When Having a Line is Easier than Ever

It's true, it really is. Not that it's a bad thing. First things first, though, I'm not talking about owning a ready to wear or couture line, I'm talking about high fashion's younger sibling; a clothing line that focuses on graphic tee shirts and that category of clothing. Believe me, I'm not one to complain about trendy tee shirts or band tank tops since I sport these with high waisted shorts and wedges very, very often. Lately, though, it seems that everyone feels like they can get extra income if they throw together a "logo" on a tee shirt and sell it, claiming that they own a label, and that everyone should pick up a shirt. Some people do a good job of branding their shirts, making interesting logos with mass appeal that are both wearable and unique. These aren't the people I'm complaining about at all. Rather, I'm just ranting about those people who have five extra minutes and throw on some quote they made up on a ugly cotton tee shirt, claim that it's their summer line and sell it to people who don't realize how hard graphic design really is. There are some designers who have studied long and hard to be able to create their own line. Take Jac Vanek for example, her clothing line started with bracelets and has now expanded greatly; with hard work and a lot of effort. Jac, however, also received a degree in graphic design; she knows exactly what she is doing. I think it's awesome that more people, especially in the music industry, are getting into fashion. I think that they both go hand in hand and I love the idea of supporting some of my favorite bands by wearing their lines. My only problem is that if you're going to start a label, make it stand out, make it unique. Have a vision and run with it, full force, no matter what. My favorite (not ready to wear) label as of right now is probably Unif. You can go on their site and see immediately what they stand for. Unif has a clear theme of "screw the world, I worship Satan, only not really, and I don't give a crap about what anyone thinks. I like black, I like living with one foot in hell, and I like dressing well, thank you."

Here are some tips for people who want to start a line;

  1. If you have a vision, go for it full force.

If you want your label to sell, you need to separate yourself from everyone else. You want your label to scream, peace and love? Leave the peace signs at home, instead you could screen print a picture that sets the mood without coming right out and literally saying PEACE AND LOVE. Maybe it's a double exposure image of a field of daisies and a woman sitting near a window with her eyes closed, with a crown of daisies on her head and her long flowing hair covering her shoulders. Maybe, hopefully, it isn't eve something that cliché. Graphic Shirts don't all have to look the same; be original.

  1. Customize

This can be hard to do once more and more people start buying your shirts, or whatever it is your selling. At first, however, customizing your shirts and clothing is a good way to make everything original. Whether it is hand dyed tank tops or cut up tee shirts, adding something hand done to a mass printed shirt is a fashionable way of making your clothing different. Adding studs and bleach or distressing is also a sure fire way to appeal to the masses without looking mass produced.

  1. Make sure you have a theme

Let's be honest. I love dreamcatchers, but if I see one more clothing line that has a dreamcatcher shirt and their label has nothing to do with Native American spirituality or anything that is related to the dreamcatcher, I will probably punch a baby. Again, look at Unif or Jac Vanek or even Wildfox Couture; these labels are all successful because they have a vision or theme and pull it off so, so, so well. Make an inspiration board; see what you like, what inspires you and USE IT. Don't design shirts for the hell of it; make something original that people want to wear, that you would want to wear. Most of all, make something you're proud to share.

  1. Don't be afraid to step out of the damn box!!

No one said your label or line has to only be shirts. Customize shorts and hoodies, make leggings or skirts. Be different.

All in all, this was way longer than I intended, but I guess it's good to put my anger to use! Anyway, here are some of my favorite looks from Unif.
Much Love

There’s just something about British Vogue

Perhaps it's the simple exclamation that this branch of Vogue is that of our more fashionable older brother, Britain. The simple title brings forth images of royalty and Spice Girls, Burberry and crumpets and the Beatles and tea. There is, however, something even more remarkable than all of the stereotypical items we associate with British Vogue, and this should be obvious. The most remarkable aspect of this lovely edition of our fashion bible is the magazine itself; the fashionable spreads and glossy pages of fashion and content galore. Not to say that our own Vogue, their American brethren, is not incredible in itself. I am one to yell at anyone who beats down Vogue for any reason at all. But as Americans, or Mexican Americans, or Israeli or Russian Americans, or any kind of American you may be (even though it may be purely American), we are programmed to shy away from anything too different or distinct. There, I said it! Take a look at American Vogue and you will see pages and pages of the avant-garde BUT you won't see anything way way way over the top. If you do, kudos, that's high fashion BUT it IS NOT the same as that of British Vogue. Take a step inside the beautiful, crisp pages of British Vogue and you will see avant-garde at its finest. Britain is known for its fashion, for its non-stop over the top style and its nightlife, but it is also known for its incredible ease of mixing fashion and music and art. The layouts in British Vogue are both jam-packed with fashion and style tips as well as incredible pictures that stimulate the senses. Honestly, I stand by my word that British Vogue knocks American Vogue out of the water, at least visually. From the effortless mix of everything fashionable to the ease of introducing socialites, British Vogue mixes amazing content and articles with editorials and spreads that will leave any American wishing she was overseas.

Throw woodchips at my window

This look is on Lookbook.nu, find it HERE. You can also find what I'm wearing and hopefully (if you have a lookbook) hype it! I felt like a giant six year old in my frilly bright pink leggings but they're so warm and so comfortable I didn't even care. Today I have math tutoring and I have to drive around to drop my sister off somewhere and then I'll maybe hit up the mall. Hopefully I'll have a chance to blog tonight! Maybe an H is for… or a new feature on how to… ( ie how to put together a French outfit).Oh expect a bunch of pictures of fashion related books and clothing that can change your style and your day!



You’re terribly late Alice.Naughty

If you read my blog you would know how utterly obsessed I am with Tim Burton, especially Alice in Wonderland. I have been waiting for this movie for over a year and the fact that I have to wait until Saturday to see it is depressing. I am excited for the unique perspective that Burton will embed into this popular childhood story.

Recently I've felt my style changing .I've gone from liking more grunge and edgy looks to liking more preppy, floral and striped looks. And although I'm sort of indifferent, I feel like a lot of it is the whole repetition from season to season. For the first time I feel like this season is different from spring '10 and Fall '09.More masculine, but done in a wearable feminine way, if that makes sense. I feel like the recession is making RTW more wearable but just as high fashion and just as glamorous.

Here's my "what's in what's out" list



Lace : Big, white, black

Studs : Gold, round, pyramid

Preppy: High Fashion and chic

Grunge : Studs, gray, loads of leather

Accented tights : Translucent, colorful

Knitted tights : opaque and thick

Loose blazers and pants

Tight pants and jackets

In my last post I gave you a preview of what's going to be in this post. And that is….


This collection is not only new and refreshing, but amazingly chic and put together .I love the simplicity in all the outfits yet the extravagance ( if that makes sense).

Bottega Veneta

This collection is a lot more relaxed and laid back then some of the other more layered fall looks. Not only is it filled with leather and color accents, but this collection is simple even with multiple layers. Angular and avant garde, this collection emanates old time glamour and luxury.

Hope your week is gggggllllamorous.




The First day

  What exactly this is

Of course this is a blog.But this is so much more then just a blog.This is a place where I can share with you, my loyal viewers, every single though that has and ever will pop into my mind about fashion.The high, the lows and the hautes.

A fashion Blog?Yes.Exactly . A fashion Blog.With pictures and drawings and all the Coco [[ Chanel]] you will ever need and all the YSL you could ever want.


Why would you want a fashion blog?Because some day my dear child I would like to be a fashion journalist/model/designer and this will defintly help me now won't it?



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