Macabre Monday: Into the Forest

It’s important to soften our souls and step into places where man’s hand hasn’t altered anything.  City noises, and suburb sounds, coupled with stressful day to day life can cause a hard shell to form around our otherwise vulnerable hearts. I truly believe it’s important to breathe, exist and connect wit the Earth and her harmony. There’s a soft hum that emanates from every cosmic being in the universe, including you and I, and it’s our job to listen to it. Today, take a step and listen to the melody that the universe sings.

Coat and Shirt: H&M/ Leggings and Purse: Zara/ Boots: Dolce Vita/ Beanie: Pac Sun

I enjoyed spending time outside, even if for a little. All photos were shot by Alexandra Herstik


What Being a Fashion Blogger Has Taught me in 2013

Happy New Year sweet things! I hope you all looked fabulous and dapper and rang in the new year with people you love. Time is one of the hardest concepts for me to grasp in this life (that’s a subject for another conversation and post),so a new year is always an interesting and fresh start for me. This year, I’m changing it up and really buckling down on my goals and making a commitment to actually keep up with them. I don’t really do resolutions since I try to keep goals year round, instead,  I use the beginning of the new year as a benchmark and check up of these goals, if you will This sort of looking back and review for the past year has made me really think about this site, and my style and blogging. I feel like there’s a lot to learn and a long way for me to go,  but I also truly believe that being a fashion blogger has taught me a lot as well; and not just about what the latest Target collaboration is. There are some life lessons to be learned, and I think the sooner you learn em, the better.

What Other People Think is Irrelevant

It does not matter what the lady down the street watching you have your photo taken thinks. It does not matter what the woman giving you the up and down at Kani House thinks. It does not matter what the man staring at your shaved hair thinks…It really and truly does not matter. Of course, if said person is your boss or interviewer, it matters completely, but I’m talking about random judgmental strangers. It takes time and strength to liberate yourself from this worrying about others opinions, but it is so important. There is no point in being self conscious with yourself because of someone who only sees you from the outside; you are worth so much more than what you’re wearing or the pose you’re striking, anyway. Give yourself the peace of mind and freedom to do what you want to do without worrying about other peoples opinions; you deserve it.

I got some odd looks in today’s getup


Dress How You Want to Dress No Matter Where You Are

I just did a little baby post on this about a month ago, but I will recap it once again. Dress however  you want to dress. Period. I don’t care if you’re in Columbia, South Carolina or Woodland Hills, California, I really don’t; this is me telling you to once again, liberate yourself from what others think and dress how you want to dress. Seriously, the weird stares and questioning side eyes are well worth it if you’re happy and feel fabulous. Wear your faux-fur in North Dakota or your thigh highs in Alabama, if you feel good, it will show.

Wearing black lipstick is fun but not common in good ole Columbia


Fashion Can Send a Strong Message

Really and truly, fashion has the capability to make people think. It’s called a fashion statement for a reason, after all. Use the power of your clothing to send a message; whether that means being a boss ass bitch in your perfect outfit or being an advocate for equality and love in a “No H8” shirt. Fashion has the incredible power to both transform and create, and you can use this to your advantage in your life in almost every facet. You can look like the killer death queen you are and state that you shouldn’t even be messed with without opening your mouth, or you can tell people that you like beef like Lady Gaga did in her meat dress. The options seem to be endless..

I was sending the message of an asylum patient


You Have to Love Yourself and Your Style Before Anyone Else Does

Can I get five amen’s and a hallelujah?! Seriously, this is just a golden life rule; you have to love yourself before you let anyone else love you, and you have to love yourself before you love anyone else. This can be applied to style as well; it is irrelevant if your friend with a completely different aesthetic is in love with the crazy new get up you’re unsure about, if you aka the one who’s wearing it, isn’t smitten.. She is not going to have to walk around in it, you are. Confidence is one of the best things you can wear, if you love your outfit it shows and you glow!!! Honestly, when I’m unsure about my outfit, it turns into feeling like I look gross and being uncomfortable and it’s not pleasant. It doesn’t matter if my sister loves my outfit or if my best friend thinks I look ace, if I don’t love my outfit and think I look ace, what’s the point of wearing it?! Do yourself a favor and define your style. Love what you wear and own it. Wear it well. Then, when other people say you look good you can smile and truly say “thank you” and not “Ew I look o gross today”.


