Fall Inspiration: Saint Laurent FW15

It’s almost one hundred degrees in the hot, humid South and I’m itching for cooler days. Fall nights ruled by skintight leather, cheetah print coats and heels that allow no room for error, whatsoever. As the nights get longer and fall looms closer, I’m left longing for the pieces in my closet that make me feel a little rough, a little edgy and a whole lot of exposed. My current inspiration? The much loved, much hated rock star that is Hedi Slimane. All the naysayers, all the haters, all those who doubt his work for the legendary house of Saint Laurent best not doubt one thing; he’s going big. Regardless of where you stand on the debate of Slimane and his vision for the brand, you cannot deny his magnetic, edgy appeal and his ability to bring Saint Laurent to a new, trendier, and younger consumer. Slide3For Saint Laurent’s Fall Winter 2015 collection, there was an overarching motif of bad. In classic Slimane style, however, bad was done so, so well. Although pieces like a nipple exposing asymmetrical dress with perfectly tailored rouching , skintight slashed leather pants and ripped tights all led ones eye to believe that Slimane doesn’t do “clean”, a closer look leads one to believe otherwise. A Tin Man style trench coat in a matte metallic gray, princess style dresses with tulle galore in a variety of metallic 80’s fabrics and plethora of perfectly crafted leather jackets all prove Slimane knows exactly what he’s doing; and he’s doing it well. In a world where fashion is clean, feminine and sweet, there lies Slimane. Slimane is the hair metal in a world of grunge. He is the alternative in a world of clean cut. Although Hedi Slimane’s vision most likely deviates from that which Yves held, there is a time and a place for change… and it is now.

As someone who identifies with the darker side of fashion, that which bites and scratches and leaves one wondering “what’s next”, I admire Slimane. Beyond what any other fashion critic says, beyond the fact that someone out there will retort that you can get that same outfit at Forever 21- Slimane has taken a risk and redefined one of the most iconic houses in fashion history; and he’s managed to hold the spotlight as he’s done so. Yes, it’s not classic. No, it’s not necessarily “chic”. You know what it is? Rebellious and strong. Slimane’s vision for the house is sharp and it is young. Fashion has to be redefined by the youth and if now’s not the time to do so, when is? You go Slimane.

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Leather and Tangerines

It’s nothing new; keeping it sweet on the surface and twisted and dark underneath. But who’s to say she can’t swap the roles? Maybe for once she can be clementine sweet underneath her leather exterior. Vulnerable and passionate, her mask is as thin as the paper she puts her citrus fruit in. She was never one to follow the leader, always dancing to herself and smiling, smirking, listening, learning. She took what she heard and what she saw and wore it on her skin, taking the deeper meaning and storing it away in a box in the deepest crevice of her soul that even she didn’t have the key to. She plays to no man”s rules, citing the devil as a fashion influence  and laughing dismally as people compliment her on her sugary sweet interior. She knows no man’s games, lives in no man’s land and sings to no man’s melody. She is what she wants because it’s everything they tell her not to be. Her sultry surface is no comparison to the hidden pearls of light she hides underneath. She may not glow on the surface, but there’s a reason she glows underneath.