Left of Right

I’m an over the top sort of person in every facet of my life. I’m loud, I’m excited and I always celebrate whatever is going on. I love huge costume jewelry, I love wearing many statement pieces at one time and i just love life, and I like to think that shows. I love big jewelry that’s flashy and I’ve always been drawn to pieces with a  spiritual twist, whether it’s a raw stone or something with a healing quality.  When Left of Right jewelry asked me to collaborate I was ecstatic. Their statement pieces are edgy and avant-garde while still having a sort of mystical feel to them. I chose to style a hematite, snake eye cuff because it is so completely me and also I love the properties of the piece.

Hematite helps ward off negativity, it is used for psychic protection and it helps you calm down and can assists in aiding concentration. Hematite can assist in finding your own confidence and footing, it can help you ground and assert your power. The snake is connected to the life force, kundalini energy, healing, renewal and it’s an animal of spiritual guidance. Wearing the evil eye is said to ward off evil and negativity. I couldn’t resist a beautiful piece with all of these amazing elements, so I decided to style it two ways; a little more feminine and a little more urban.

Cuff: Left of Right/Shirt and Shoes: Urban Outfitters/Shorts and Purse: Zara/ Sweater: American Thread/ Necklaces: Forever 21 and Barney’s Outlet/ Glasses/ Hip Wa Zee

How could I not style this cuff with floral and black?! Absolutely impossible! I wore my moon necklace from Forever 21 to accent the mystic look the cuff has.

For my second look I was inspired by different gradients and textures. I wore a Nasty Gal Collection top, some leathery harem pants from Urban Outfitters and some gradient boots by Deena and Ozzy. I tied a sweatshirt from Zara around my waist a la Kanye and grabbed my spiked Deena and Ozzy bag to finish off the look! This was a little more urban that my usual attire, but I love mixing things up once in a while.

I had so much fun styling this piece, and I can’t wait to wear it out and about in Columbia.

Check out Left of Right HERE and their Etsy HERE, and make sure to check back later this month for their new collection!

All of these photos were taken by Alexandra Herstik (my twin)! Her goal is to “create every day”, check out her amazing photos on her instagram @alexyael.

What are YOU wearing that makes you feel confident and empowered?!