What have you learned from your experiences this past year?!



Sunday Style on Monday: Dali

I got home yesterday from Florida and I am so happy to be back in my beautiful city, but I can’t deny that I had a nice vacation with my family. From breakfast, to yoga on the beach, to shopping, and the Dali museum, I would like to think it was a successful vacation . I’ve been to the Dali museum in St.Petersburg before it was renovated, but I hadn’t been to the new location. If you’re in Tampa or St.Pete or surrounding areas, you must go. Dali was such an incredible artist, there’s nothing quite like him or his work. He was such an incredible mind and soul and it’s worth it to get the little headphones and listen to his mustache narrate and explain his art. Perfect for getting absorbed and lost in his art on a rainy day.

Shirt: Urban Outfitters/ Jacket and Necklace: Forever 21/ Leggings: Topshop/ Pursse: Zara/ Boots: Dolce Vita/ Hat:H&M

This is a pretty accurate description of my twin and I, if I do say so myself.

Ladies and gents, don’t I have a beautiful family?! My grandma(in the middle) just turned 80 over summer, and my mother (right) just turned 59. My father, the lovely gentleman who looks like Ben Kingsley just turned 64. Also this means that in 2014 my sister and I turn 20, my mom turns 60 and my dad turns

I post regular photos of my adventures and outfits on instagram, @gabyherstik

Hope you all have a great New Years Eve Eve!


Macabre Monday: Death Kings Hate Sun

I arrived in Florida yesterday afternoon and when I sat down to blog today I realized that I’m leaving out a huge demographic of death king trendy men in my blog posts; those who (sadly) live in warm weather at this time of year! Hey! It’s not your fault you live in Florida, or maybe it is, but either way, I should still be able to help you with what to wear! So, today’s blog post is a mini shopping guide for those fellas who get the pleasure of 75 degree weather at this time of year! Click the image for links to all the clothing online if you’re far from a mall, or are just lazy and want to shop online (I won’t judge, I promise)

Did anyone really expect anything less than Topman?! Again, if you’re in NY you have to go.. it’s not a question. If you’re not in NY, you can shop online or head to Nordstrom and pick up some pieces. Here, I styled some jeans with a tee shirt with leather sleeves, a beanie, some slip on boots, a backpack, and a bomber style jacket.
Forever 21 men
Definitely a cult classic, Forever 21 is a go to place if the option is available. They don’t always have menswear, but if they do, grab a floral short sleeve button up, some straight cut jeans, combat boots, a windbreaker style jacket, a snazzy watch and a beanie and you’ll be good to go.

Nordstrom is a hub for all the death king essentials you’ll need. Like I mentioned before, they sell Topman which is ace if you’re like me and only live in NYC in your mind. Grab a cool tee shirt, some jeans, a nice briefcase and a motorcycle style leather jacket and you’ll be looking as dapper as death himself.


J Crew

Last but not least is J Crew. This last store isn’t so much “death king” but like anywhere, you can make it work with a little creativity. Button up short sleeves are always in style, and paired with this cardigan from J Crew’s collaboration with Comme Des Garcon, you got a death king match made in hell. I love these work boots and they play very well together with a pair of dark wash jeans. Snatch up some leather protector and you’ll be set for the best and most stylish “winter” of this life.

Also check out Gap, Banana Republic, H&M, Aldo, Pac Sun and Urban Outfitters.

Hope that helped, death kings!


