, respectively. The Six of Cups speaks of finding your roots in memories and in your home. Finding comfort in what grounds you emotionally. The Wheel of  Fortune speaks of change, destiny and movement. For me, these cards together remind me to stay grounded in my roots, my family and friends, as things start to change and shift. This new year, I am reminded to take comfort in that which grounds me, even if things around me begin to move. 


I’m putting it in my own cards, 2015 is going to be a year of growth. 2015 is the year I remember that anger is never the way to deal with situations that deviate from my own expectations. My biggest resolution in 2015 is to see the love in everyone, and to change old habits and patterns that don’t serve me. I want to be even more positive and happy than I am now, I want to remember that everyone is worthy of love. This new year, I’m loving those around me to the fullest extent that I can. I am making the effort to think before I speak, to react out of kindness and love and not frustration and anger, and to judge less. This new year, I am saying “I LOVE YOU” and meaning it, even more than I do now. 2015 will be a year of compassion, love, happiness and taking my reality into my own hands. 2015 is the year that I am the best person I can be.

yooooooooLove THE UNIVERSE.

Ahhh, the universe. The universe always knows what it’s doing, even if I don’t want to accept it. I’ve always said the universe has perfect timing, and even though it doesn’t always seem like it in the moment, nine times out of ten, in the long run things have a way of falling into place as they should. I find myself in a spiritual and emotional rut when my gratuity falters, when I have anxiety over things that haven’t happened and when I hold onto things I need to let go of. Loving the universe, for me, means knowing that I can’t change some things but that I can control how I view them. Loving the universe means saying THANK YOU when things are tough, and hard or even wonderful and beautiful.Loving the universe means knowing to surrender to the things that make me whole. Loving the universe means knowing I’m caught in something larger than myself, knowing that I have to surrender and live from my heart. I love this universe, and every single mystery it holds. 2015 will be the year that I live and love in THAT.

I want to love the most I can in every single way I can this year.

What are your resolutions?