Menswear Monday: Inspired by the Supers

What’s better than having an excuse to dress up in a costume? Probably nothing (but chocolate milk comes close). Although it can be super fun to strut around in full blown super hero attire, sometimes the time, or money, constraints don’t let this happen. Even as a dude, though, you can still take a lesson in fashion from the sexiest men in the universe; Batman, Spiderman and Superman.

Batman is probably my favorite superhero. I love how dark and gloomy and misunderstood he is, typical, right? He’s pretty easy to dress as too! Grab yourself some black jeans, and a black tank top, a black leather jacket and a yellow hoodie. Slide the hoodie on under the leather jacket and let the hood hang out like a makeshift cape. Add a leather backpack, some black shoes and of course, a Batman mask, and you’ll be the darkest knight in sight,


Superman is a little bit more colorful than his bat brethren. Start with some black jeans and a blue tank top, add a red hoodie and black leather jacket (letting the hood hang out again) and top it off with some yellow shoes. Still don’t think people recognize who you’re inspired by? Add a Superman backpack for good measure,


Last but not least is Spiderman. You can easily channel him by grabbing a pair of dark blue jeans, a red tank top and a black leather jacket. Slide on some black oxfords or boots, a dark blue backpack and a red or blue watch and you’ll be a bigger babe than Andrew Gardfield (and let’s not kid ourselves, he’s a huge babe).

Who are YOU dressing as this Halloween?