Alexander Wang Fall 2013 Collection Review

I’ve been on a death king/macabre Monday/ all black everyday binge this past…lifetime.. and I am not about to stop now. Alexander Wang has risen and risen and risen in my book of favorite designers. This once up and coming designer is now a household name and he deserves it; i mean, even Yeezus recognizes how great he is. Wang’s Fall 2014 menswear collection is dark, haunting, urban and avant-garde. Oversize cowl necks, hoods and ankle skimming cropped pants all form together to create the perfect death king equation. The mostly monochromatic color scheme works with the punk style aesthetic that Wang seemed to be aiming for in everything from cut, silhouette and crop to models. Oversize shirts and sweaters in simple gray and black patterns pair well with a straight cropped slack and the perfect black leather work boot. The textures in this collection also work together to help create some variety and interest in an incredibly cohesive collection; suede, cotton, leather, denim and even velvet, all make an appearance. This collection is for the man who knows how to stand his ground. This collection is for the man who knows that holds his power and his strength in his own hands. It takes a certain type of sensibility to wear clothes in colors that manage to mute you, but to still be able to hold your own. There comes a certain type of  freedom that becomes ingrained in you when you let go of others expectations for the way you conduct and dress yourself. It is liberating to wear what you want to wear and dress how you want to dress; even if it’s in all black. This collection is for the man who knows he couldn’t blend in if he tried.

Hope you have a well dressed macabre Monday


Macabre Monday: What to Get Your Death King for the Holidays

It’s everyone’s favorite time of year; the holiday season is in full swing. It’s already halfway through Hanukkah (Happy Hannukah to any of my readers who are celebrating along with my family) and now it’s officially December! It’s officially time to start thinking about what to get your loved ones and what to wear for New Years and where to go for Chinese food on Christmas (for the Jews at least…). I’ve put together a little gift guide for the death king in your life (or like me, the imaginary death king in your life).


1. Anything and Everything Tom Ford

Tom Ford is effortless, classic and sexy. Buy him a gift set like this and he will love how he smells almost as much as you do. You can even buy a mini bottle of his cologne as a stocking stuffer.

2. A Nice Bow Tie

Topman is just a really great brand all around and this modern style bow tie is the perfect addition to any macabre men’s closet. Add some aftershave and a leather backpack to the gift and you have the perfect little set.

3. Some Trendy Boxer Briefs

Because what man wouldn’t appreciate some trendy boxer briefs? These Topman ones are way too great.

4. A Leather Snapback

I don’t usually dig snapbacks, but I love this leather Topman one (see the pattern?) Have your man pair it with some fitted, cuffed, black jeans and a short sleeve black button up for ultimate macabre sexiness.

5. Shaving Supplies

Anthony Logistics Shave Cream 170gmAnthony Logistics For Men - Pre-Shave Oil


I thoroughly appreciate a great beard, but not every man can pull that off. Why not get your man some nice supplies to make his shave smooth and his face supple? Add some cologne and your man will be irresistable (and all yours).

6. A Leather Backpack


You can be casual and still look cool as hell.Every man needs a leather backpack, especially a Death King. Again, this lovely piece is Topman. Stuff it with antique versions of his favorite books and you have an ace gift.

7. A Cool Lil’ Polaroid Camera

Polaroid Z340 14MP Digital Camera with 4x Optical Zoom and Built-In Printer - Black These babes can get a bit pricey but I think they’re an awesome gift. You can get them from a bunch of different places and if you’re up for the challenge I’m sure you can find one from a garage sale/ thrift/ antique shop that still works. Buy this for your man, sneak in some photos of him and stick them in a little backpack you got him and you got another little gift. Boom.

8. A Record Player

Who wouldn’t love a record player, especially if it’s as cute as this mini Crosley one? Definitely a staple that can turn any abode into a special little home. Add a couple records and he will love you forever. Not to mention the fact records always make great gifts, you’ll always know what to get him.

9. Vintage Tie Clips

A little piece like a vintage tie clip can add a lot to a simple black tie. Pair one, or a couple, vintage tie clips in a little gift box with a skinny tie and bow tie and your man will be dapper as ever,

10. A Slick Black Watch

I grew up appreciating a nice men’s watch because of my fathers ever expansive collection. I love how modern an all black watch is; it’s still a classic, just with a edgy and sexy twist. Add a hint of gold or silver and your man will feel as sexy as he looks.

What are YOU planning on buying for your man this Holiday season?!






What I’ve Been Wearing Wednesday

I’ve officially moved into my house, installed wifi and gotten pretty settled and this means regular blog posts once more! It’s silly, but when I don’t post I feel like a mother neglecting her child.

Anyway, I have been really obsessed with tight, cropped tees and tanks with my little quilted bag and some sandals. I’ve been dying because of the constant war between rainy, mucky, disgusting days and hot, humid, blaring sun days. It’s been raining like there’s no tomorrow, and it’s followed by MAYBE one day of real sun. It’s hard to dress well when it’s hot and wet outside; I usually just go for outfits that look good layered.


I love hot pants, but when I have to walk around campus I make sure to tie a patterned button up around my waist.

I need to invest in a “Celfie” tee as well as these amazing hot pants. I can’t wait until it’s cold enough for leather jackets!! Also I love these sandals, just chunky enough!


What have YOU been wearing this summer?


What I’m Wearing; Tulips

Although I wish I could cloak myself in a robe of tulips, I can’t. I can do the next best thing though and dress myself in floral print and tulip skirts in warm, happy colors. I saw this beautiful faux tweed tulip skirt at H&M and was so excited when it fit like a glove. I paired my skirt with a cropped, dainty, floral print top and some delicate gold jewelry. I grabbed some Vince Camuto flats and a quilted chain bag from Zara to finish the look.

Skirt: H&M

Shirt: Forever 21

Necklace: Barney’s Outlet

Shoes: Vince Camuto

Purse: Zara

Cuff: Nasty Gal

Watch: Michael Kors

Glasses: American Thread


PS: Check out Miranda’s blog, my babe is an awesome blogger & photographer

Sunday Style: Starbucks and Grey’s Anatomy

Happy Sunday dear readers! First and foremost I hope you noticed BREATHING FASHION’S NEW HOME! I am finally done switching over to wordpress!! I still have photos for some collection reviews to transfer, so bear with me! I am so excited that I finally was able to finish up the new site since I’ve been working on it since April. Anyway, I hope you enjoy all the new tabs and links and what not!

Today was lovely and simple and spent with my parents at breakfast running chores and later with some friends, relaxing. I got to spend some time with the amazing Miranda and we went to Starbucks, snapped some photos and watched Grey’s Anatomy…typical. I’m leaving for vacation soon and can’t wait to share what it will be like! How crazy and bizarre is it that it’s already mid July.. don’t understand it.

Top and Necklace: Forever 21

Purse: Urban Outfitters

Cuff: Nasty Gal

Shoes: Off 5th Saks

Skirt: Loehmans


Sunday Style: ICE ICE Baby

Hope all of you lovely Breathing Fashionistas have been having a wonderful week! Days have been blurring into each other and I honestly wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m so glad to have a month to myself, to get deeper into my yoga practice and catch up with friends whom I have missed dearly while in South Carolina for school. I spent yesterday with my twin sister and Miranda shopping, relaxing and looking at magazines. I snagged the most incredible black leather bustier lined with black studs for $10 and am ecstatic. I also got Vogue and Nylon,  so my day was great. I missed yoga class yesterday morning so I hit the gym, and after I was done working out I really wanted to practice yoga so I did some vinyasa on my own.

Today I went to Atlanta “Indie Craft Experience” and it was awesome. I got to check out some incredibly talented vendors and spent the day with two incredible friends, I grabbed some coffee from our favorite little shop in East Atlanta and just reminisce and laugh about being silly little toddlers who liked to take off our clothes.

What I’m wearing today::
Black with gold paneled tank top, Free People baroque jeans, Dolce Vita loafers, vintage Fendi, and jewelry from Nasty Gal, Forever 21, Urban and Lavender. #self #outfit #today #undercut #orangelips #vintage #fendi #dolcevita #freepeople

Skipped yoga class this morning so I went to the gym in the afternoon, worked out, realized I missed yoga and did some vinyasa post workout. 
Here are a couple poorly done arm balances #yoga #armbalances #crow #ashtanga

Going to the Atlanta Craft Fair! Wearing an El Bambino crown, old skirt from Forever 21, floral triangle bra from Urban, sandals from DSW, and purse I got for $7 from Target! #self #outfit #today #handmade #floralcrown #elbambino #elbambinohandmade #undercut #orangelips

Almond milk extra chai, chai tea latté with @candybarra and my @jenniferbrieann


What have YOU done today?!



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